Lock You In My Heart, chapter 767 I’m Sorry

Lock You In My Heart, chapter 767 I’m Sorry

Westley quickly wrote down a detailed list of what they needed, noting the colors and sizes. 

“Here you go. Thank you” Westley handed it over.

“You’re welcome, Mr. Morris. If there’s anything else, please don’t hesitate to call me.” The butler made sure to double-check the

list with Westley before leaving,

As soon as he left, Gabrielle slightly frowned. It made her feel bad. She thought it wasn’t a good thing to cause trouble for other

people, especially that they were staying in someone else’s place. 

Their luggage was brought to the hotel and they were temporarily staying at the Schmidt mansion. Because of the heavy snow,

they couldn’t go out and get their essentials. It was not safe for them to drive recklessly in an unfamiliar city. What’s more, the place was all covered with thick snow. 

So, the safest option was to ask the butler for help. 

“Westley, is this really okay? It must be troublesome for him.” Gabrielle asked him uneasily, hands clasped together. . 

“It’s okay, Gabrielle. If we don’t bother them with anything, they’ll assume we’re not comfortable enough. Wilton’s going to overthink.” Westley gently pinched Gabrielle’s nose, trying to comfort her. This would always work when she felt distraught.

“It seems the two of you had a great chat earlier, right?” Gabrielle could tell from his face that he had a wonderful time chatting with Wilton. 

“You know me well. It felt like I was having a conversation with my grandpa.” Wilton greatly reminded him of his grandfather.

After all, they were old friends who had a lotin common.

“You should’ve talked to him for a while longer. Isn’t it a shame you came back early?” Gabrielle curiously asked.

“I was worried. you’d be bored alone. Your boots got wet and you couldn’t make a snowman outside. It would have been lonely to

stay indoors all by yourself, so I came back early to accompany my dear wife,” Westley replied in a sweet tone, pulling her closer towards him. 

“I wasn’t too bad. Watching Miss Schmidt build a snowman for me is quite entertaining.” Gabrielle walked towards the window

and gazed at Abigail. She’d already made a huge lump of snow for the body. After that, she hammered the snowball hard with a spade, as if she was venting her anger. Abigail probably imagined beating down on Gabrielle.Still, Gabrielle wasamused. is” 

“Gabrielle, tell me the truth. Did something happen between you and Abigail?” Westley asked her seriously. Their bouts had been

non-stop. Abigail had been completely rude, unreasonable, and arrogant. If Gabrielle did something to offend her, she might try to get her back. 

He didn’t want anything bad to happen to his wife. 

“Don’t worry, it all worked out in the end. Abigail conceded. That’s why she’s making me a snowman over there. See?” Gabrielle

smiled, pushing the curtain to give Westley a better view

Seeing the sly look on her face, Westley gasped lightly. 

“Alright, I believe you won’t get bullied.” Westley couldn’t stop himself from laughing. Gabrielle was intelligent and definitely

capable. She wasn’t going to let Abigail intimidate her like that.

She had tricked Abigail before. Even as the lady of the house, she refused to join them for the lunch out of embarrassment.

That was why Westley was keen on coming back early to protect her. Abigail had a nasty temper and would surely get revenge on Gabrielle

“So did you chat with her on your way back? It seems that she likes you, Westley. She thinks I don’t deserve you at all and that I

shouldn’t have married you because of my humble background,” Gabrielle joked.

Hearing her words, Westley burst into laughter. “What’s this? Are you jealous?”

Gabrielle slapped him on the arm. “Jealous? What are you on about?”

“Come on, admit it.” Westley was adamant about her being jealous. How childish! I

“Hypothetical. Like you said, there’s only me in your heart, so why should I be jealous? Do you like Miss Schmidt?” Gabrielle asked, raising a brow.

“No. Never. In this world, you’re the only woman I’d choose as my wife. You’re better than anyone else and you don’t need to feel inferior. Even I feel that I’m not good enough for you.” Westley’s eyes narrowed, looking serious.

Gabrielle giggled. “Don’t say that, Mr. Morris. You are the best husband in the world.” 

“Gabrielle!” Their bubbly mood was interrupted by Abigail’s voice from outside.

Abigail felt like a complete moron. While Gabrielle and Westley flaunted their love from across I the room, she was sinking her feet in the snow. wes a

The scene made her furious. She hurriedly sat down a snowball at the top of the body and called it a day. 

“Oh, looks like she’s, done! ‘Let’s go see the snowman.” Still, Gabrielle noticed the urgency in-her tone. There must’ve been a  problem.

It’s cold out there and I Don’t want you to get sick.”

– intrigued despite the fact that she knew Abigail couldn’t make a good one.

“Miss Schmid, are you done? Wow! Look at that height! I’s so bad I’m wearing slippers now, so I can’t get closer. I don’t want to get wet”.  Gabrielle signed regretfully.

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