Lock You In My Heart, Chapter 764 She Was Really Something!

Lock You In My Heart, Chapter 764 She Was Really Something!

Abigail tried to use this opportunity to teach Gabrielle a lesson. She needed to be taught to respect the Schmidt family and to be

reminded that this was their territory. 

She didn’t imagine Gabrielle tured the tables around and set a big trap for her. Even if she took the bait or not, all the blame fell

on her. 

How could she be this cunning?

“Abigail, is this true?” Answer me!” Clifton raised his voice. He was getting pissed that Abigail kept quiet. .  —

“Fine! She’s right, Dad! I just can’t bear to look at such an ugly snowman. Why should we even tolerate these kinds of things? It’s

an insult to our magnificent and noble mansion! I tore it down, alright?” Abigail had no choice but to admit what she had done.

She simply disliked Gabrielle. She felt like destroying everything she had. Did she need any reason?No. . 

“I will not tolerate you treating our guest this way, Abigail. Now, apologize to her. Mrs. Moris, if there’s anything she could do to

make it up to you, I’ll ask her to do it.” Clifton.  wanted. to.  show Gabrielle how sorry. the Schmidt family was. As long as she made

arequest, he would ask Abigail toreflectonheractions.

“Oh, Mr. Schmidt, it’s not that serious. I guess Miss Schmidt just didn’t like how ugly it was. Hmm, in that case, how about she

build another snowman for me? Something bigger and more beautiful. I’d like to see that. What do you think? Or is my request

too much?” Gabrielle gave them a serious look

It didn’t sound like an unreasonable request, but Abigail was fuming, It was obvious that Gabrielle was trying to retaliate against

Gabrielle was a truly ruthless woman, How dare she even make a servant out of her? she crossed theline. 

“Of course not. Abigail has been making snowmen since she was three years old. She’s really good at it.” Clifton had thought that

Gabrielle would take the opportunity to trick the Schmidt family again. Just like Westley, they owed him a favor and he might ask

for a rather outrageous price in the future. After hearing Gabrielle’s simple request, he naturally agreed without hesitation. He would be stupid if he didn’t 

She only asked to see Abigail make a snowman for her.

That was why he gladly agreedtoherreques.

“Dad, I refuse! I’m not some servant girl! Why should 1 make a snowman for the likes of her? She’s gone too far!” Of course, Abigail couldn’t agree to such an arrangement. Gabrielle was not her master. She had no reason to obey her wishes.

“I don’t want to hear it, Abigail. Since you destroyed Mrs. Morris’s snowman, you have to take responsibility. As long as you make

it well, I won’t be hard on you this time.” Clifton urged her daughter to handle this maturely. 

But since he had a soft spot for Abigail, he might get swayed and take his daughter’s place instead. 

“Abigail, I won’t repeat myself again. Go make a snowman for Mrs. Morris,” Clifton persisted, thinking he would not spoil his daughter this time. 

“If you don’t want grandpa to be angry with you, just listen to me this time. Mrs. Morris’s request isn’t too hard, and you always

loved making snowmen every year. Today, you can show it to Mrs. Morris and the rest of our guests.” Clifton encouraged his daughter.

Abigail knew she had no other choice but to follow her father’s instructions. If she still wanted to be the young lady of the Schmidt family, she had to make a snowman for Gabrielle. 

It was the first time she felt like she had been duped. It was stupid of her to fall for Gabrielle’s tricks.

The young lady of the Schmidt family was going to make a snowman for other people. If her friends knew, it would be a huge embarrassment. 

“Abigail!” Clifton snarled at her.

Gabrielle kept quiet and stared at Abigail. 

Because she was certain Clifton would find a way to make Abigail obey. 

“Fine… I’ll do it.” Abigail eventually compromised. It would have been easier to make a snowman for others, but she hated the

 thought of doing it for Gabrielle.

“Thank you, Miss Schmidt. Please make it as big and as pretty as you can. After all, I’m from the south, and this is the first time..

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