Lock You In My Heart, Chapter 769 We Are Friends

Lock You In My Heart, Chapter 769 We Are Friends

After hearing Westley’s words, Gabrielle was looking forward to it. After all, the snowman they made together as husband and

wife would be more meaningful.

“Okay. When we get back to the villa, we will make snowmen together. We can name them Daddy Snowman and Mommy

Snowman, and then we will also make one of Star. In this way, they can be a happy family like us,” Gabrielle said, full of

excitement and joy. .

“Yes, let’s make a snowman family together. For now, .  will help you make this one first so that you can enjoy it,” Westley

grabbed Gabrielle’s hand and said.

“Okay, I’ll be watching you from the room. I can’t help you this time. You have to do it alone.” Gabrielle was moved by Westley’s

earnestness and felt bad for not being able to help him. She could see and feel how much Westley loved her from everything he

did and had done for her. Indeed, if a man truly loved you, he would be willing to give everything for you and do anything that

made you happy. ®

He would do anything for you, even if it was something as childish as making a snowman. After all, in the eyes of most of the

men, especially those with domineering personalities, doing such things was nothing more than being childish. So not every man

of such character was willing to do things that did not suit their image. Thus, the fact that Westley put out his best effort even

when doing things that went against his image showed how much he cherished Gabrielle.

His effort like this was what moved Gabrielle the most. This man spoiled her not just in terms of material satisfaction but also in

terms of doing everything for her personally.

After all, it was not necessary for Westley to build a snowman personally.

“Just stay in the room and watch me through the window. Don’t open the window or come out. Do you understand?” Westley

said in earnest. .  .  . 

Hearing this, Gabrielle’s lips raised into a smile. She then stood up on tiptoe and kissed the corner of his lips with a bright smile.

“Mr. Morris, this is the reward for you. If you make a good snowman, you will receive a bigger reward when you come back.”

Gabrielle raised her eyebrows and smiled at him.

Her smile was so bright and refreshing, like a spring breeze, that it nearly gave Westley a heart attack. Westley’s mood brightened

up, and his mind was suddenly charged with a burst of motivation.

“Just stay in the room. I’m going to make a snowman. For your next bigger reward, I will also build a super good snowman.”

Westley kissed Gabrielle on the forehead before turning around and leaving the scene. As he walked out, he made sure to close

the door firmly to prevent the cold wind from entering the room.

Gabrielle sat by the window and shifted her eyes to the scene outside the window. Her focus was immediately settled on Westley,

who was continuously shoving the snow with a shovel. He looked very serious with his process of making snowmen, and his

movements were pretty fast and skillful. Gabrielle thought that Westley would continue to build half of Abigail’s snowman, but

he didn’t. Instead, he made a new big snowman by himself. Every movement was done very carefully and seriously, as if he was

frightened of making a mistake.

But that was how Westley was. He had been a boss for a long time, so he naturally strived for perfection in everything he did.

Being serious in everything was second nature to Westley. Sure enough, Gabrielle also liked that serious side of him.

With the phone in her hand, Gabrielle started to take pictures of Westley like a crazy fan. After that, she recorded a short video

and sent it to Star. 

Star was excited after watching the video and immediately made a video call.

“Star, are you feeling better?” The second Gabrielle accepted the call, the appearance of the beautiful little boy greeted her on the

screan. Indeed, it was her dear son, Star.

She never got tired of looking at that beautiful little face. Instead, the more she looked at it, the stronger her love grew. No

wonder it was completely believable when he was disguised as a little girl before.

“Mommy, I’m much better now. I saw the video of Daddy making a snowman. The snow is so white. I really like it,” Star said

with his tone full of excitement. But he didn’t dare to shout too loudly because of the wound. .

Heavy snow was something he had never seen before as a child who had spent most of his life in a tropical country like Thailand.

So it could be said that his circumstance was similar to Gabrielle’s.

The place where Star grew up was even hotter than Antawood. In Antawood, the temperature could drop to one or two degrees below zero during the coldest months of the year, and icicles could be seen hanging from the eaves. But Star had never seen

anything like that before.

Star appeared to be more excited than Gabrielle when he saw the heavy snow. It was a pity that she didn’t bring him here.

“Star, do you like snow very much and want to make snowmen?” Gabrielle asked him softly.

In fact, there was no need for her to ask. Just by looking at Star’s reaction, it was enough to know that his yeaming for snow was

no less than Gabnielle.  . 

“Mom, I really want to see the snow. I have never seen real snow before, let alone make a snowman or have a snowball fight.” As

Star said, his face was shining with expectation.  .  . 

Gabrielle felt happy and a little distressed at the same time when she saw such a look of wonderment on his face.

“Star, you can’t go to a place that is too cold this year because you are injured. But next winter, we will bring you over to see the

snow. Let’s make snowmen together then, okay?” Gabrielle coaxed Star, which was also a promise.

“Okay, mom. Let’s go together next year. I want to make a snowman.” Hearing Gabrielle’s words, Star’s mood brightened even

more, and he was already looking forward to next year’s winter. “Star, I want to go with you too.” Tammy on the side happily requested permission to participate.

“Let’s go together,” Star answered happily. \

“Then you should listen to Rose and the others at home.  When things are over here, we will come back as soon as possible.”

Gabrielle didn’t know when she would be able to go back, so she could only say those words to coax them first.

“Mom, we can take care of ourselves. It’s more important for you.to.deal with things. You and dad should do your things well,

and don’t worry about us,” Star said very wisely. Hearing those heart-warming words, Gabnielle’s heart softened all of a sudden. Sure enough, her son was a warm-hearted young

fellow. When he grew up, there would undoubtedly be a lot of girls lining up to get close to him. “Gabrielle, just have fun with Mr. Morris outside. It doesn’t matter when you come Back, We will take good care of the children.”

Rose took the phone and spoke to Gabrielle.“Rose, I’m very relieved to have you. Thank you for taking care of them these days.” Gabrielle was genuinely grateful to Rose and

Doctor Maniac.  . 

“Don’t be so formal with me. You saved our lives and provided food and shelter for us. What we are doing right now is just

something simple. You don’t need to be very polite with us, Gabrielle. We don’t need to be like this. Also, I do everything willingly,”

Rose said seriously.

Rose’s words made Gabrielle unable to refute, and she couldn’t help but give Rose a smile. “Okay, we don’t need to be so polite to

each other. But don’t always think of us as saviors. We are friends, and there is no need for this between friends.”

In Gabrielle’s heart, she always felt they were friends. Also, she was not their savior, so being given such a noble title made her

feel a little uncomfortable.

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