Lock You In My Heart, Chapter 770 It’s Hard Not To Love

Lock You In My Heart, Chapter 770 It’s Hard Not To Love

The most natural way for individuals to get along was through friendship. Individuals who were friends might be close but not

obligated to one another. .

Gabrielle had always seen her as Rose’s and others’ friend. She believed she was not required to save them.

Even though she accidentally saved Rose, she felt like she owed her. It was a life for a life..

“Yes, we are friends, and I am happy to have these two youngsters in my care. You have no idea how beautiful and popular Star

is. If he matures, he will undoubtedly be a sweet and lovely young man. Numerous females will be captivated by him.” Rose

became concerned for Star’s future.

Star was just but a child when she became concerned about this. It was a case of excessive thought. 

Other males were quite popular with girls simply for their appearance. Star, on the other hand, was not only attractive but also

extremely gentle and compassionate. Such a lovely and nice man must have been more well-known.

“Star is only a child, Rose. Why are you worried about this particular scenario?” Hearing that, Gabrielle giggled.

“I genuinely think that. Star is really attractive and kind. When he matures, he will undoubtedly become a highly popular and

gorgeous man. You, as his mother, must be aware of this,” Rose remarked solemnly. . 

Gabrielle first refused to consider it, but after hearing what Rose stated, she became immediately interested.

Star would undoubtedly develop into a lovely young man as he got older. He was so handsome and thoughtful that he would

undoubtedly be popular with females. By that time, he would have attracted a large number of females. Which option should he

choose? ;

However, as soon as she became aware of this possibility, she instantly rejected it. The future was fraught with possibilities, and

‘no one could predict what would occur. 

Furthermore, she was still unaware of Star’s identity. Although she couldn’t ascertain his identity at the time, what if Star

recalled it one day and wanted to return? How was she to stop him? . 

If Star truly recalled what occurred in the past and wanted to go to locate his family, Gabrielle would most certainly not intervene

and would allow him to do so.  . 

Star would then mature and fall in love with someone else, which had nothing to do with her.

“Are you listening to me, Gabrielle?” observing Gabrielle’s prolonged silence, Rose inquired immediately.

“Yes, I hear you, but Star is still a kid, and it will be a long time before he matures. I’m trying to avoid overthinking. Additionally,

Star is a bright boy with his own opinions. He is entirely self-sufficient and does not require our concern.” Gabrielle had a lot of

faith in Star. –

“I understand what you’re thinking. In any Case, I adore Star and wish him a simple and happy life. If he runs into difficulties in

the future and is unable to resolve them, I will assist him. After all, I am not an insignificant person in his life.” Rose possessed

a strong sense of mission. 

“Okay, okay. I’m confident you’ll safeguard Star. As a result, I’m relieved to trust you with his care.” Gabrielle had a great deal of

faith in Rose. After all, they were like sisters prepared to make sacrifices for each other.

“Have a pleasant time there with Mr. Morris. Have a wonderful holiday. You may count on my assurance,” Rose said sincerely.

She wanted to ensure Gabrielle had a fantastic time in the Snowland with Westley.

“Bye.” Gabrielle hung up and stared out the window after saying that. When she noticed Westley had created a fresh snowman,

she snapped a shot.  —

Gabrielle photographed him making the snowman with a comforting grin. Westley placed the snowman’s nose and eyes on his

head, then removed his own scarf and tied it around the snowman’s neck. The snowman was already complete.

He waved cheerfully at Gabrielle in the room and entered the house.

“Gabrielle, what are your thoughts on the snowman?” Westley entered the room with a blast of chilly air and walked over to

Gabrielle, his eyes wide with anticipation. He was only curious as to whether she would be pleased with the snowman he had


After all, he built the snowman specifically for her, and he was curious as to how she felt.

“You’re truly amazing, Mr. Morris. Your snowman is far superior to Miss Schmidt’s. Nothing in the world is insurmountable for

you.” Gabrielle praised him cheerfully and without a trace of flattery.

“That is excellent. I crafted this snowman entirely by hand for you. As long as you enjoy it, I’m content.” Westley felt immediate satisfaction. 

“Of course I like it.” 

“Is this the finest present you’ve gotten since you arrived in Snowland?” Westley asked seriously. He was slightly concerned

about what she had previously stated. Although he was aware that. she was taunting Abigail on purpose, he desired to be the

most important guy in her heart. 

“Of course. Your snowman is the most thoughtful present I’ve received since I arrived in Snowland. Nobody else’s gift is superior

to yours,” Gabrielle responded solemnly and with genuine thinking.

Each present from Westley was the finest for her. 

Even if the present he offered was not the. most valuable, it was the most precious thing in the world to Gabrielle.

“I’m relieved you’re loving it so much.” Westley was ecstatic as he held her in his arms. 

He could do anything as long as he could keep Gabrielle smiling. 

“Of course I like it.  appreciate all you’ve done for me. I’ve given Star your images and videos of you building the snowman. He

likes the snow.  assured him that next year when it would snow hard, we will come here to see the snow. He was delighted to

hear that,” said Gabrielle seriously.

Westley stroked her temples in acknowledgment of what she was thinking. “Okay. We’re coming to Snowland with Star next year

to build snowmen. We can do anything as long as you are satisfied.”

“Great! I knew you’d concur.” Gabrielle excitedly hugged him and flung herself into his arms. It was difficult for her not to fall in love with such a devoted husband.

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