Love at the Next Stop Chapter 143

Chapter 143 Enter Her World

“Stella is my wife, and a true man will not use his wife to bend anyone to his own will. You’re of course entitled to your opinion if you insist on thinking that I’m forcing your hand. I’m not going to waste time trying to change your mind. Instead, I’m going to ask you one last time—do you agree or not?” Matthew asked in a stern manner, even though he admitted deep down that he was indeed trying to make Miles submit. After all, if there was anyone who could change Miles’ mind in the world, Matthew reckoned it’d be none other than Stella.

“I want my people back by mid April!” Miles replied with a firm voice in a sulky manner, frustrated with himself for giving in to Matthew for Stella.

In the meantime, Matthew knew that Miles didn’t make way because of him or the 200 workers, but because of Stella. After all, Stella was now his wife, and he understood why Miles wanted to give him a hard time. When Matthew got home, he told Stella to go ahead and fully utilize the extra capacity he gave her until she completed all her orders to be sent to Murdough.

Then, Matthew accompanied Stella to Murdough when she went there to deliver her orders. After a long deliberation, Stella had decided to shift the center of her business away from men’s clothing since the niche area wasn’t her main focus. Besides that reason, her half-hearted dedication had also cost her business dearly, causing a steep fall in Amon’s sales.

Meanwhile, Stella bought the shoplot that was situated in a strategic location from Miles, and she wanted to seize the opportunity to make the most out of it. On the other hand, her business sales in women’s clothing and accessories were skyrocketing as a result of the hard work and effort dedicated by her and her management team.

When Matthew was driving Stella to the destination, he suggested that she should get her own ride. When Stella was with Miles back then, she didn’t accept the latter’s car as a gift. Thus, Matthew was certain that she would turn him down, as much as he’d like to buy her a new car. Well, if she wouldn’t accept Miles’ gift, she most likely wouldn’t accept mine either. In the meantime, Stella told Matthew that she would consider his suggestion because she was still haunted by her previous scary experience of being tailgated.

In fact, Matthew had come to Stella’s shop to revoke her dealership rights, while Stella had decided to sell her line of clothing and accessories in both of her shops in hopes that she could make her own brand known to the world one day. Besides, Matthew visited Stella’s shop for another reason, which was to take a look at the place. After all, he was a veteran in the fashion industry and believed that his experience could help Stella.

After a long day, Matthew received a call in the afternoon from Miles, asking where he was. At that moment, Matthew was in Stella’s shop, where he was busy packing and stocking the clothes with her. Stella was finishing the rest of the chores, so they were about to call it a day. It is rare for Miles to call me.

Before answering Miles’ question, Matthew shifted his gaze to Stella and told the caller that he was helping her with setting up her shop in Murdough since she couldn’t handle it alone.

Upon hearing Matthew’s answer, Miles paused and replied, “Oh, I’ve actually come to Murdough for an appointment as well, so perhaps I could bring this guest along and meet you both up for dinner tonight. It’ll be my treat.”

Then, Matthew covered the phone with his hand and asked for Stella’s opinion. Despite her unwillingness to meet Miles, Stella didn’t want him to sense her reluctance and think that she was scared. I’m already a married woman, so what’s there for me to be afraid of? At the thought of that, she agreed to Miles’ invitation.

After that, Stella and Matthew made their way to a hotel opposite her shop to take a shower before they set off for their rendezvous at night. When Stella was done with her shower, she let her hair dry off naturally without a hair dryer, believing that it was bad for her hair. Furthermore, she wanted to take the opportunity to enjoy the cooling breeze during the spring.

Upon arrival, Miles was seen sitting with a pretty lady, whom Stella had never seen before, as she didn’t think she was among the women who had ordered her custom-designed clothes. The lady was wearing a long black dress that accentuated her slim figure and attractive bosom, giving off an irresistible charm. Stella’s heart skipped a beat upon that sight. Miles has been actively looking for a love interest lately, so I guess this must be his new girlfriend.

As soon as Stella and Matthew sat down, Miles didn’t bother to look at Stella but instead went on to introduce the couple to his mysterious guest. “Please allow me to introduce my good friend, Matthew Xenon. And this…” Miles then pointed at Stella. “Is his wife, Stella Johansson. Guys, this is Jerelyn Houston from the Houston Group.”

Even though Miles hadn’t revealed much about him and Jerelyn, Stella could likely guess their relationship.

While Stella was praising Jerelyn for her decency deep down, the latter stood up and shook hands with her. At the same time, she stared at Stella’s hair and said with a smile, “It seems that your hair is still wet, Mrs. Xenon. Were you in a rush?”

“We were busy stocking in our shop before we headed to a hotel for a shower,” Matthew responded.

“I see!” Jerelyn sat down and complimented Stella. “You’re so lucky to have such a beautiful wife, President Xenon!”

Judging from Jerelyn’s reaction, Stella reckoned that she had no idea about her past relationship with Miles. It looks like Jerelyn is from Murdough, which could be why she hasn’t heard any of the rumors. Anyway, I guess some things are better left unknown.

A few moments later, Miles placed a plate of fish in front of Stella. “This is specially for you. It’s good for your pregnancy. Besides, I told the chef to omit the chicken essence with all of them, so don’t worry about the other dishes as well. ”

“Thank you, President Grant.” Matthew expressed his gratitude on Stella’s behalf before she could react. At the same time, he believed Stella must have lied to Miles at some point in the past, which had somehow led him into thinking she was pregnant.

Soon, Stella picked up her fork and knife before she took her first bite on the fish. Is this Turbot? Oh, my god! This flatfish is so fleshy and juicy, and it tastes like heaven! Although Stella had eaten Turbot before, she had completely lost herself in the delicious cuisine this time. What’s the secret here? They seem to make it better than any other restaurant I’ve tried out there. This is so tasty! Out of curiosity to find out the restaurant’s name, she looked up and saw the plaque that read—‘Ocean Grill’.

Why is it that Miles is able to find good restaurants with good cooking every time? He could even find a few different ramen restaurants that all have their unique taste. At the thought of that, Stella was reminded of the one particular ramen restaurant that was filled with memories between her and Miles.

In the meantime, Jerelyn was seen whispering in Miles’ ear, seemingly talking about their bed romance the night before. As Stella could vaguely hear her mentioning something about ‘last night’, the bashful expression on Jerelyn’s face confirmed her suspicion. While they apparently continued to flirt with each other, Miles thoughtfully placed some dish on her plate while having very little himself.

Although Stella was enjoying her meal with her head down, she could still glimpse at their lovey-dovey interaction from the corner of her eyes. It seems that they slept together last night. Did they do it in that apartment? It’s the only place that I think is spacious. Soon, she recalled those sweet intimate moments that she used to share with Miles until dawn, only to feel dismayed that someone else had taken her place now. Well, I must admit that Miles has always been good in bed. After all, he never ceased to impress and please me every time. Anyway, I’m glad that he could put our past behind him and move on.

While Miles and Jerelyn continued to act the way they did, Stella tried to keep her head down and act calm. Meanwhile, Matthew noticed her reaction and left the place with her as soon as they were done with their meal. At the same time, Miles stood at the restaurant’s exit, staring at the couple who were leaving, as he placed both of his hands in his pockets.

“See you, Miles,” Jerelyn said to the man. She then reached out for her keys and pressed the button on it before entering the car, which turned out to be the red Mercedes-Benz that Miles was initially going to give to Stella.

On the other hand, Stella’s residence in Murdough was hardly habitable since no one had stayed there for a long time. Therefore, Matthew decided that they should head back to Hollowcrest City later that night while thinking that Stella should be happy for Miles and his new girlfriend.

As they hit the road, Matthew’s car traveled on the highway like a silent jet flying across the sky. As the car raced down the road in the quiet night, Stella was beginning to enjoy the peace of mind that she was having at that moment without any unwanted attention. This feels so good! Meanwhile, Matthew continued to put his foot on the pedal, driving at 300km/h from Murdough to Hollowcrest City in the dark and quiet night.

When Matthew was driving, he preferred to be left alone because he didn’t want to be distracted. Thus, Stella only sat silently in the darkness as the car moved speedily on the highway. Soon, her mind began to be flooded by the memories she shared with Miles, such as those nights that she accompanied him on the highway back to Hollowcrest City, the critical moment that she accidentally stabbed Zane’s mother for him, the two children she had once carried for him, the happy and sad times she had gone through because of him, as well as their intimate moment they both shared while he shouted her name. Although she often had her eyes closed during those romantic moments, she was somehow able to picture the man’s affectionate look at those times, as if she was a bystander.

Nonetheless, Stella’s intense love for him strengthened her belief that they couldn’t be without a child. Even though she wished she could taste the joy of being a mother, she was aware of the challenges that parenting could present, such as the differences in opinions that would inevitably exist between her and her spouse. Furthermore, while a childless couple could enjoy all the attention and love from their soulmate without having to share it with their child, she knew that every spouse still had to deal with the struggles in life that would give rise to conflicts.

At the thought of that, Stella couldn’t help but feel heartbroken about the fact that the man who used to make love with her and enter her world was gone. From now on, there won’t be another Miles Grant in the world anymore, for he belongs to someone else now. He has… made love with that lady! Without herself knowing, tears soon rolled down Stella’s cheeks, then she tilted her seat backward to reach for her jacket in the backseat.

Facing the window, Stella caught a glimpse of Matthew’s reflection when he was driving. As the man was concentrating on the road, the peaceful ambience in the quiet night presented a perfect opportunity for them both to bond and grow closer to each other. Nonetheless, she soon recalled Audrey’s words when staring at Matthew’s reflection brushing the oncoming cars on the opposite side of the road. Find someone who loves you instead of the someone you love. As valid as the advice might sound, she simply couldn’t bring herself to start a relationship with Matthew.

By the time they arrived home, it was late at night, and Zachariah was already in bed. Thus, Stella went upstairs directly and wrapped herself in the blanket shortly before she went out like a light. She then saw Miles in her dream, in which he was smiling and hugging her. At the same time, she subconsciously recalled the dinner that she had with Miles earlier that night. Soon, a voice whispered to Stella, It’s all over. The two of you will never be together again.

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