Love at the Next Stop Chapter 141

Chapter 141 Because I’m Pregnant

Stella stopped in her tracks, thinking that Matthew’s question was unnecessary since he knew how she felt toward Miles. Nonetheless, the reason she broke up with Miles heartlessly was because she wanted what was best for him so that he could find his true love one day. Since I can’t control Miles’ life, this is the least I can do for him.

It wasn’t until Stella got upstairs that her emotional floodgates opened, and she broke into tears. Despite her overwhelming sadness, she quickly covered her mouth to suppress her shivering voice and trembled alone, refusing to let Matthew and Zachariah hear her cry from downstairs. Soon, she recalled the Chinese medicine that she had been taking lately. Something is wrong with the medicine. It doesn’t seem to work effectively as it used to.

Then, Stella carefully recalled the medicine that was given by the doctor. The medicine that the doctor gave me earlier was to treat my uterine condition, but I had a miscarriage not long after that, so it’s no wonder the medicine don’t work as well now. However, she knew that Dr. Thane would tell Janice her condition if she were to consult him, and Janice would tell Miles everything. Although Stella felt that she was perhaps not as important as she thought she was, she believed that that scenario could possibly happen. Hence, she decided not to approach the doctor for the time being.

Soon, Stella received an indictment. She was stunned by it when she read its content and learned that she had been sued by a company in Hollowcrest City for trademark infringement. Since her and the plaintiff’s factory were both in Hollowcrest City, both parties had agreed to settle their dispute at the Federal Court of Hollowcrest City.

Even after putting away the indictment, Stella was still unable to calm herself down from the shock, for she had never been involved in a litigation before. Ironically, the plaintiff was from the factory that she had just inspected not long ago. It was stated in the indictment that Stella had plagiarized their trademark logo after her last visit when they were manufacturing clothes of that brand, and she felt insulted by the accusation. Besides, she was exposed for posing as Miles’ secretary during her visit, which rendered her motive questionable and made her a suspect of plagiarism. Feeling wronged, she cried and helplessly confided in Matthew, hoping that he could help her get out of the tight spot with his experience in the fashion industry.

“The only way for you to get out of trouble is to ask for Miles’ help. Since you were caught posing as his secretary, all he has to do is to tell the judge that you were indeed his secretary, whom he sent to perform an inspection at the factory. If he is willing to do that, it should help prove your innocence,” Matthew said while casually sitting on the couch.

After a brief contemplation, Stella was worried that Miles wouldn’t agree to help her since that would constitute perjury. Furthermore, she was unwilling to have anything to do with Miles or impose anything on him, especially now that he was going on blind dates. “Nope, not going to happen!” Stella replied in a firm manner with determination written all over her face.

“You were caught red-handed for faking an identity. Getting Miles’ help is the only way out, or be prepared to accept the worst consequences!” Matthew responded in a calm manner.“So be it, then. If worse comes to worst, I’ll just get a new name for my brand!” Stella hugged her bolster as she sat on the couch. Meanwhile, Matthew only glimpsed at her, noticing her decisive determination. It looks like she has made up her mind.

The next day, Matthew arrived at Miles Conglomerate, where he showed up outside the president’s office. Upon seeing Matthew’s arrival, Miles appeared slightly taken aback while eyeing him with his cold gaze. How dare he come to my office!

“President Grant, I have a favor I’d like to ask of you.” Matthew sounded amiable and unusually polite. After all, he was in an awkward position, considering his strained relationship with Miles.

“To what do I owe the pleasure, President Xenon? I’m surprised that you have a favor to ask of me since you probably have everything you need in life, like marrying a beautiful wife.” Miles stood up behind his desk. “Are you here to gloat?” While he responded with a contemptuous smile, Matthew appeared to look awkward and embarrassed. A few moments of oppressive silence ensued until Miles made the first move and said, “State your purpose.”

Then, Matthew proceeded to tell Miles about Stella’s predicament and asked him to help her since he was the only one who could get Stella off the h**k. After hearing Matthew’s story, Miles responded with a smirk and asked, “What makes you think I’d agree to help?”

“Well, I’m just trying my luck here. It’d be a good thing if you agree to help, but if you don’t, I suppose there is nothing I can do!” Matthew uttered. “If worse comes to worst, Stella would have to change her brand name. I don’t know how well her company has always been doing in sales all the while, but I’m sure it’ll probably take a toll on her business.”

“Why didn’t she come and see me herself?” Miles picked up a cigarette from the table and lit it up.

Meanwhile, Matthew remained silent for a moment before he broke the silence and said, “She doesn’t want to see you, which is why I’m here instead. But this visit is solely my idea. She doesn’t know anything about it.”

Miles’ hand shivered as he smiled glacially. She doesn’t want to see me?! Why doesn’t she want to see me?! “Kneel!” Miles looked at Matthew as if the latter was his servant.

Stunned in confusion at first, Matthew quickly caught on to Miles’ intention. Does he want me to kneel before he’d agree to help Stella? At that moment, Matthew could somehow sympathize with Miles’ pain in losing his wife and child. Thus, he was willing to put his pride aside and go along with Miles but was soon held back by a thought. I’ve only ever kneeled down to my parents but never to my peers. The last time I kneeled was when my father passed away, and I had to do that out of formality. But now? Is there really no other choice to settle this matter?

“What’s wrong? Is that beneath you?” Miles squinted as he stared at Matthew while smoking.

Then, Matthew looked down and set his eyes on the ground before he sank to his knees in front of Miles. “Miles, Stella is struggling now. She’s gone through a lot ever since she started building her own brand. You may not see the sacrifice she’s made, but I’ve seen it first-hand. So please…” Matthew could barely finish his sentence with a lump in his throat while tears were rolling in his eyes. Would Miles sympathize with Stella if he knew the whole story?

Miles grunted in a cold manner although he was lamenting deep down. This man would really go so far as to abandon his pride and kneel down for her. Well, I guess this is why he managed to win Stella’s heart. What a great, love-struck gentleman! I don’t know whether I’d do that for her. “Alright, I’ll help her out! You may leave now!” Miles said to Matthew.

While Matthew rose to his feet and wiped off his tears before leaving, Miles only stood in front of the window and smoked in a preoccupied manner. Alas! It seems like Stella and I are growing further apart now. Soon, he hired the best lawyer to contact Stella, who turned down his help because she had already gotten her own solicitor. Nonetheless, she subsequently accepted Miles’ offer, as her solicitor couldn’t compare with the elite he had employed. After that, they only contacted each other through the lawyer without any direct interaction.

On the day of trial, both lawyers were fully prepared. Stella arrived at the court along with Miles as the witness. Ironically, the plaintiff was the factory manager who received Stella the last time. What a small world!

The debatable question in this trial was about Stella’s motive to plagiarize when she visited the factory. While the plaintiff aggressively argued and attacked the defendant’s questionable motive, Miles’ lawyer persuasively refuted every point with reasonable justification. In the meantime, Miles played his role well as a ‘key witness’ by proving that Stella was indeed his secretary.

At that moment, the factory manager realized that Miles was lying, as he had previously discovered that Miles’ secretary was a different person. Nevertheless, Miles seemed unconcerned even though his lie had been exposed, rendering the plaintiff speechless. In the end, the court had decided that the defendant should be acquitted due to the lack of evidence, allowing Stella to continue using her trademark logo. Relieved that she was finally able to sustain her business, she politely thanked Miles before both of them parted ways.

Meanwhile, Matthew was driving toward the Federal Court of Hollowcrest City, but because the place was situated around a busy area, it wasn’t easy for him to find a parking space. Thus, he was forced to park his car far away, while Stella waited at the court’s entrance. Ugh! My stomach hurts! Overwhelmed by the pain, she leaned against the wall and slowly crouched down.

At that time, Miles happened to walk past her. “Are you okay?” he asked.

“Yeah, I’m fine.”

“But your face looks pale.” Miles did not leave.

Times were different now. Miles thought to himself that he would just carry Stella if this had happened back then, but unfortunately, Stella was no longer his wife. Furthermore, her relationship with Matthew was different from that of hers with Zane. Although Zane would sacrifice everything for Stella, she was more of a perfect match with Matthew. I don’t think I like those two words, ‘perfect match’.

Upon a brief contemplation, Stella suddenly said, “I think it’s because I’m pregnant.”

After hearing her words, Miles clenched his jaw. What? She is pregnant? Wait a second—I’ve always known that she doesn’t get pregnant easily! This is… ironic!

While Miles continued to grit his teeth in dismay, Stella crouched down and pretended like she didn’t hear anything. However, Miles didn’t say a single word as he suppressed his anger and turned his attention elsewhere. Then, he tilted his head and said, “Don’t tell me you got pregnant with my child before you married him.”

Stella smiled bitterly and replied, “What are you talking about, President Grant? If I was pregnant with your child, I would have married you, wouldn’t I? I’d always wanted to have a kid back then, but I guess it no longer matters now. There’s no love between us anymore.”

Taken aback by her harsh revelation, Miles couldn’t help but find her every word jarring. At that moment, Matthew had finally arrived in his car, upon which Miles said, “He is here.” Then, he put his hands in his pockets and walked down the stairs, leaving Stella, who was curled up in agony, alone.

Wanting Miles to find his true love, Stella tried hard to keep her distance from him because this was the only way that could make him move on. At the thought of that, Stella could no longer fight back her tears as they trickled down her cheeks from their eyes.

Meanwhile, Matthew was watching from afar while Stella cried like a child, her tears dripping on the floor. Pained by the sight of that, he wished he could drag Miles back to Stella so that he could witness the suffering she was going through. Nonetheless, he quickly gave up the idea because he knew Stella wouldn’t want that to happen. Therefore, he walked closer to her and stretched out his hand before speaking with a hoarse voice. “Let’s go.”

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