Love at the Next Stop Chapter 147

Chapter 147 His Ears Burned and His Muscles Were Hard

Stella’s tears were brimming in her eyes, but in the end, the tears did not fall. She only said in a dull voice, “I’m sorry!”

Pulling away from Miles, she pushed the door and ran away. Meanwhile, Miles sat down on the sofa and continued to smoke as he looked out of the window as if in deep thought.

“Miles—” Jerelyn came out from the bedroom and called out to Miles in a delicate voice, but the man did not hear her.

After Stella returned to the factory, she began to design the suit for Miles. For it, Stella had given the price of 100,000, using the finest wool fabric and including cashmere and mulberry silk. Such materials were costly, not to mention Miles’ clothing had to be ultra-accurate. Before, Matthew once said that Miles’ clothes were bought from abroad, so it was a great honor for Matthew’s Amon when he visited it last time. Now that he had found Stella, it was a great honor for her too.

Stella smiled bitterly to herself as she knew she was here to earn his money. Moreover, it would be worn at his wedding, so naturally, it took Stella a lot of time and effort. During this time, she handed over all the orders from the Murdough factory to the designers under her while she concentrated on the suit herself. In fact, she cut and sewed it by herself, stitch by stitch, hoping not to make a mistake. But often, when sewing, she would get distracted.

‘Making wedding attire for someone else’ was usually for a woman, but she was making it for her former man. It seemed that his wedding with Jerelyn was decided relatively quickly, and when he was with Stella, he didn’t say a word about marriage.

One day, Stella was working in the studio until the middle of the night, and she got up only to find that there was no one else in the factory. It was rare to have such a time when there was no one in the factory, especially not when Stella was around. Moreover, the factory was only one-story high and not a high-rise building, so Stella had to go out of the yard to return to her residence. However, the light in the yard was very dim.

But she had no choice since nobody could help her and she had to go back alone. Walking out of the workshop door, she raised her head to see the starry sky of Hollowcrest City in the yard. At once, the night she had spent watching the stars with Miles came to mind. Standing rooted to the spot and looking up at the starry sky, she suddenly cried out loud. Anyway, there was no one else in the factory, so nobody could hear it as she let out all of her aggrieved feelings and pain in her heart.

Then, Stella returned to the workshop, picked up the man’s clothes, and slowly squatted down on the floor, continuing to cry. She cried for a long, long time until the sound of tapping on the gate was heard, and only then did she realize that she had lost her composure.

The voice outside the factory gate sounded like Audrey’s. Stella’s factory was small, and while there usually was a guard, he had taken leave today to go home, so Stella could only open the gate by herself.

Sure enough, it was Audrey who said that she had dinner with a customer this evening and came back late. She happened to pass by Stella’s factory and came to see, but she unexpectedly heard the sound of vague crying from inside. As she was very anxious, she knocked hard so that if there were any bad individuals around, they would not dare to do anything when they heard her vigorously rapping on the gate.

People felt particularly intimate when there were only two people in the dark. Moreover, this was at a time when Stella was extremely vulnerable. So, Stella said she was scared to be by herself in the factory, and Audrey responded by saying that she would not go back tonight and would stay here with Stella. Then, she drove her BMW into Stella’s factory.

Stella really couldn’t hold it in anymore, so when Audrey just got off, she leaned on Audrey’s shoulders and continued to cry, shaking all over. Regarding Stella’s matters, Audrey understood it and knew that the former was crying about that man.

Then, the two went into the house and slept in Stella’s bed. With her head lying on Audrey’s arm, Stella felt very sleepy and said a lot of words. Of course, those were all about the things that she had done with that man. As she mumbled away, her eyelids fluttered close.

“I feel like I’ve done something wrong.” While Audrey listened to Stella’s words, she suddenly said as if she had an epiphany.

“No, it’s my own choice.” Stella smiled bitterly.

“No, no, no, if I did not lead you so, perhaps you would not even think in this direction. If Zachariah did not call Matthew then, he might not have decided so quickly. Who knows? Perhaps everything is God’s will.”

Stella smiled bitterly again. God’s will? I suppose God doesn’t want me and Miles together, right?

“Since you are in such a depressed state, how about going abroad together someday? We’ll take Zachariah along,” Audrey proposed.

“Sure, where to?” Stella had worked for such a long time in the factory, plus today Miles had casually said that he was getting married. So, she really wanted to take a breather. Anyway, Miles did not say exactly when he needed his clothes, so she decided to leave them for the time being.

The next morning, Audrey signed up for a travel group and got ready to travel to Southeast Asia. She also told Matthew that she would bring Zachariah along. When Stella got up in the morning, her eyes were red and swollen. As she sent Audrey off from the factory, she came back to see a long-lost person standing there—Xavier Daniels.

The fact that Xavier suddenly came to her factory surprised Stella because to her, Xavier was simply a random stranger now. When Stella asked him why he was here, he seemed to have difficulty voicing his thoughts. “Stella, will you—”

After thinking about it, he really didn’t know how to continue, so he simply left before saying, “forget it.”

Stella was puzzled, but she also did not think much about it. After all, Xavier hadn’t contacted her for a long time, so she didn’t know why he was looking for her too. As the day of traveling abroad was fast approaching, Stella began to pack clothes, her passport, and so on, just waiting for the day to arrive so that she could go abroad to relax.

Recently, she hadn’t been in a good mood while in the country. Besides, she also decided that when Miles got married, she would also divorce Matthew. Anyway, they did not sign a marriage certificate and simply made a verbal vow.

Later, the two mothers took Zachariah out of the country, and the three traveled to several countries. Stella cheered up after they went to multiple places, and their travels were also posted on social media by Audrey. Coincidentally, her posts were seen by Miles, who often contacted her too. As for Stella, she rarely posted on social media because she had a low-key personality.

With the two adults sitting on both sides of Zachariah, the three people were smiling very cheerfully in the photo.

The biological mother and the stepmother are getting along so well now. Miles sat in his seat and thought in his heart.

According to his impression of Stella and Audrey, they were not very familiar with each other. Audrey even once posted nude photos of Matthew and Stella, so she should be Stella’s archenemy. Do relationships between women change this quickly, or did I overlook something?

Again, he opened that nude photo. Initially, he wanted to hand it to the technical department to check, but it concerned Stella’s privacy. So, he deliberately went to the technical department to learn how to identify the authenticity of a photo, as well as how to identify fake images using Photoshop.

At the same time, he also asked his secretary to arrange a job in Matthew’s factory—the customization of 500 pieces of construction uniforms for workers on construction sites. Although as a factory, orders must be received from other companies, Matthew’s factory was used to receiving high-end clothing orders, so it was a kind of humiliation for Matthew to receive an order for construction site work clothes.

But Matthew still agreed to think about it because he felt that he was guilty and did wrong by Miles. In fact, he would be fine with kneeling in front of him, let alone taking orders. But the deadline to deliver the order was too short with only three days to deliver all pieces, which was simply impossible! Miles’ secretary also knew that this order was impossible to complete and had already told Miles of her doubts about this matter.

“Can’t finish it? Well, that’s his business. He can just wait to pay for the breach of contract!”

So, the secretary had to go away.

Miles put the photo that Audrey had sent him before on the computer and compared it carefully using the software. Despite zooming in, he found that there was nothing wrong with it. Even if he zoomed in a thousand times, this photo had only one layer, so it could not be a photoshopped photo.

Giving up, Miles turned his head to the side with a frown.

Heh, well, I suppose Stella and Matthew’s hidden intentions had already revealed themselves some time ago. They had let themselves go earlier on in the northeast, and when I went to Switzerland, the two of them—

How could this photo be fake?

Taking out a cigarette from the drawer, Miles lit it and smoked it. He wanted to turn this photo off because it was too glaring. Now, the photo was zoomed in to its maximum on the computer, and it was so pixelated that one could not see what it was. He held the mouse in his hand, slowly zooming out, only to realize that the place where he had clicked just now was Stella’s nipple.

Slowly, the photo returned to her original appearance, which was charming and graceful, like a portrait. Suddenly, Miles found that his ears fell a little hot, and his muscles had gone hard, especially in a particular part of his body that was rock hard by now. He didn’t want to continue zooming out the photo because he was afraid that Matthew would appear in his field of vision and stimulate him again. Thus, he just stared blankly at Stella on the computer for a long time. Although he knew he was asking for trouble and making a fool of himself, he couldn’t help it.

Someone knocked on the office door, and his voice trembled as he said in a low and s**y voice, “Come in!”

Actually, Audrey had gone to great lengths to obtain this photo. She always knew that Miles was a clever one, but she was also quite wily herself. So, she had taken the photo and photoshop it such that there was no trace of difference and that it looked like the same bed. Also, she had checked it during the posing throughout and knew which areas could be problematic.

Unlike ordinary Photoshop, she had developed the photo, then taken another photo of the original photo and developed that one in the darkroom before giving it to Miles. So, no matter how Miles checked it, it only had one layer. Therefore, other than a professional, nobody would expect that Audrey had taken a photo of the original photo.

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