Lock You In My Heart, Chapter 761 A Direct Confrontation

Lock You In My Heart, Chapter 761 A Direct Confrontation

As of now, Westley wasn’t hesitant in showing his trust in his wife.

In the past, Westley hated Gabrielle because she was associated with Bryce. So, he had a deep grudge against her and even

wanted to bully her because of his deep-rooted hatred for Bryce. 

Who would have known that she would instead become his beloved wife in the future? Now, let alone hating her, he even wished

he could take good care of her all his life. oo

He wanted to give her all the good things in the world, including his own heart. 

If Gabrielle wanted to know something, he would answer her truthfully as long as it was within his knowledge capacity.

“I could see that you miss your grandpa very much. I heard from Mr. Schmidt that he and your grandpa used to be good friends.

So, I guessed they must be somehow similar in attitude or belief since they had been friends for a long time. Besides, I noticed

that you were staring at Mr. Schmidt all the time, so I reasoned that you couldn’t help but be reminded of your grandpa at the

sight of Mr. Schmidt. Am I right?” Gabrielle. asked him gently, tenderness and expectation were evident in her eyes.

Upon hearing her thoughtful words, Westley’s heart softened.

“So, you agreed to stay here according to Mr. Schmidt’s wish so that I can spend more time with him?” Westley smiled slightly

and asked. She had considered about him in every detail, so he was moved.

“Well, Mr. Schmidt looks like your grandpa, doesn’t he? He must have reminded you of your grandpa,” Gabrielle said seriously.

“Yes, you are right. I really got reminded ‘of him.” Westley didn’t say this in order to agree with Gabrielle and make her happy. It

was just that he really thought 

“I just want you to spend more’ time with Mr. Schmidt so that you can have a peace of mind while remembering the good

memories about grandpa;” said Gabrielle with an encouraging smile on her face.

“Sure enough, you are my dearest wife.” Westley pulled her into his arms and kissed her on the forehead.

“Why do you say so? Is it because tam very considerate of you?” Gabrielle asked while raising her head and looking up at him


I “Indeed, you are the most considerate wife in the world.” Westley felt really touched by her deep cogitation of him. He lowered

his head and kissed her on the lips. 

“Okay, I am going to take a rest in my foom and watch the snow. You go to talk with Mr. Schmidt. I can see that he likes you very

much. He must be very happy to know that you like accompanying him.” Gabrielle urged him to talk to Wilton.

“But I want to be with you more though,” Westley muttered a bit solemnly as he held his wife tightly

Gabrielle had expected that he would react this way. He would definitely not leave her in order to associate with someone else.

That was why Gabrielle had to take the. initiative to réassure him.

“Go ahead. You can accompany me at any time. You should take this chance to chat with Mr. Schmidt. I’ll be fine,” Gabrielle

continued to urge him as she knew how much Westley missed his grandfather. 

“Then, I’ll go there. You just stay in the room and enjoy the snow, okay?” Westley said seriously. His manner and expression

looked as if he was instructing a child not to open the door for any stranger.

“Oh God, I’m not a child. Rest assured, I won’t wander off.” Gabrielle laughed, thinking that she must be like an immature child in Westley’s heart. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be SO worried about her wandering off to somewhere. 

“I know you won’t run around.  I’m just warning you in case. I will really be worried if you go out in the snow by yourself. I’m

afraid you’ll fall into a pit and get hurt. So, don’t go anywhere until 1 come back. Do you hear me?” Westley reminded her again and again, worrying that she would have the urge to play with snow in the courtyard which was covered with thick snow. He was not familiar with the terrain of it, and Gabrielle even more so. He was afraid that she might fall into a pit by accident.

“I know, I know. Go ahead. I won’t play with the snow in the yard,” Gabrielle chuckled and promised.

“Okay then, I’ll be back soon.” Westley nodded and stopped nagging. Even though he was still worried, he didn’t want his wife to feel annoyed, so he kissed her on the cheek before leaving. 

Gabrielle gazed at him leaving until his tall back disappeared at the end of the corridor. After checking and confirming that he had really left, she turned to look at the thick snow in front of her with her heart filled with joy and excitement. She was eager to rush into the snow and build a snowman.

Just like that, she completely disregarded her promise to Westley just now and happily walked out of the corridor. Then, she plunged into the snow directly. 

It was snowing for a while, and now, it just stopped. This was the best time to play with the snow on the ground.

Even though she wanted to have a snowball fight, it was impossible for the time being, so she settled with building a snowman.

Gabnielle had been in the Snowland for so many days, but she hadn’t made a snowman yet, which she had been lamenting all this time.

Fortunately, there was still a chance to make one.

Gabrielle eagerly rolled up her sleeves and began to make snowman. This was the first time she had ever tried making a

snowman, but she found that it was easy to make one after all

She started with making a big and a small snowballs with the intention to combine them after.

The bigger one would be the body of the snowman, and the smaller one would be the head of it. Some branches were used as nose and eyes and so, a simple snowman was built successfully

Gabrielle clapped her hands and was satisfied of her own work in front of her. She was about to take a picture of it as a souvenir,

but a ball of snow, which came from afar, directly smashed her snowman’s head. The snowman was incapacitated as the head

fell and broke, along with the branches scattering on the ground. 

This was the first snowman she had ever made. It was inevitable for Gabrielle to be shocked and unhappy when her hard work was ruined before she could admire it. She looked back and saw the culprit, Abigail, standing in the corridor with a mocking

sneer on her face. 

“Sure enough, you must really’come from the south since you seem to have never seen the snow can’t believe that you are so

excited to see a little snow. You, made a palm sized snowman and even admired it for a long time. How pitiful…” Abigail’s words were really unpleasant to hear as it’*was obvious that she was looking down on Gabrielle.

How could there be someone who liked to look down on people because they had never seen the snow before?

“Miss Schmidt, I don’t think I have offended you. during my stay here. Why did you smash my snowman rudely?” Gabrielle Squinted and questioned her directly. She was really angry with Abigail for what she did. It was obvious that Abigail was purposefully trying to ridicule her. What was more, she didn’t respect the fruit of others’ work.

Even if the snowman Gabrielle made was ugly, Abigail had no right to humiliate her like this.

“Hm, I smashed your snowman? Well, did you see it with your own eyes? Where’s the proof? Who knows, maybe something from the outer space smashed it. Moreover, even if I did so, this is the Schmidt family, and I am the lady here. All the things in here are our property, including the snow in the court. I can do whatever I want. You are an outsider who touched the snow in our yard without the consent of the Schmidt family. Don’t I have the right to smash your snowman? Don’t be ridiculous. Besides, how ugly your snowman is!” With a sneer on her face, Abigail mocked and ridiculed her to no end. 

“Miss Schmidt, that’s not true. I have got Mr. Schmidt’s permission to build a snowman here. I wonder if you have more power than Mr. Schmidt in this family?” Gabrielle retorted fearlessly as she looked at Abigail coldly. There was no reason for Gabrielle to endure such insult from an unreasonable and arrogant person like her.

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