Lock You In My Heart, Chapter 765 Scold Her Harshly

Lock You In My Heart, Chapter 765 Scold Her Harshly

A worried look was pasted on his face as Clifton tumed to look at his daughter. Normally, Abigail was a clever woman. However,

whenever she faced a confrontation with Gabrielle, she always appeared to look inferior.

It wasn’t until now that Abigail realized that Gabrielle played her at the palm of her hands. It was a wake-up call for Abigail. She

thought that it was time for a change. This might be her opportunity to improve her temper and outlook. In several aspects, she

was much superior but when it boiled down to a battle of abilities and wits, Abigail always seemed to be lacking against her.

That was what took them apart. It was the reason behind how Gabrielle, a simple woman, managed to marry a catch while

Abigail was left with men that did not deserve her. There were quite a number of eligible bachelors in Snowland but none of them

could bear Abigail’s personality

“Dad, are you also taking her side?” The look on her father’s face made Abigail feel unhinged. The feeling of uneasiness in her

guts was emphasized when she felt like her father was taking Gabrielle’s side.

“You are my daughter. How could I possibly be in the favor of a stranger? However, Gabrielle is Westley’s wife. She’s our guest. I

could never drive her out. What would people think of me?” Clifton comforted Abigail. ,

Abigail had always been willful and had never experienced being on the losing end. Everyone in Snowland acknowledged the

aristocracy of the Schmidt family. Nobody had the guts to speak ill of her, let alone castigate her behavior and faults. –

Gabrielle was the first woman who stood up to her. If one were to look into it, what Gabrielle had done did Abigail some good.

Gabrielle’s criticism helped Abigail realize that she should do something about her behavior. After all, she should be aware of the

fact that there would always be someone better than her.

“Dad, is that the truth? Are you really on my side?” Clifton’s words sent relief to Abigail’s thoughts.

“Of course Iam. You are my most prized possession. Where else would I be if not on your side?” Without a tinge of doubt, Clifton,

indeed, stood up for his beloved daughter .  I

“I know you love me. Gabrielle is a horrible woman, dad. She asked me to be her servant and even asked for my help with

making a snowman. Eventually, she made up a stupid reason so she could slack off. 1 am the lady of the Schmidt family. Nobody

could do that to me. That b***h really gets on my nerves!” The anger in Abigail’s heart grew every second she spent thinking

about it ce I – .

“You should always keep what happened in mind. That way, you won’t forget what kind of woman she is. You know how

difficult she could be. Why do you keep on getting on her bad side? You just gave her a free pass to play you. Don’t let yourself be

fooled again.” Clifton felt sorry for his daughter but he also wanted her to learn from her mistakes.

“Why would you say that, dad?” Her mood turned sour. ‘How could he lecture me like this? Is he really even my dad? I knew he

was on her side!’ Abigail thought to herself

“Please be wiser, Abigail. You have to set your boundaries. Be smart with who you can cross and who you can’t. If you chanced

upon someone who you shouldn’t have, you would suffer the consequences. Do you understand?” Tough love was difficult but

Clifton was convinced that it was time for her daughter to learn her lesson I

“I see. You have to go. It’s time to make a snowman. I guess I’ll have to make it all by myself,” Abigail exclaimed, her voice

teeming with sarcasm. Evidently, her mood had tumed for the worse I

Clifton knew very well that his daughter had an insanely horrible temper. Staying would only make Abigail even more irate than

she already was. That was why he opted for his best option. He left.

“I hope your snowman tums out nice. I’m going to leave you to it. Make it as good as you promised. Don’t forget to behave well

for the next couple of days. We have guests. You should control your temper. Don’t get on your grandfather’s nerves, okay?”

Clifton warned. 

Abigail was left feeling furious from her father’s words. Hearing what he said put her into an even worse mood.

“Dad, do you really think that I’m good for nothing?!” she screamed.

“Abigail, calm down. I have never thought of you that way. You will always be the best daughter I’ve ever had. I’m sure your

grandfather would be ecstatic if your snowman tums out great. Trust me,” Clifton encouraged Abigail despite her sudden


“Sure. Leave. I don’t want to hear any more from you.” Abigail urged her father to leave her alone.

Not a word left Clifton’s lips when he tumed to leave. The moment he departed, Abigail started making snowballs and threw them against Gabrielle’s window. 

Gabrielle’s shoes were soaking wet from being submerged in the snow. She was in the bathroom, soaking her cold feet in hot

water when the sound of breaking glass caught her attention. . 

Without having to take a second guess, Gabrielle knew exactly what was going on. It was Abigail throwing snowballs at her

window to vent her anger.

In an instant, she wiped her moist feet, put her slippers on and gracefully strode to the window. Gabrielle stood by the glass

window as her eyes darted to Abigail who was standing in the snow outside.

“Miss Schmidt, do you want me to watch you make a snowman for me?” she asked as she pushed the window open so Abigail

could hear. It was clear that she wanted to let Abigail know her dominance through emphasizing the fact that she had given her

a job.

“Gabrielle, what are so you proud of?”

“What do you mean? Nothing. I just couldn’t help but feel happy. It’s my first time coming to the Schmidt’s mansion and here

you are, generous enough to make a snowman for me. How could I possibly not beam with joy? It’s awful that my shoes got wet

so I can’t stay outside to help you with that. But hey, I will appreciate your masterpiece when you’re done with it.” With those

final words, Gabrielle closed the window and plopped herself onto the sofa, relieved. Abigail’s insane screaming could be heard

from outside her room but Gabrielle couldn’t care less. She began browsing through her phone like she never heard anything.

Gabrielle couldn’t care less about Abigail’s attitude. Now that she had managed to teach her a lesson, Gabrielle’s imitation

towards Abigail was considerably less.

While swiping through her phone, Gabrielle saw a text from Melissa. She was asking when Gabrielle would visit her in Ensfield.

Gabrielle had promised Melissa that she would drop by but they were in Snowland now. She had no idea when she would be

coming back. She didn’t even know when she could come visit Ensfield.

It was a headache.

“Ms. Glyn, there’s something urgent in Snowland that my husband and I have to deal with. We can’t really tell when we could go

back. I’m afraid that we may have to delay our trip to Ensfield. I deeply apologize for this, Ms. Glyn. I hope you’re not upset,”

Gabrielle edited her text multiple times before she finally sent it to Melissa in hopes that she would not be angry.

As if on cue, Gabrielle’s phone rang. It was Melissa. After hesitating for a couple of seconds, Gabrielle picked up. “Hi, Ms. Glyn!”

“Gabrielle, what happened?”

“We’re not in any trouble, Ms. Glyn. We’re currently staying at someone’s house. I think we might not be able to leave until a

couple of days later.” Gabrielle could not tell her that they came here for leisure in fear that Melissa would find it disrespectful.

Who would have thought that she would end up with so much trouble? 

“Alright. That’s a relief. You should stay there for a few more days. It’s the biggest natural snow resort in the country. You should

go skiing.” The anxiety in Gabrielle’s heart dissipated into nothing when Melissa encouraged her to enjoy her time in Snowland

rather than being upset for her not showing up.

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