Love at the Next Stop Chapter 136

Chapter 136 Someone Who Loves Him to the Moon and Back

“I’m not. Why?” Stella tilted her head and stared at Audrey as the latter’s gaze landed on the space between her legs.

Stella only noticed that the space between her legs was filled with blood when she followed Audrey’s gaze.

Dumbfounded, she didn’t know what to say right then. Am I honestly pregnant? Was it the fall that did this? I’ve been checking daily since last month, but I’m not pregnant, though? Still, I didn’t bother checking for this month.

“Audrey…” Stella stared blankly in front of her.

“I’m here.” Audrey’s voice was nothing but reassuring.

“C-Can you send me to the hospital?” Stella asked. She should be crying right now as she had been waiting for this child’s arrival for such a long time after all. However, she completely forgot about the potential of pregnancy, even when her stomach started hurting from her fall.

If I’m really pregnant, then the baby…

“Alright,” Audrey replied before she sped off to the hospital. “Does he know that you’re pregnant?”

Stella’s expression was blank during the entire journey. She should be crying right now, but she had completely lost her ability to do so, as she was in too much grief. After zoning out for a moment, she answered, “Miles? I don’t know. I don’t even know that I’m pregnant. It’s hard for me to conceive after all.” Audrey frowned.

After knowing that she was a rapist’s daughter, Stella’s mind kept buzzing, causing her to lose control of her emotions. However, her mind had completely gone numb after seeing the pool of blood between her legs.

Never in a thousand years would I expect myself to be pregnant.

“I’m so sorry for messing up your car. This stain is going to be hard to remove, huh?” she commented in a joking manner. Still, Audrey’s eyebrows were knitted together as she glanced at Stella. Has she gone insane? Why is she still worried about my car in this situation? Nevertheless, Audrey didn’t say anything.

When they reached the hospital, Audrey jogged over to Stella’s side of the car and helped her out of the car. Only at that point in time did Stella realize that her legs had given up and she couldn’t walk anymore. It wasn’t due to the pain, but she couldn’t describe what she was feeling anymore.

When Audrey helped Stella to the emergency room, the doctors immediately pulled the curtains and started checking Stella’s condition before reaching the conclusion that she just had a miscarriage.

Upon hearing the results, she started laughing like a fool. She’d actually started laughing while lying in bed.

Hahaha! Is God playing a prank on me?

Having miscarriages twice in a row within a year and still saying that it was hard for her to conceive was too much of a joke. Although the doctor injected Stella with anesthesia for the curettage operation, she still cried unconsciously.

When the anesthesia slowly wore off after the surgery, Stella could start to feel the pain and cold at the lower part of her body.

Although the doctor and Audrey were speaking outside of her ward, their voices still reached her ears. “The patient might not be able to get pregnant in the future considering her body condition along with the curettage surgery just now. I’d say that the chances of her being able to conceive in the future are capped at 2%.”

Right then, Stella looked up at the ceiling before her tears slowly fell off her face.

Immediately, Audrey went to grab Stella. “I just gave Matthew a call, but I haven’t contacted Miles yet because I’m not really close to him!”

“Do not tell him about it!” Stella exclaimed anxiously. “He should be on his way to Switzerland now for the Youth Leadership Meeting!”

Then, she wryly smiled when she realized that the gap between them had widened again.

Back then, Stella still had hope that she might get pregnant in the future when it was harder for her to conceive. However, the doctor had already decided on her death sentence after the curettage surgery!

She couldn’t conceive anymore.

Moreover, she just found out that she was a rapist’s daughter today.

Right at the moment, Stella’s phone that was next to her pillow chimed with a call from Miles. “I’m leaving now. Are you not coming to send me off?”

“Something’s going on at the factory, and I can’t leave right now. You’re coming back in a month, and we still have a lot of time to spend together with each other in the future anyway.”

“So, we won’t be seeing each other for the last time this year?” He sounded disappointed.

“We still have a lot of time to spend in our lifetime!”

Stella hung up. She didn’t want Miles to know that she had a miscarriage and wouldn’t be able to conceive anymore. Most importantly, she didn’t want this to affect him in any way as the Youth Leadership Meeting should be a high-spirited and motivating event.

At the same time, Matthew was here, and he was staring at her while standing at the entrance of her ward.

The previous awkward barrier that was between Stella and Matthew was completely gone now.

It was funny how relationships between human beings could change so easily. Stella didn’t know why but it seemed like that barrier between her and Matthew disappeared after losing something.

After Audrey briefly explained what happened to Stella to Matthew, he frowned as he stared at the pale woman lying in bed. A part of her hair was stuck to her forehead while an IV drip connected to her hand.

Then, Matthew and Audrey sat down together next to Stella’s bed.

Staring at Audrey and Matthew, Stella smiled before commenting, “The two of you are really nice people, so why did you guys get a divorce? I feel like you guys legitimately suit each other, though.”

Looking out of the window, Audrey started tearing up, but it was unknown whether she was crying for Stella or the ending between her and Matter.

“Don’t worry about us and rest well,” Matthew said to Stella.

His heart ached when he saw her like this.

During the night, Audrey stayed back to take care of Stella, and the two of them talked a lot about the past, which included Matthew, while Stella spoke about her history with Zane as well as Miles.

The way she spoke about her past experience was so calm it was as if she was narrating another person’s story. It was like she wasn’t herself anymore after the miscarriage.

Actually, Stella could opt to return home after finishing her IV drip, but she didn’t want to return to Korbin’s place or Miles’ place, so she kept dragging her time at the hospital.

The next day, Audrey went downstairs to buy Stella some food at noon.

When Matthew came over, he saw Stella, whose hair was messy, with her head against the glass window and drawing at something with her finger. From afar, he could see that she wrote Miles’ name over and over again with her finger, and he just stood there and watched her quietly.

He used to think that his feelings toward Stella were uncontrollable, but when he saw her just now, his feelings were held back. It was like something was forcing him not to take another step forward as his feelings for her turned platonic, and he really wanted to take care and protect her, but he didn’t want to get into a relationship with her anymore.

Matthew felt like Stella was a very pure person, and he couldn’t bear tainting her in any way. Moreover, he backed out because of her love for Miles.

Matthew didn’t know this change in emotions happened, but he could understand what Stella was thinking right then.

It seemed like it was impossible for her to continue being together with Miles in this lifetime.

When Audrey came back with food and was heading into Stella’s ward, she asked, “Why didn’t you enter when you’ve already arrived?”

Upon realizing that someone else had been watching her for a long time, Stella immediately stopped drawing and sadly smiled before she spoke up. “You’re back? I’m famished!”

Then, Stella started gobbling up her food after Audrey gave her her food. Although she knew that Audrey and Matthew were watching her, she acted as if she was alone before she said after a while, “I need help.”

“What is it?” both Audrey and Matthew asked simultaneously.

After that, Stella told them about what she wanted to do.

Even though Audrey felt like what Stella wanted to do was too cruel, she still agreed to it as she felt like it was the best thing that she could do for now.

However, Stella felt bad toward Matthew because she felt like she dragged him into her mess again.

“It’s fine. Miles’ misunderstanding toward me is too deep that he probably wants to murder me already!” Matthew chuckled bitterly.

Right then, Stella smiled wryly as tears threatened to fall again.After staying in the hospital for three days, Stella got discharged and went back to Korbin’s house as if nothing had happened.

This time, however, Stella swore to never wear high heels anymore. In fact, she didn’t want to see any high heels for the rest of her life.

Although the news of being a rapist’s daughter landed on her like a bomb, it was nothing compared to the miscarriage. Maybe God was really trying to test her mental bearing capability.

While Stella was cutting the meat, she accidentally injured her hand again. Today was New Year’s Eve, and she could already hear the sound of fireworks blasting at noon.

The corner of Stella’s lips turned up slightly when she recalled spending this time together with Miles last year.

Then, she sat alone in her room from noon till night time.

The fireworks outside went from being not visible to being as clear as the sky. Stella couldn’t help but wonder how Miles was doing in Switzerland as she stared at the beautiful fireworks from her window.

In the past, she had already felt like she couldn’t understand Miles, but right now, she had completely figured out how his mental processes work.

If Miles knew that she had a miscarriage and couldn’t conceive for the rest of her life, his hatred toward Yulia would increase, and he would do everything that he could to kill her, but he would never let go of her.

However, Stella didn’t want to cause Yulia’s death. Secondly, she couldn’t be selfish and destroy his future because of her own needs. A youth leader with a bright future should be accompanied by his wife along with his children, and his wife should at least have the same social footing as he did. Even if she couldn’t help him in terms of work, she wouldn’t hold him back like how Stella did.

What if Stella got married to Miles in the future, and Yulia exposed the news to the media? By then, her terrible past would surely affect Miles. Although Miles probably wouldn’t care about it, she couldn’t stand being so selfish.

Stella felt like being human meant learning to be considerate toward people that you loved.

If Stella hadn’t realized the gap between her and Miles, the word ‘youth leader’ really made her realize the distance between them as well as the pressure that came with the title.

Although being divorced and a rapist’s daughter wasn’t enough to make Stella leave Miles, the thought of being infertile for the rest of her life was the last straw to push Stella off the edge.

However, leaving Miles was not enough because he would surely make her go back to him, so she must get him to hate her.

It was the only way to destroy his hope so that the two of them wouldn’t owe each other anything and would forget about each other forever.

This was also the only way for him to be able to find another person who loved him to the moon and back.

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