Lock You In My Heart, Chapter 768 I Can Do Anything For Her

Lock You In My Heart, Chapter 768 I Can Do Anything For Her

Even though Gabrielle sounded apologetic, there was no trace of it on her face. She looked uninterested.

Obviously, she just pretended to apologize to her.

Abigail raised her arms holding the shovel with both her hands and threw it down forcefully on the snowy ground. “Take a good

look, Gabrielle! I’ll smash it to bits later.”

Her words and reaction didn’t surprise Gabrielle anymore. For Abigail, it was already shameful enough to make a snowman for

her. She didn’t want to acknowledge it, so she wanted to get rid of it as soon as possible.

Gabrielle quickly snapped two photographs and smiled at Abigail. “Miss Schmidt, I can see how big the difference is between

your snowman and mine. You’re the best at building snowmen. Since .  already took photos of it, you can do what you want. It’s

a shame we’ll be leaving soon… I won’t be able to see it in the future, but it is such an honor to have you make me one.”

Gabrielle’s boastful tone freaked her out.  . 

Abigail had intended to destroy the snowman to relieve her anger, but she no longer felt compelled to do so. Gabrielle had driven

her insane to the point of murder. .

“Are you Satisfied now?!” Abigail yelled angrily. 

Gabrielle could clearly hear Abigail’s roar because the distance between the snowman and the corridor was only less than ten


It was bothersome to face such an angry woman, but Gabrielle wasn’t intimidated. Westley was there and she already achieved

her goal. She could leave anytime. 

If Abigail wanted to stay mad, then so be it. She had nothing to do with it anymore.

“Miss Schmidt, it doesn’t matter how resentful you are. This is the nicest, gift I’ve received in Snowland, and I appreciate that you

poured your heart into it. I will save these photos for the rest of my life and I will remember your kindness forever.” Gabrielle felt

wonderful realizing that someone like Abigail hated her but absolutely could not do anything to harm her in any way.

Even if Abigail wanted to smash her like a snowball, she didn’t have the guts to do that. 

“Don’t be so smug, Gabrielle!” Abigail swung the shovel up and hit the snowman in the head. Its round head rolled to the ground

and shattered into fragments almost instantly. .  , . 

“See that? This snowman wasn’t made for you. I built it up so I could smash it myself. Got a problem with that? Go tell my father,

then!” Abigail threw down the shovel and tumed to leave.

Her footprints were left deep in the snow. She stomped her feet heavily. It was obvious she was so enraged by this.

“Hmm. Did I go too far this time, Westley?” Gabrielle looked at Westley, but there was no trace of guilt in her eyes.

Her husband was aware that she did everything on purpose. Westley didn’t need to worry too much. He reached out and rubbed

her head. “Not at all, don’t worry. Abigail’s just childish.”

“It’s such a shame to build something only to tear it down after mere seconds.” Gabrielle gazed at the busted lumps of snow.

“Let’s go inside. It’s so chilly here.” a

“Yeah.” Westley gave her a rub on the back and took her to their room.

It felt cozier inside because the heater was on. Since she was from the south and wasn’t used to such weather, she was prone to

get sick under this cold weather.

“I like this room a lot.” As soon as Gabrielle stepped inside, she removed her thick jacket and pressed her feet onto the carpet.

“It’s no surprise that northerners enjoy staying here in the winter. They could wear short sleeves and sit in the room to see the —

snow. The sight is breathtaking.” Gabrielle tiptoed towards the window, sat on the sofa, and peeked outside.

“T told you we could buy a house here and I’d gladly take you to see the snow every winter.” Westley smiled and sat down next to

her. They looked outside the window, awed at the scene. 

Snow began to fall heavily again like blessings from the sky.

” understand, Westley. But I think it’s more beautiful to see it once in a blue moon. Otherwise, it will lose its spark. Look at the

people in the Schmidt family. They’re used to the snow. It’s not as meaningful to them as it is to me.” Gabrielle shook her head in opposition. 

– She believed that if they bought a house here and visited every year, she would get used to the view and the snow, and that

would make her lose interest in something so beautiful.

It would spoil her enthusiasm for the season.

“Alright, if you say so. Maybe we can buy a house someday when you change your mind.” Westley kissed her hair gently.

“Look, Miss Schmidt is far better at building snowmen than I am, but it’s a shame it was destroyed in this way. The snowman’s

body feels creepy to look at when left alone.” Gabrielle pursed her lips.  .  .  . 

“Don’t look at it anymore. I’ll fix it later for you.” To make her avoid looking at. the snowman in the yard, Westley covered her

eyes and made her tum on the other side. a Oo –

“You’ll rebuild the snowman?” Gabrielle was surprised by his words.  a

After all, she had never seen Westley build a snowman before. The thought of it made her. feel excited. 

“Didn’t you say that the snowman Abigail made for you was the best gift you received in Snowland? I’m going to set a new record.

I must be the one to give you the best present. Do you understand, Mrs. Morris?” Westley stood proud and declared solemnly.

“Really now, Mr. Morris? Are you serious?” Gabrielle’s eyes sparkled with expectation. .

“Of course, I am. Are you excited?” Westley asked, holding her cheeks.

“[ am! I’m really looking forward to it. Are you going to make it now?” Gabrielle couldn’t help but feel enthusiastic about this. She

wanted to do it with him together, but unfortunately, she didn’t have any boots to wear.

“You bet. Stay here and watch me through the window.” Westley grabbed his coat and put it on, changed into his boots, and set to work. 

In the past, he only enjoyed skiing and he thought making snowmen was too childish. But for Gabrielle, he was willing to do childish things. 

As long as it was for her happiness, Westley would do anything. 

“I want to go with you,” Gabrielle pleaded, puppy eyes peering into Westley’s.

“Honey, stay here. If you go out on those slippers, you’ll definitely get sick right after. Leave this one to me. When we go back to

the villa, we can do it together,” Westley promised.

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