Lock You In My Heart, Chapter 766 Ask For Help

Lock You In My Heart, Chapter 766 Ask For Help

Gabrielle was unprepared for Melissa to persuade her to take up skiing. She felt more at ease now.

“Yes, Ms. Glyn. How are you now feeling?” Gabrielle expressed concern about Melissa’s health.

“There is no cause for concern. I’m presently in terrific health. I’m now a homebody. Jonathan got the services of the top

physician to care for me during my recuperation. I’m improving daily. Perhaps half a month later, I’ll be able to walk again,”

Melissa said calmly

“I’m happy to hear that, Ms. Glyn. For you, the most critical thing is to recover. We will surely make time to visit you and Mr.

Walker once we return from Snowland.” Gabrielle was glad to learn Melissa was recovering and desired to visit her even more. 

“Given your location in Snowland, I wish you a pleasant holiday. You may visit me later, or you may avoid Ensfield entirely. In

any case, I’ll be traveling to Antawood to instruct pupils. We will then meet.” Melissa took her time inviting Gabrielle to meet her

in Ensfield. Despite her desire to meet Gabrielle, Gabrielle and her husband were now on holiday in Snowland. She didn’t want to

ruin their good time. . a I ;

“Okay, Ms. Glyn. We can discuss more the next time. If you are bored, you may contact me at any moment,” Gabrielle said

seriously. eB

“Good idea, bye.” Melissa promptly hung up. .  I

Gabrielle checked her phone and was about to look at Abigail’s snowman outdoors. Westley entered as soon as she stood.

“You’re back, Westley.” Gabrielle was surprised when she saw Westley enter. She assumed he would have a lengthy chat with

Wilton and would not return before night. She had not imagined his return so soon.

“Are you startled or happy to see me come back?” Gabrielle was taken into Westley’’s arms. Gabrielle shrank somewhat as a

result of the coldness of his body, but she clutched him even more.

“Of course I am happy. You returned so quickly. I assumed you would not retum until night.” Gabrielle tenderly buried her head

in his chest and gladly placed her arms around his waist. She was in a good mood. On one side, it was due to Westley; on the

other side, it was due to Melissa’s healing.

“You appear to be quite cheerful. Why is Miss Schmidt building a snowman in this yard?” Westley was surprised when he saw

Abigail in the yard, buildingasnmowman

Abigail’s creation of a snowman was not peculiar. It was not peculiar for her to construct a snowman in any part of the estate,

but it was very strange for her to construct one in the yard where they stayed.

It was also odd that Gabrielle did not venture out to build a snowman. 

Why Abigail? Gabrielle should have been building a snowman in the yard at this time, as Gabrielle was a major fan of heavy snow.

“To demonstrate her hospitality, Miss Schmidt wanted to create a magnificent snowman for me which would be the same height

as she is. Don’t you think she is extremely hospitable?” Gabrielle smiled. 

“Yes, she must be.” Following her words, Westley softly caressed Gabrielle’s temples with his large palm.

“So, you-don’t want to build a snowman that you like?” Westley asked seriously. a . 

After all, he was all too aware of her interest. How could she have missed the opportunity to build a snowman outside when she saw the snow?

“Of course, I do.” Gabrielle was reluctant to tell him she had constructed a snowman in the beginning, and as a result, her shoes were wet.

That would undoubtedly enrage Westley. He was afraid she might get a cold from wetting her shoes in the snow.

“How about doing it later?” Westley excitedly asked.

“I’d like to build one, but I suppose I’d best wait till Miss Schmidt completes it. I’m curious to see what she can create in the way

of a snowman. We will not produce one if she makes it too good out of embarrassment.” Gabrielle devised an entirely plausible


Westley erupted into laughter as he heard her explanation. He had not anticipated Gabrielle’s lack of confidence, as she had

always been confident.

“To be honest, you have the last say. When Miss Schmidt is finished, let us go have a look. We shall then determine whether or

not to proceed,” Westley said.

He would agree to everything Gabrielle desired to say or do as long as she was content. 

“I’m curious to know how Miss Schmidt creates the snowman now. I’m so intrigued.” Gabrielle was desperate to see Abigail’s

snowman in its current state. 

After all, she had not anticipated Abigail’s ability to create a lovely snowman. Abigail was, admittedly, coerced into it. From the bottom of her heart, she despised Gabrielle. Who could tell what she’d create? 

.  “Where have you left your boots?” Westley looked down and examined her slippers. They were slippers for indoor use, although she had previously won snow boots, 

“My boots were damp. I soaked my feet in hot water and put on slippers. Outside, I am unable to create snowmen.” Gabrielle  occurred to come up with an explanation for her inability to leave the house. Pe ee

– “Your boots have becotne wet and are no longer suitable for wearing. I’ll request that Alexis purchase you a new pair. What else

“do you equ? ak him to purchase together” Westley was preocapied with Gabi’ well-being. f hey were wet, she

“Mr. Morris, Mrs. Morris. It’s me.” It was the butler’s voice. He was the one knocking. 

““Well, come in.” Gabrielle was accompanied to the door by Westley to meet the butler. 

“Here’s the deal, Mr, and Mrs. Morris. Mr. Schmidt dispatched me here to ascertain your requirements. Kindly do not hesitate to Westley was on the verge of asking Alexis to purchase something. Given the butler’s request, he would bug him with errands…

“To be very candid, I truly do require your asistance. My wife’s boots are dripping wet. ‘m asking fr your asistance in.

“purchasing a pair of winter boots, thick socks, and other necessary items.” Westley was direct. He wouldn’t hesitate. to seek assistance for Gabrielle’s sake.

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