Love at the Next Stop Chapter 135

Chapter 135 Are You Pregnant?

“Did Miles get angry at you?” Korbin asked.

“I don’t know.”

“He’s probably just upset that you’ve gotten out of a marriage before. Still, there’s nothing wrong with people like him with higher statuses to be picky about their women!”

However, Korbin didn’t know how hurtful his words were to his daughter.

Stella was already trying to figure out what Miles was trying to do, but now that Korbin said that, it forced her to see how things genuinely were, and she couldn’t help but feel annoyed.

Unresigned, she went back to Miles’ mansion again. The door’s unlocked. Didn’t he say that he went on a business trip?

When Miles, who was sitting on the couch, saw Stella coming back, he asked, “Why did you come back?”

Instead of saying anything, Stella went toward Miles and sat on his lap before she wrapped her arms around his neck and placed her face next to his. “You don’t want me anymore?”

Her soft voice immediately made Miles’ heart soften.

“No. It’s just that sometimes distance might cause us to sway away from each other.” Miles finally said what he was really thinking about.

While clinging onto his neck, Stella said, “There were also a few times when I wanted to break up with you, but I just couldn’t do it!”

Miles never expected Stella to tell him about these. “Oh? A few times? Why? Is it because I’m not good enough? Or, is it because I’m not nice to you?”

His hands caressed her back gently, making her feel slightly itchy.

“I’ve wanted to break up with you many times for different reasons; I don’t understand you, I can’t get into your heart, I felt like you’re very distant from me, and many other reasons,” Stella explained.

She knew what Miles meant by not being good enough, but she didn’t want to answer that, and he didn’t say anything for a long time.

“So you’ve reflected on yourself, and you came back to apologize?” Miles asked.

“I don’t know what I did wrong.” Stella leaned closer to him as the two of them swayed rhythmically.

Suddenly, Miles pushed Stella beneath him before pointing at her chest. “Why did you let random men touch this place?”

Initially, she looked surprised. Then she recalled how she was taken aback when Matthew cleaned her shirt for her, and it left a deep impression on her.

“How did you know that? Is that why you wanted me to go? To tail after me?”

“Can’t you see it as me worrying about you?” Miles retorted in a joking manner.

Right then, Stella felt like Miles wasn’t as sensitive toward what happened between her and Matthew, so she finally stopped worrying as he could still joke with her.

It was nearing the end of the year now, so Stella had been going home to help her father get more new year celebration items. If everything went well, she would have to spend the new year at her father’s place as she wasn’t married or engaged to Miles.

The other day, she went to the supermarket to get three barrels of peanut oil as well as some other new year gifts and sent them over to her father’s place before going to the factory because the factory would get busy at the end of the year. Recently, Stella hadn’t been to Murdough since her shop’s business was already stable, and there wasn’t any need for her to go over constantly.

She would be staying in Hollowcrest City a lot more in the future.

The other day, Korbin stopped Stella before leaving and looked like he had something to say. However, he kept hesitating and didn’t know how to say it when she asked him what was wrong.

They had never had a heart-to-heart talk since they weren’t close in the past, but now that they got closer, Korbin just didn’t know how to say it.

“Whatever. It’s nothing anyway. Just some old stories! Now that I think about it, I don’t think there’s any need to tell you about them!” However, Stella couldn’t help but feel curious when she saw her father’s guilty face.

On the way to the factory, she recalled the will that her mother gave her before she passed away. To be honest, there wasn’t much important stuff in it, so why wouldn’t her father give it to her in the past?

Still, Stella completely forgot about it soon as it was very busy at the factory.

Back at the Grant Residence, Miles received an invitation card from the European society.

It looked like a very formal meeting, and the invitation card looked high-class. The basic translated version of the card was ‘Youth Leadership Meeting’, and it would last for about a month.

“You won’t be celebrating New Year’s Day here?” Stella asked as she stared at the gold-plated invitation card.

She was disappointed. Although the two of them didn’t stay together, they could still see each other any time they wanted to since they both stayed in Hollowcrest City and Stella unquestionably wanted to see Miles during the first day after the new year to tell him that she loved him.

It wasn’t like she picked that day on purpose, but she just felt that the first day after the new year was different from other days.

“I’ll probably spend the new year alone, so this would be a good opportunity for me to hit the international market by gaining more connections. Then, I’ll get richer in the future,” Miles said as he placed his hand on Stella’s shoulder while she leaned into his embrace and checked her daily schedule to see that one of the items on the list was talking to Miles.

She felt really proud that this man next to her was a great leader of youth.

Although she felt slightly inferior right then, it didn’t affect her faith in their relationship.

“So, it’ll be February by the time you return?” Stella asked.


Reluctant to let him leave, Stella curled in closer to him.

“Can’t stand the idea of me leaving?” Miles turned around and stared at Stella before she nodded.

As Miles was leaving for his business trip soon, the pair started making love more often during the days and even at night.

Ever since Stella came clean about her worries of possibly not being able to conceive to Miles, she felt more at peace. Miles’ unbothered attitude also made her felt better.

Maybe it was the fact that she knew that she couldn’t conceive or the fact that she finally came to a realization that things like conceiving depended on fate, so she stopped trying to check if she was pregnant anymore.

Stella realized that pregnancy honestly depended on fate, and she wouldn’t get pregnant if it weren’t fated.

Although the doctor said that her body condition would make it hard for her to conceive, they didn’t rule out the possibility of her being able to conceive, so she still felt like there might be a chance of getting pregnant in the future.

Just like that, a month passed by in a blink of an eye.

The 25th day before New Year’s Day was a day that Stella would never forget because Miles had a scheduled flight to Switzerland at noon, and she wanted to visit him at his company to possibly send him off.

Stella still really liked wearing high heels, and she could walk really fast in them. With a smile on her face, she walked lively toward Miles’ office.

Right when she was about to knock on his door, Yulia’s voice rang out from the room.

Yulia obviously knew that Miles was leaving for Switzerland, so she wanted to make sure that Miles had doubts about Stella even when they were together before he left.

“President Grant, do you know about Stella’s history? Do you know why my uncle was so mean to her?” She was bombarding him with questions.

“I don’t know, and I don’t care,” Miles answered coldly.

Still, Yulia didn’t seem to care about Miles’ attitude. She didn’t feel like holding back anymore and wanted to tell him about everything that she knew today. As for how Miles might react, she couldn’t be bothered anymore.

“Stella is my aunt’s daughter. Back then, my aunt used to work at a lab, and it was usually already late at night by the time she was done with her work. One night, my uncle decided to fetch her after work, but since they didn’t have phones and it was hard to communicate, they decided to meet at a junction. However, she took the wrong route and ended up at a remote alley. Then, she ran into a man and he… President Grant, you’re a man, so I’m sure you know that—”

Yulia sounded as if she was gloating while Stella’s mind buzzed as she stood outside. Was Mom… rape?

Does that mean that I’m the child of a rapist?

Stella could already guess what happened next. Her father probably found her mother in disheveled clothes and started drinking, as he couldn’t handle the truth before spilling the truth to her uncle while he was drunk.

Has Yulia known this all along? Or has she only found out recently? Either way, I swear this is her ace card!

However, it seemed like Yulia miscalculated her moves, as Miles wasn’t affected at all. “Are you done? You can leave now!”

Right then, Stella quickly walked away from Miles’ office. As it was lunch hour and many people would take the elevator to go for lunch, Stella chose to take the stairs as she didn’t want anyone to see her in a mess.

She staggered forward with a pale face as her ears kept ringing. I’m the daughter of a rapist! I’m the daughter of a rapist! This was probably what her father wanted to tell her the other day when she bought him the peanut oil, but he didn’t know how to break it to her.

It was understandable why her father was so horrid toward her all these years. Just then, a pitiful smile appeared on Stella’s face as she took a turn and wanted to head downstairs. She was having a mental breakdown right then.

At the same time, Yulia smirked when she noticed Stella after heading out of Miles’ office. Ha! Although I couldn’t budge Miles, at least I triggered Stella. This is great too. I’m sure your self-esteem will one day be crushed into pieces!

As Stella staggered toward the staircase and headed downstairs, she couldn’t help but feel drained as she started sweating all over before she paused to rest for a while.

Right when she was about to get up, her mind started buzzing again. Not being able to focus, she accidentally slipped and fell off the stairs as she rolled a few steps off the stairs and knocked her head and stomach.

Fortunately, Lisa, who was used to taking the stairs after her meals so that she could slim down, ran into Stella and immediately helped her up anxiously.

At that moment, Stella’s mind was still throbbing in pain as she felt vague pain from her stomach while Lisa anxiously asked if she was alright. Assuring Lisa that she was fine, Stella asked her not to tell Miles that something so embarrassing like this happened or she might really become a joke before smiling bitterly.

Although Lisa felt like something was off, she didn’t comment on it when she saw Stella’s calm look and promised, “I know. I get it. I won’t tell President Grant about it!”

Stella felt very uncomfortable as she staggered downstairs and got into the elevator. Her head was swollen, and the lower part of her body ached. She felt like she really couldn’t walk anymore, so she took her phone and gave Audrey a call. Audrey and Stella had already become best friends after constantly texting each other. Since it was almost new years, Audrey had been in the country for a while as she didn’t receive any work that required her to go overseas. Therefore, she drove over without any hesitation after Stella told her about her situation.

As Audrey’s place was close to Miles’ company, Stella only waited at the entrance for about five minutes before Audrey reached, and she immediately got into her car.

When Audrey was about to start the gear, her gaze landed in Stella’s direction to see Stella’s legs separated as she propped her arm on the car window to support her forehead.

“S-Stella, are you pregnant?” Audrey asked.

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