Love at the Next Stop Chapter 131

Chapter 131 Send It to Her

While Stella was rolling down, she saw someone leap out from the side and pull her hand so that her rolling speed was much slower and she did not suffer a serious injury in the end. When she stopped, she really was left with no strength at all. Only then did she see that the person was Matthew. “Are you a fool? Why did you come to Dartfoot alone? Don’t you know that the terrain here is so treacherous?” Matthew’s temper flared up, and he growled at Stella.

Stella stood up from the snow. She was fully covered with snow, and her face was dirty. Seeing Matthew growling like this, she looked at him dumbfounded, having never seen such a Matthew before.

Then, Matthew walked to her, picked up her hand, and rubbed it. It was icy cold, unlike any normal person. In fact, Stella did not know that if she did not rub her hands now, her joints might have problems in the future. Sure enough, her fingers could not stretch much and had no strength left. Thus, the woman just dumbly looked at Matthew and at her own hands. As Matthew puffed, he lowered his head and very nervously rubbed her hands for her. Next, he gathered her into his arms.

“Are you a fool? Are you stupid? Why did you come alone to such a place?” Matthew chided in a loving manner with a trace of desperation. Even though he had been holding back, he could not hold back in the face of such a forced situation. Stella was speechless as she also did not expect that the two of them would end up like this in such a situation. In fact, her tone was dull as she said, “Um…”

Due to the cold, her voice was trembling, and she did not know how to address Matthew all of a sudden either. “M-Mr. Xenon, I’m sorry.”

It was still ‘I’m sorry’!

“I know. I’m just worried about you.” Matthew held Stella against his chest, while Stella’s hands had been hanging down at her sides.

After Miles got off the plane, he called Stella countless times, but she did not pick up. He reminded himself that it was normal that he could not reach her because she was in the mountains. Then, Miles made a phone call to Murdough, asking which customer Stella had gone to contact.

After a long while, Miles finally arrived at Dartfoot, and then, from a distance, he saw the situation regarding Matthew and Stella. He stood far away and watched those two embracing each other and saying something that he couldn’t hear clearly. Then, Matthew took Stella’s hand, and along with the customer who followed behind, they went down the mountain together.

Finally, despite Miles putting up so many defenses, this moment still happened, and Matthew’s feelings were still revealed. It seemed that it was just something that was destined to happen.

Miles stood behind a tree and saw Matthew helping Stella, who kept stumbling, go down the mountain and get into the customer’s car, and then they were out of sight. Sneering, Miles didn’t say anything and simply went back to Hollowcrest.

The hotels in the northeast all had very warm heating, and when Stella entered the hotel door, she almost fell to the ground. She finally knew that the winter in the northeast was really no joke, and someone freezing to death outside was definitely a very real possibility. “Thank you, Mr. Xenon. How did you know I was here?” Stella took off her thick coat.

Matthew told Stella how he knew about what had happened. Then, Stella took out her phone and saw that on her phone, Miles had sent many messages, most of which were voice messages. Just now, her phone didn’t have an internet signal, but now that it did, her messages almost blew up her phone all of a sudden.

“Where are you? Send the location to me.” One of Miles’ messages rang out.

Stella seemed to hear a squeaking sound, as if he was stepping on snow. At that, Stella froze. Did he come to the northeast? Then, Stella sent back another voice message. “I am now in Northlons hotel.”

When Matthew heard this, he froze for a moment and said, “Stella, I’m leaving first.”

“Why do you want to leave?” Stella was grateful for this big favor Matthew had done for her.

Matthew said, “He and I are good friends after all, and some feelings are complicated.”

After saying that, Matthew left, leaving a dumbfounded Stella. Later, Miles said he had just returned to Hollowcrest from abroad. Stella then asked, “But why do I feel that you have very thick snow around you?”

“The country I went to is snowing now,” Miles answered.

Stella was taken aback. She vaguely remembered that he said he was going to a tropical country last time. Did he go to another country after that? Or did she remember wrongly?

Stella was very cold and did not want to think about it.

The next day, she packed her things and went back to Hollowcrest. On the other hand, Matthew came back a day earlier and arrived in Hollowcrest in the middle of the night. When Stella arrived at Miles’ villa, Miles was smoking in the living room, and when he saw her return, he asked coldly, “You’re back?”


“What did you get from going to the northeast?”

“Just the cold, and a batch of very good mink fur ordered from someone there. He may have to become my long-term supplier in the future!” Stella smiled nervously.

She thought that Miles did not know about yesterday’s incident, because Miles did not even contact her, so how could he know? Then, she thought about it and decided not to tell Miles about yesterday’s interaction with Matthew. After all, as Matthew had said, the two were good friends, and once there was any ambiguity between Matthew and Stella, she wouldn’t be able to explain it. Besides, they were very affectionate with each other yesterday.

Since Miles got jealous easily, Stella felt that it was best not to provoke him. After all, she really had no feelings for Matthew, except for the guilt she felt for him.

“Nothing else?” Miles raised his eyes, and his gaze caught Stella. After a long time, Stella nodded. Without saying anything, Miles went upstairs, leaving Stella downstairs staring blankly at his back.

There was a sizable local website that specialized in digging up the gossip of the rich and the wealthy, including but not limited to relationships, marriages, as well as the scandals of some female celebrities in Hollowcrest. Everyone was particularly interested in this sort of juicy news, like how a rich man today had taken a celebrity as his sugar baby and how another female celebrity had constantly been in and out of nightclubs. In short, all of it was juicy gossip, and the news was usually very attention-grabbing. It had only started six months ago, yet the click rate had exploded.

These days, there was a link that attracted everyone’s attention: a poll on ‘Dream Lover’. Since Miles’ popularity was high, naturally, he drew the attention of many people. But the most interesting thing was that this poll required the people who voted to vote with their real names. Nowadays, some women were reasonably audacious, and they shamelessly cast their names under Miles’ name, and Yulia’s name caught Stella’s attention at once.

With an absolute advantage over the second place, Miles got ahead and became the top ‘Dream Lover’ of all the women of Hollowcrest.

But Miles had never been interested in such a poll. Yet, it was challenging for Stella not to be upset because Miles was obviously her boyfriend, but he was coveted by so many women. Her heart was filled with jealousy, but this was just entertainment and should not be taken seriously. After all, the more one cared about this kind of thing, the more endless the gossip would be and the more she would seem petty. Besides, Miles did not participate in the whole thing, and she had no one to rant to about.

Moreover, the most critical point was that she was only his girlfriend right now.

As Stella was unhappy, she was rather passive during their night activities. Miles noticed it and became even more aggressive at night. A week had passed since the last time Stella demanded intimate attention from Miles in the living room, but this time, she was not pregnant yet again, so she was a little discouraged and stressed.

One day, Stella was in Murdough, while Miles was in Hollowcrest attending a commercial event. All of them were upper-class people, and so there were many handsome and beautiful faces. These people had already shaped their economic foundation, so they were more interested in other topics of the upper echelons. One of the most interesting topics today was Miles Grant, who was someone that the women loved to talk about the most.

Miles noticed that Yulia was standing in one inconspicuous corner of the event hall, seemingly taking pictures with her phone. Just now, a woman had invited Miles to dance, and he was only considering it, but after seeing Yulia holding the phone, he agreed with it straightaway. This evening, he danced with several women, and Yulia had recorded all the videos of his dancing into her phone, gaining everything she needed in the process.

She intended to hurt Stella again and again, firstly with her inability to conceive and secondly with the flirtatious nature of Miles. But she did not know why Miles was so cooperative with her plans tonight. It seemed that he was intentionally dancing with those other women.

After collecting all the videos of Miles, Yulia joyfully went away to the underground garage.

“Are you gonna send it to her?” Miles asked. He was leaning against a pillar and was taking a puff.

Hearing that, Yulia thought to herself that surely her intentions were all clear to Miles, and knowing that her intelligence could not be compared to his, she just hid her phone tightly behind her back. Thus, this subconscious action told Miles that there was content in the phone.

But Yulia did not say a word.

“If you directly send it to her, surely she’ll suspect you of deliberately provoking her, and so she will not believe the content very much. Why don’t you send it to the media? I think the media will be very concerned about the scandal of President Miles Grant.” After saying that, Miles walked away.

His suggestion made Yulia freeze in shock. What does Miles mean by this? Is he deliberately allowing me to let Stella know? But what good would it do him if Stella knows about it? Did the two of them have a falling out?

However, Miles’ idea was a very good one, so after Yulia got into the car, she sent the video to the media of Hollowcrest. After all, she once worked in a large foreign trade company, so she knew quite a few people in the media and could do this easily.

The next day, the video of Miles and the women dancing blew up. Although it was a commercial event, it was generally confidential, so unless someone deliberately sent news to the media, it was usually difficult for the public to know what was going on.

But this time, the media also seemed to fabricate the matter somewhat. A media company sent it out, and the other companies started forwarding it around, creating the illusion that Miles and other women were engaged in ambiguous acts.

Since the media had forwarded it around so much, naturally, Stella saw it too.

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