Love at the Next Stop Chapter 134

Chapter 134 I’ll Help You Win His Heart

Stella thought about making Miles some ravioli at noon when she was going back. As she figured that he still hadn’t eaten any homemade food ever since returning from the mansion in Hollowcrest City, she might as well bring him some. After cooking and packing everything up into two lunch boxes, she took a cab to Miles’ company.

Right when Miles was about to order for food delivery during lunchtime, Stella came in with the ravioli. Giving the ravioli a knowing look, he asked, “Does this have beef fillings?”

Stella was caught off by surprise. “How did you know?”

Right then, the corner of Miles’ lips went up. However, it didn’t look like a smile to Stella.

“It’s a guess!”

At the same time, Stella’s phone chimed. Upon checking her phone, she saw a WhatsApp message by Adele, which was a picture of Miles’ father’s will, stating that Miles’ child shall inherit 90 percent of the Grant Family’s assets. She knew that Adele was trying to taunt her for not being able to conceive by showing her this will. It seemed like it was a popular thing among rich people to set up their wills early.

However, the fact that Adele was trying to taunt Stella was starting to get to the latter. Still, the more anxious Stella got, the more it seemed like it was impossible to conceive. Stella felt like dying every time she was reminded about it. I’m just a woman who can’t conceive…

She was so lost in her thoughts that she didn’t notice Miles’ facial expression. Then, Miles got his employee to reheat the ravioli using the microwave while Stella sat on the couch in his office.

“So, you made him raviolis too?” Miles’ tone was cold.


“Why? Why can’t you just end things with him?”

“It’s not like that.” Stella was upset because Adele was just like a time bomb. She felt like she was about to cry. “He’s really a poor guy!”

“Him? What about me?”

It was only until then did Stella realize Miles’ emotions before she gave him a look and remarked, “Let’s eat.” Matthew had now become the upsetting topic between them; therefore, none of them mentioned his name anymore.

Not satisfied, Miles asked again while they were eating, “Are you in love with that wild man? Do you want me to help you win his heart?”

Stella was taken aback. Since when did Matthew become a wild man? Also, since when have I said that I’m after him? From the tone of Miles’ voice, it seemed like he was really jealous.

“Not in a million years,” Stella refuted anxiously. “The one I gave him was frozen, and the one I’m giving you is made by myself!” Her face flushed red as she defended herself nervously before lowering her head and continued eating.

At the same time, Miles didn’t expect her to show her love through something as detailed as frozen or handmade ravioli. Immediately, his heart felt warmth.

“You went to look for Matthew?” Stella asked again. By right, there was no way that Miles would look for Matthew because of the grudges between them.

“No. My men from the administrative department went to look for him due to business purposes, and they told me that he was eating ravioli with beef fillings. Hence, I figured that it was impossible that he made them himself. Still, I didn’t expect that it was really you to be the one who made them!” Miles’ words had a hidden meaning as he emphasized the words, ‘it was really you’.

Meanwhile, Stella was still feeling uneasy because of what Adele said. After work, she went home with an upset feeling as Miles sent her back. When they reached home, Stella turned around and hugged Miles before frowning and saying in a worried tone, “Miles, what if I can’t get pregnant? I’m so scared!”

Miles embraced her. “Who said that?”

“Adele did. She showed me your father’s will as it was as if she was taunting me for not being able to get pregnant. I don’t want to be an infertile woman. I really don’t.” Stella’s eyes got teary after that.

Miles took Stella’s phone and read the message before throwing it to the side. “My father and my assets are separated, so I’ll still have money even if he wanted to leave his to his grandchild. As for you, won’t you know if you’re infertile or not if you try it?” Then, Miles carried Stella up and headed upstairs. Miles kept getting attracted by Stella’s calm personality, and he couldn’t seem to get out of it.

After they made love, Stella rested in her bed, revealing her bare shoulders as she went through her phone’s notification and saw a voice message on WhatsApp by Matthew. Upon listening to the message, she realized that it was from Zachariah. ‘Stella, I’m going to Disneyland in a few days! Do you want to go with me?’

At the same time, Miles was reading a magazine as he sat next to her, half-naked. When he heard the voice message, she could hear loud flipping noises of the magazine, and she instinctively wanted to reject Zachariah’s request.

“Agree to it.” Miles spoke up.

“Huh?” Stella was confused. Weren’t the two of them in a tense situation?

“What do you mean?” she asked before tilting and propping her head on her hand.

“Ain’t this my time to play cupid?” Miles looked like he wasn’t bothered at all.

Immediately, Stella felt uneasy. “What are you talking about?”

“Didn’t I mention that I’ll help you two to get together?” Miles said as he placed his magazine down and took Stella’s phone before replying to Matthew. ‘I’ve agreed to let Stella go with you. When are you going? Send me the itinerary.’

Honestly, I really don’t understand Miles sometimes. She felt upset every time he got jealous, but when he finally let go of her, she felt uneasy. It was as if he didn’t care about her anymore.

A while later, Zachariah sent Stella the itinerary. To summarize the plan, they would take the bus to Murdough to get to Disneyland on that day itself. Since he was still a child, he wanted Stella to decide on where to visit.

Still, Miles had already prepared their activity list for them. Afraid that Zachariah might not be able to understand some words, he’d even reply using voice messages. As the messages went back and forth, Miles and Zachariah started chatting with each other instead.

While Zachariah was speaking, a voice rang out from a distance away. “What are you doing, Zack?”

Right then, Stella realized that Matthew probably didn’t know that Zachariah wanted her to go to Disneyland with him, and he had never intended to ask her along. She knew that Matthew wasn’t someone like this.

After the two of them finished conversing, Stella asked Miles, “Are you going?”


She immediately felt bad as there was something important that she didn’t ask and was afraid to ask Zachariah. Is Matthew going?

During the next day, Miles left after sending Stella to the bus station. Somehow, it seemed like he didn’t care about who Stella was meeting and what would happen after that. It was like he was really helping her to win Matthew’s heart. Is he really that nice?

Zachariah came with Matthew holding his hand. Then, Matthew explained that he had no choice but to come along since Audrey wasn’t here, and Miss Houston never went to Murdough and didn’t know anything about Disneyland. If Miss Houston had gone with them, it would be equivalent to Stella bringing two kids out.

After the three of them got on the bus, Stella sat together with Zachariah while Matthew sat alone. On their way there, Zachariah kept telling Stella about new things that he was curious about as children always had a different way of viewing the world. However, Stella couldn’t pay attention to what he was saying because her gaze met Matthew’s right when she looked up. This made her lower her head almost immediately.

During the entire journey, Stella avoided speaking to Matthew unless it was necessary. Even when they reached Disneyland, Stella only held Zachariah’s hand and walked around with him.

From a distance away, Miles and his secretary were tailing them in a car. However, he couldn’t see them after the three of them entered Disneyland. Touching his chin with his hand, Miles frowned slightly.

Then, the secretary at the driver’s seat quietly took a binocular and gave it to him. Upon seeing that, Miles asked, “What is this? What are you trying to imply?”

When Miles went to his company and told his secretary this morning that he wanted him to go Disneyland with him, his smart secretary already figured that Disneyland was a place that women and children would usually go, and it was impossible for Miles to want to go there with him, so he brought a binocular with him just in case.

Right then, Miles narrowed his eyes as he stared at the binoculars that his secretary was holding. “Am I that close-minded?”

Why would we be tailing them if you’re alright with it? Miles’ secretary thought to himself.

Still, since Miles didn’t want to use it, he kept it. A while later, Miles finally couldn’t sit still as he watched the two of them from afar and said to his secretary, “Give me the binoculars!” Therefore, his secretary obediently passed it to him.

On the other hand, Stella bought Zachariah and herself ice creams, but some of them accidentally spilled on her chest. Right when she was about to get a tissue from her bag to wipe it off, Matthew got to it first.

“You’re already an adult. Can’t you be more careful?” Matthew frowned at Stella’s soiled scarf.

Matthew’s figure was tall under the sun, and Stella couldn’t help but feel like she was encroaching on him as he cleaned the stain caused by the ice cream with a frown. Still, she didn’t dare to move, as she was afraid that it might seem like she was doing it on purpose.

On the other hand, Miles could spot the three of them from the place that he was standing near the entrance, and it looked like they were going to go on the Ferris wheel. Right then, Miles chuckled coldly. Wow, right on the chest? She’s really good at doing this, huh?

During the trip, Stella started to feel bad and regretted not texting Miles at all. She was terrified that he might start overthinking by now.

By the time the three of them got onto the bus back to Hollowcrest City, Miles had already gone back to Murdough. While they were on the bus, Stella sent Miles a message. ‘I’m on my way back.’

‘I won’t be home tonight. You should go back to your father’s house.’

Stella was taken aback as she could feel his rejection from his texts. Immediately, she felt upset because she had been worried about this for an entire day today, and he was the one who asked her to go but treated her like this now.

‘Are you serious? You’re the one who asked me to go, but now you’re giving me this attitude?!’ At the bus station, Matthew and Zachariah had already left, leaving Stella, who was pissed off, standing there while she texted Miles angrily.

‘Figure it out yourself!’ Miles only left her four words.

Hence, Stella had no choice but to return to Korbin’s place without knowing what she did wrong. She had already returned once during New Year’s Day, but she was returning again now, so Korbin could still sense something was wrong with Stella. After all, the father and daughter pair hardly ever spend time together.

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