Lock You In My Heart, Chapter 762 Arrogance

Lock You In My Heart, Chapter 762 Arrogance

Gabnielle’s comments surprised Abigail. Her grandpa was the Schmidt family’s most prominent man; even her father submitted to

him. As a result, Wilton remained the Schmidt family’s leader.

No one was able to stand in his way.

Regardless of how rebellious and snooty Abigail was, she was obligated to listen to her grandfather. Otherwise, how could she

receive such favorable treatment if her grandfather was angry?

“Gabrielle, I’m not satisfied even if my grandfather agrees to let you play in the snow. I simply do not want you to come into

contact with the snow in our house. What are you going to do with me? Are you going to tell my grandfather?” Abigail swiftly

altered her mood and fixed an uninterested look on Gabrielle.

This was the Schmidt family’s mansion, and she had the privilege to forbid Gabrielle from touching the snow.

“I’m done arguing with you, Miss Schmidt. Do you honestly believe I am sorry to inform Mr. Schmidt?” Gabrielle hissed, her sharp

black eyes darted on Abigail. 

She was only conveying one point to Abigail. She was completely fearless regardless of where she was in Snowland or in the

Schmidt family’s turf. 

She knew that Wilton idolized her. 

“Gabrielle, try not to be too arrogant. At the end of the day, I am still his grandchild. Do you suppose he will really be on your

side?” Abigail was skeptical that her grandfather would end up favoring Gabrielle. 

Gabrielle, after all, was an outsider, and this was her first meeting with her grandpa. Her grandfather always referred to her as

the apple of his eye. He would never allow her to suffer any harm. 

How could Gabrielle, a stranger, feel faith in her grandfather’s support? 

“Really? In comparison to his capricious and greedy granddaughter, who has wreaked chaos across the Schmidt family, your

grandpa appears to prefer me, a rational outsider,” Gabrielle said calmly, despite her embarrassment. 

However, Gabrielle did not say anything incorrectly. She asserted this confidently. After all, Wilton expressed his admiration for

Gabrielle on several occasions. He even requested her to befriend. Abigail in order for her to exert influence over her. It would

assist Abigail in developing into a better person. 

If Abigail knew this, she would very certainly spew blood. 

“Be less self-confident, Gabrielle. My granddad has always been an admirer of capable individuals.” Abigail carelessly let out a snort. 

“Miss Schmidt acknowledged that 1 am wonderful,” Gabrielle said calmly. She felt pleased, in some strange way, to confront

Abigail with such comments. Gabrielle was thrilled to see her furious and pissed off. 

According to legend, everyone around Abigail attempted to please her, and as a result, she was taught to be self-centered. Every

single person on the planet had to be on her side. As a result, when Abigail heard other voices, particularly when someone was

speaking against her, she was automatically in a foul mood

Gabrielle, in particular, a lady like her, increased Abigail’s hatred towards her. After all, she was the one who stole the thunder in

front of her grandfather

Abigail felt humiliated. She needed to devise a plan to save her face from Gabrielle.

“Wonderful? A woman like you is a wonderful actor. What makes you so extraordinary? Did you truly believe that marrying

Westley would transform you into a great person?” Abigail did not go downstairs for lunch, so she sought the assistance of someone to do an investigation on Gabrielle’s past. She was shocked when she discovered the truth.

The Jones family was a typical American family, and she was a typically adopted daughter. Such a lady was incapable of competing with her, nevertheless, she married Westley. She had no idea how Gabrielle had won Westley’s heart. She must have been rather shrewd. 

That was why Abigail felt angry and delighted at the same time. She was so assured of herself.

How could such an opportunistic lady dare to question her? Did she honestly believe that she improved as a woman after marrying Westley? .

This was Abigail’s domain, the Schmidt family. If Gabrielle did not exercise self-control, she would give her a valuable lesson.

Smashing her snowman was the least severe penalty. .

“So, Miss Schmidt, do you assume your grandfather exaggerated my abilities?” Gabrielle made that statement on purpose.

Abigail refused to acknowledge her misgivings about her grandfather.

“How can you ridicule my grandfather, Gabrielle? As is to be expected, you come from a modest household. What motivates you to be so proud of your adopted daughter’s status?” Abigail’s remarks were vexing.

In terms of moral character, Abigail’s comment was the most illiterate.

“Miss Schmidt, it appears as though you have conducted an investigation of me?” Gabrielle was unsurprised that Abigail was conducting an investigation into her. 

“Do you believe I’m interested in investigating you? I was only curious about the type of lady that married Westley, but I was taken aback by your humility. It’s absurd. If you hadn’t married Westley, a lady like you would be unable to join the Schmidt

family.” Abigail immediately felt superior

“Really? Even if I didn’t marry Westley, I wouldn’t be interested in coming here. This time, your father and grandfather insisted

on asking us over, it is for this reason that we have come here, ” Gabrielle said calmly. 

Gabrielle was not obligated to visit the Schmidt family to begin with. 

She desired to inform Abigail that the Schmidt family had pleaded with them to visit. They would not have come here if they had not taken the initiative

They came to Snowland only for skiing. They had no desire to. become involved in ‘such a matter. 

“We are waiting for you to apologize in person, Miss Schmidt. You “haven’t offered an apology yet, have you?” Gabrielle’s eyes

She fixed a hard glare on Abigail. Abigail experienced a shiver go down her spine.  Indeed, she couldn’t look down on Gabrielle.

“Iam unable to apologize. A lady like you is unworthy of my apologies, Gabrielle. You should be grateful that I did not kill you”

Abigail said vehemently.

Gabrielle had assumed Abigail was privileged with a rebellious and haughty attitude, but now it appeared as though she was truly evil.

Gabrielle despised this type of woman.

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