Love at the Next Stop Chapter 132

Chapter 132 Don’t Explain! I Don’t Want to Listen to Any of It!

Stella’s heart was hurting. At night, when she was making her bed, she slightly bent over with tears in her eyes. That man is back!

With the bedside lamp on, it was just at the right time that one of Stella’s tears fell on the quilt just as the man came in.

Stella didn’t mean to make a scene, nor did she plan to make a scene, but she didn’t expect her tears to drop at this time.

At this moment, Miles was standing behind Stella. She felt she was losing her composure and also knew Miles had entered, so she was about to go downstairs to get something and to avoid his gaze.

When she was walking past him, he suddenly clutched her arm.

“What are you crying for?” His voice was hoarse.

“Nothing.” Stella tilted her head to the side for a moment, then wiped away her tears.

“There’s always a reason for crying,” Miles said again.

“My man is flirting with another woman, so why can’t I be crying?” Stella suddenly tilted her head to confront Miles.

“Flirting? Does this word apply to me now?” Miles looked at Stella. Inexplicably, his heart actually brimmed with satisfaction after seeing her jealous look.

“Are you jealous? Do you even know how to be jealous?” Miles’ lips were curved with a smile as he looked at Stella.

“Yes, I am!” Stella suddenly raised her voice. Actually, there was another sentence in her heart that was: Are you bummed out that I can’t give birth to a child?

But if Stella said this, she would feel too inferior, so she refused to say it and refused to make the relationship between the two unequal. Then, Miles let go of his hand, and Stella quickly went downstairs. Sitting on the sofa in the living room, she covered her face and cried. From the stairs, Miles saw her sitting downstairs, and from a distance, he saw her back in spasms. Then, her phone rang with an incoming notification all of a sudden. When she picked it up, she saw that it was a message from Yulia. It read: ‘Stella, I shot the video. But for some reason, President Grant made me send the video to the media. So, I had to.’

If Yulia hadn’t said this, Stella would not be as angry as she was now. Well, it turns out that Yulia has something to do with this, and it’s even something that Miles had authorized. When Stella realized that these videos were actually taken by Yulia in secret, her heart felt complicated. So, they were intentionally trying to make her jealous?

Stella’s gaze suddenly turned harshly toward Miles. With tears in her eyes, she stared at him with a hateful and questioning gaze. At that, Miles suddenly retreated a few steps. At first, he held a lot of anger in his heart, but when he saw Stella’s gaze, his anger dissipated somewhat. For a long time, Stella kept staring at him with condemnation.

It wasn’t that she hadn’t thought of breaking up with him. When Adele mentioned the issue with her inability to conceive, she had been thinking of breaking up with him for several days, but finally, she had suppressed herself because she simply could not let go of him.

When Miles saw Stella’s sad look, his heart softened, and he felt a little regret for doing that. Then, he slowly walked downstairs and stood opposite her with his hands in his pockets. He knew that it was Yulia who had just sent Stella a message and provoked the matter because otherwise, it was impossible for Stella’s gaze to suddenly change like that.

Thus, Miles just stood there without speaking as Stella sat with her head tilted to the side, still sobbing. But Miles was the first to admit defeat and give in. He reached out one of his hands to pull Stella’s arm, but she broke away at once. Next, he pulled again, but she broke away again too. Subsequently, Miles turned around and went to turn on the stereo, causing very soothing music to flow out.

Stella did not know what he was trying to do. Suddenly, he came up to her and, without inviting her, pulled her up by the waist and started to dance with her. Although Stella still struggled in his arms, she did not have enough strength to break away. Miles did not let go of her and continued to dance in circles. Next, he bent down and lowered his face to rub against hers, which was delicate and cool to the touch, carrying with it a woman’s softness and sexiness.

During the whole process, the two did not say a word. Miles then hugged Stella tightly, playfully biting her ear before whispering into it. “It was just a show…”

Stella tilted her head and snickered at his words. A show?

The video was sent to all media outlets by Yulia, so it was just too humiliating for Stella. Struggling in Miles’ arms, she accidentally kicked off her high heels. Then, she decided to just not wear them and threw them aside before stepping silently on the warm carpet. Miles had to be careful not to step on her toes, but now, Stella was also shorter and compared to him, she was just too petite.

But Miles seemed to like this kind of Stella, as he had a feeling of having his woman in his arms. Even though he was upset at her, his heart was bursting with accomplishment and pride, and the corners of his lips could not help but curve into a smile.

Then, Stella simply bowed her head. She realized that women were always like this: Once men coaxed them, they would not be angry anymore. In fact, she felt that she was quite biddable. Next, Miles wrapped his arms around Stella and gave her a hug while her entire being was standing on his feet. So, their distance was now closer, and she could hear his breathing overhead. As he held her, they slowly continued the dance.

Miles felt happy about Stella’s jealousy today, and his chin rubbed against the top of her head. Then, he stopped and carried her upstairs. Next, he put her on the bed and couldn’t wait to undress her. As the two seemed to not be together for several days, naturally, they wanted to spend a night of passion.

As the bedside lamp shone on Stella’s half-squinted eyes and messy long hair, her flirtatious and passionate look made Miles simply unable to resist her. Subsequently, the sound of liquid that sounded in Miles’ ears was especially lascivious to him. Even though he was rough, the increase in a liquid decreased the friction, and he could not restrain his inner l**t for this woman’s body.

“Didn’t you stay in the northeast for one night? What happened there?” Miles mentioned this topic because he still had a thorn in his heart. He did not deliberately choose this time to ask her, but it was simply because he had just remembered it.

“That night, after Mr. Xenon left, I—” Stella’s eyes were half-squinted, and her mind was still a little unclear. She only vaguely heard the sound of Miles’ rough breathing. Miles’ eyes flew open abruptly, and his sharp gaze fixed on her.

When Stella suddenly thought about this issue, she looked at him with frightened eyes. Previously, she did not tell Miles that Matthew had gone to her. Yet now, she had confessed about it without him confronting her directly.

At that, Miles stood up from the bed all of a sudden. As Stella’s original fullness had suddenly become empty, she felt so itchy and had a feeling of being cheated. Next, Miles grabbed a bath towel from the side and wrapped it around himself. Picking up his phone, he started calling someone. “Go and kill Matthew for me!” He sounded vicious.

As soon as Stella heard this, she immediately got off the bed. She was wearing two pieces of clothing, and her skirt had been taken off, and now she was only wearing a petticoat which was very transparent, revealing all of her body under it.

Kneeling down in front of Miles at once, she cried out, “Miles, don’t do this!”

“Are you pleading for his life?” Miles asked through gritted teeth.

At the moment when the two people were intimate with each other, Stella had suddenly brought up another man, and this caused Miles’ to be unable to hold back any longer. This time, his anger toward Matthew had finally exploded, and it made him want to kill the latter.

“No, Miles, no. If you kill him, you’ll have to pay with your life. You know that, right? I’m pleading on your behalf. Please, don’t be angry. Don’t be angry, okay? That day, he left quite early, and we didn’t do anything. I was afraid you would overthink, so I didn’t tell you about it.” Stella felt guilty because she didn’t tell Miles the truth at first, so now she spoke in a pleading tone and was begging him.

Lowering his head, Miles slowly stroked Stella’s face and questioned hoarsely, “Who exactly are you kneeling down for?”


“Who are you pleading for?”


Miles looked at Stella, whose gaze was sincere as she looked up at him. Finally, Miles’ anger subsided, then he picked up the phone and said, “Cancel the mission!”

At that, Stella breathed a sigh of relief. If Miles committed murder, the court would sentence Miles to death, and he could not escape justice even if he had money and connections.

Stella suddenly felt quite guilty that because of her, the two good friends had turned against each other, but relationships were always unpredictable anyway. She could not have anticipated her deep love for Miles, nor Matthew’s liking for her. In fact, she felt that she had somehow committed the crime of cheating, and she felt so guilty about it that she thought if it legitimately happened, she would simply die with Miles.

Initially, the relationship between Matthew and Stella was not so strong, but as time went by, Matthew’s love had put more and more pressure on her because she often did not know how to get along with them both.

Now that Miles was not so angry anymore, he pulled off the bath towel from his body and got into bed. Stella then breathed a sigh of relief and also followed him to the bed. As Miles leaned on the bed, he was just about to light a cigarette when Stella said, “Don’t smoke, okay?”

Miles’ gaze slightly withdrew as he looked at Stella in his arms with a meaningful look and put the cigarette down.

“What happened that day—” Stella leaned on Miles’ chest, about to explain what happened between her and Matthew when Miles said impatiently, “Don’t explain. I don’t want to listen to any of it!”

Stella did not know that he had witnessed what happened that day, and he knew that the two did not stay together for the night. But now, he just felt that Matthew was an eyesore.

Stella stopped speaking before she simply shrank back and started playing with the bulge on Miles’ chest.

It made Miles uncomfortable, so he frowned and looked down at her, who looked back at him.

Eventually, Stella carefully withdrew into the quilt.

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