Lock You In My Heart, Chapter 763 Falling Into Gabrielle’s Trap

Lock You In My Heart, Chapter 763 Falling Into Gabrielle’s Trap

A person might have a bad character, yet he was not regarded as a bad person because he had a kind heart. But a person with a bad conscience was mostly likely a bad person.

Abigail was a vicious woman. Since she said that she was going to hurt Gabrielle, she must have thought about doing that in her

heart. Had Abigail known who she was when they were in the ski resort, would she have killed Gabrielle?

Gabrielle felt disgusted and scared. She felt she was wrong to agree to stay in the mansion. 

“Look at you, Gabrielle! You’re scared now, aren’t you? You don’t have guts. You dare to stay here! I guess you’ll have to wait and

see what happens. Oh, I’ll kick you out of this house,” Abigail ranted. 

Although she was at the Schmidt’s mansion, Gabrielle was no longer afraid because she believed Wilton to be a sensible man.

Abigail might want to do something crazy. But then again, with the presence of Wilton, Gabrielle thought that Abigail couldn’t make any trouble at home.

“If it were up to me, we’d leave. It’s just that your grandpa has asked us to stay here. for a few more days. We don’t have the heart to refuse him,” Gabrielle said. She looked at Abigail, daring her to contradict her. “But if you don’t want us around, why

don’t you go tell your grandpa? Westley and I can leave immediately.” 

Gabrielle knew that Abigail wouldn’t tell Wilton. She wouldn’t want to disappoint her grandfather.

“Are you sure that I won’t do that, Gabrielle?” Abigail was furious at Gabrielle, seeing her be so confident like she had everything under control 

“Be my guest Go ahead and tell him,” said Gabrielle, sounding composed and not bothered by Abigail. 

“If there’s nothing else, Il continue making my snowman.” 

Abigail hated Gabrielle for acting the way she did. She rushed over, grabbed a spade, and smashed the snowman that Gabrielle was making

This made Gabrielle angry nut she thought she had to contain herself. So, she stepped back and watched Abigail vent her anger

on the snowman. 

“Miss Schmidt, you can smash it to smithereens. But you must know that I do hold a grudge. You destroyed what I made so

you’ll have to build a new one to réplace the snowman you have shattered.” Gabrielle maintained her cool countenance, still looking at Abigail. 

“Are you trying to be funny? Look at me, smashing your snowman. What else can you do?” With a smug look on her face, Abigail

continued hitting Gabrielle’s snowman with the spade.

The snowman was finally smashed into pieces. 

“I think that Mr. Clifton Schmidt is a fair person, just like his father. He won’t show any favoritism since he is free from self- interest,” Gabrielle said as she glanced at Clinton who was walking down the corridor.

“Good afternoon, Mr. Schmidt!” Gabrielle greeted Clifton, sounding cheerful.

“Abigail, your grandfather has asked you to accompany Gabrielle,” Clifton said as he passed by the two women. “So what are you doing?” he shouted at her when he saw his daughter smashing a snowman. He immediately realized that it was Gabrielle’s.

Abigail had been doing things out of hand. What a troublemaker! 

Clifton felt humiliated he was her father. He had lost face because of Abigail’s shameful ways. If his father knew about this, he would surely scold him for not teaching his daughter well. 

Abigail was utterly careless this time.

“Dad, I didn’t do anything wrong!” Abigail denied what she did, even as she threw the spade aside.

In any case, she believed she didn’t do anything wrong!

It was Gabrielle’s fault. She had provoked her into doing such a thing.

“I couldn’t believe you! You even have the gall to deny what you just did.” Clifton glared at Abigail. “Your grandfather has asked

you to accompany Mrs. Morris as he chatted with Mr. Morris. And what did you do? You get a spade and smash the snowman she

made. How do I explain this to your grandfather and Mr. Morris? Why do you have to embarrass me all the time?”

Abigail had made him look bad. When would she stop making trouble for him?

It was really fortunate that he saw what Abigail did before his father or Westley found out about it. Otherwise, she would be doomed! 

“Dad, she started it! I wouldn’t have done such a thing had she not irritated me.” At any rate, Abigail would never admit het


Clifton was enraged that he decided he was going to teach his daughter a lesson.

“Abigail, I want you to apologize to Mrs. Morris for the wrongs you have done to her. Do it now,” he sternly said. His angry cyes

were focused on his daughter.

“Are you serious, Dad? I didn’t do anything wrong. I won’t apologize to her,” Abigail retorted haughtily. She would never

apologize to Gabrielle. That would be admitting that she was inferior to her.

She was a Schmidt woman. That adopted daughter of a lowly family would never be an equal to her.

“Mr. Schmidt, may I say something?” Gabrielle felt that the situation was getting out of hand. She had to do something about it.

“Yes, please,” Clifton replied kindly.

“Mr. Schmidt, this is my first time to visit Snowland also don’t know anything about making a snowman. Miss Schmidt found

the one I made awful so she smashed it.” Gabrielle’s tone was calm. She sounded honest.

Abigail would have believed what she said if they didn’t have the conversation before.

Gabrielle was cunning. She spoke so convincingly that one would think she wasn’t just making an empty point.

“Abigail, is that true?” Clifton asked, looking at his daughter with doubt.

If Abigail denied it, it would mean that she admitted she was just being her flippant self. On the other hand, if she admitted it,

she would be caught in Gabrielle’s scheme.

It was a no-win situation. Abigail knew that whatever she said, Gabrielle had the upper hand. She had fallen into her trap.

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