Love at the Next Stop Chapter 149

Chapter 149 His Heart Became Very Calm

Stella found a new dress to put on and fished her hair out of the dress she had just put on. Then, she went to the door, pulled it open, and said, “My husband is looking for me in the office. Just now, I’ve gone overboard in my actions, and now I sincerely apologize for my actions.”

“Have you returned all my things?” Miles sat on the sofa without moving, and only his gaze followed her.

Stella nodded.

“My woman is here, so when are you going to return her to me?” Miles suddenly asked. The previous teasing tone had disappeared, and in its place were traces of desolation and imploring.

Stella glanced outside and did not speak, then she ignored Miles and went straight to the office, where Matthew was waiting. She hoped that he had not seen this scene.

Later, Matthew told Stella about Miles’ request for him to make 500 pieces of work clothes in three days. Hearing that, Stella vaguely felt that Miles’ purpose was definitely not as simple as making clothes. But, what does he want? Isn’t he getting married? What does he want? Does he want me? But he has gotten in bed with another woman in front of me unapologetically. Stella honestly did not understand Miles’ thoughts.

“When will you sign the contract?” Behind them, Miles’ voice came. Regarding this contract, Stella refused to sign it because she felt that she could never have anything to do with him again in case she couldn’t get rid of him again. Besides, her intelligence was not as high as Miles’, so if he was going to set her up, she wouldn’t be able to see through it. But it was very obvious that today Stella’s brain had short-circuited, and her mind was not at all on the matter of signing the contract but on what had happened just now, which was her being seen naked again by Miles.

Although he had seen her body previously, it was different before.

As her gaze lifted and guiltily met Miles’ eyes, the latter caught her gaze, but he slowly turned away to look elsewhere.

Stella then said she would not take this contract, and if there were any issues, the two men should talk it out themselves while she still had things to do and would leave first. Then, she went back to her place, her mind in a mess.

Just when she entered the door, she saw that her clothes that were thrown all over the place had been neatly folded on the sofa, while the black bra and panties had also been folded and placed on the top of the pile. Just now, she left first, so it turned out that he was doing this in the room.

Stella could not imagine what kind of expression the arrogant President Grant had when he did this, just like she could not imagine what kind of state he was in when he sent her the message: ‘do you want to come back to me?’. In his heart, she was already cheating on him at that time. Immediately, Stella’s hand flew to her mouth as she began to sob again.

At this time, Matthew was talking to Miles about the terms and details of the contract, but the latter was suddenly frustrated and was obviously rather distracted. With a casual glance, he saw a red lady’s purse on Stella’s office desk, and he recognized it to be hers. He was sitting on the sofa opposite Stella’s desk, so his gaze was level with the purse. Previously, Stella had casually thrown her purse on the desk, so the things inside were somewhat misplaced. Therefore, from Miles’ position, he could see the half-exposed condom.

At that instant, his heart suddenly constricted in pain as he wondered why she would carry a condom around this casually and with whom she needed to use it!

Sitting in her room, Stella initially had an impulse to go to the office to pull Matthew out and not to let him sign the contract, but eventually, the impulse faded on seeing the pile of clothes neatly folded on the sofa. Deep down in Stella’s heart, she felt it was bad to have so much contact with Miles because she clearly saw his true intention. However, he already had a girlfriend, and their wedding was even scheduled to be held in the fall, so why was he still leading her on? He was not only leading her on, but he was also making her feel uneasy and on pins and needles.

In the end, Stella sat on the bed and sent a WhatsApp to Matthew: ‘Why do you have to take this order?’

Matthew was discussing with Miles in his office right now. Even though it was supposed to be a discussion, in fact, Miles was pressing him hard. Seeing Stella’s WhatsApp message, Matthew replied: ‘Because I feel in my heart that I did him wrong.’

Then, Stella texted: ‘Don’t take it. It’ll be harder to cut him off if we have too much contact.’

Thinking about it, Matthew agreed with her. So, he raised his head and said to Miles, “Sorry, Miles, just now Stella told me that we wouldn’t be taking this contract.”

“Just now?” Miles sat on the sofa and slowly lit a cigarette, his eyes narrowing.

Matthew raised his phone. “WhatsApp.”

A sinister smile grew on Miles’ lips. Even though Matthew had known him for many years, the former still felt shivers down his spine.

“She won’t allow it?” After a long time, Miles spoke.

“Yes, she won’t allow it, and I can’t manage it all by myself.” Matthew’s voice was apologetic.

Hah, now Matthew is becoming a henpecked husband. The two of them are playing a double act under my nose and are treating me as an outsider. Well, I guess I’ve never been hers either.

Then, Miles left. Stella stood in her room, and through the glass part of the door, she saw Miles leaving. She put her hands behind her back and straightened herself. Even if she couldn’t let him go, this was the end for her and Miles. As Miles’ car turned a corner at the entrance of the factory, it disappeared from her sight. Suddenly, Stella did not want to stay in the factory all day; it seemed that Miles just kept coming. Although he thought it was normal for a man to have three or four women at the same time, she was trying to make a clean break with him.

Two days later, Stella received a wedding invitation. To her surprise, it was from Lisa Sanchez. Lisa and Stella were good friends, but they kept each other at arm’s length and did not contact each other much. Although Stella knew that Lisa had a boyfriend some time ago, she did not know that her boyfriend was so rich because the wedding was going to be held in Mountain Villa. Lisa once said that Mountain Villa was her boyfriend’s home, and after the wedding, it would become her home too. So, her wedding was held in the garden.

‘You have to dress well. After all, it’s my wedding, and we’re good friends. Even though you cannot be my bridesmaid because you’re married, you’re still part of my bridal party, so you have to dress to the nines. Quick, see if you like what I prepared for you.’ Lisa sent Stella a message.

Then, Lisa sent Stella a picture of what was supposed to be Stella’s dress. It was a pretty dress, but as it was strapless, Stella’s shoulders would be completely exposed. Previously, Stella had only worn halter-type dresses, and she had never tried such strapless dresses.

“It’s very nice. Thank you.”

“Remember to wear some nice jewelry on that day too.”

Stella agreed.

It was a Saturday, and the sky was cloudless without a trace of wind. In fact, it was a particularly lovely spring day. Stella arrived early in the morning, wearing the dress prepared by Lisa. Her hair was put up at the back into a simple chignon, and she had inserted a vintage-style hairpin in her hair. Besides, she wore gilt earrings on her ears, a thin pearl necklace around her neck, and a jade bracelet on her wrist. This jade bracelet was left to her by her mother, and its translucent color showed that it was of very high quality. As it was inconvenient, she usually rarely wore it. However, since Lisa had ordered her to dress up, naturally, she had to obey and came to the wedding dress to the nines.

Since it was still early and the wedding ceremony started at noon, Stella went to the garden first. Audrey had also arrived, and because she was affiliated with the groom, she dressed in a particularly smart manner.

Later, Stella sat on a chaise longue, slowly rocking back and forth in a languid manner, while Audrey stood in front of her. The two were discussing trade matters at this moment as Stella felt that the current factory did not seem to make as much money as trading. Right now, she was of the opinion that she did not want to stay in the factory, and she wanted to open another foreign trade company instead. Hence, she asked Audrey’s opinion. Holding a glass of red wine, Audrey exclaimed, “You’ve asked the right person this time!”

Stella then lowered her head and smiled slightly. Miles was walking in with someone, and the person next to him was talking about the recent stock market situation. “If you don’t know which stock to buy, buy Miles Conglomerate’s stock!” Miles joked as he walked. The people next to him all laughed out loud as well.

Just after turning into the garden, he saw Stella lazily sitting on a lounge chair, the sunlight shining at the side of her face. Tilting her head, she looked up at Audrey, who seemed to be giving her advice. As the sun shone on her, the earrings on her ears swung back and forth and glittered with radiant light. This was the first time he saw her wearing this kind of strapless dress. She had good shoulders, which brought out the features of the dress perfectly, and her collarbone was very enticing to the eyes. However, at this time, because her position was sideways from where Miles stood, so he could only see her quietly smiling look. All the people walking back and forth had suddenly become mere decorations when compared to her. Her movements were slow and graceful, as if everything in her life was peaceful and happy, while her earrings swung gently. Suddenly, Miles’ heart became very calm, like the blue sky above him.

“President Grant, President Grant—” The person next to him seemed to be saying something to him. But Miles did not return to his senses and just casually responded with a ‘hm’.

At this moment, Stella did not see Miles, as she did not expect that the big boss would come to Lisa’s wedding either. Then, she and Audrey entered the hall together. As the couple stood on the platform, about to start the ceremony, Stella and Audrey stood together to the side while Audrey joined in the cheering. Since Stella was not used to doing such an extroverted thing, she simply applauded while looking at Audrey sideways and then smiled a little. She felt that Audrey lived her life in quite a candid way, and she was very envious of her.

In a black shirt, Miles sat in the back among a group of people, looking at her applauding up ahead. Once, he also wanted to give her a fairytale wedding.

After the wedding ceremony, everyone was free to move around. Then, Lisa met Stella at the back and couldn’t help but ask about her matters. She wanted to know why Stella suddenly broke up with President Grant after her fall and married President Xenon. Also, she wanted to know if there was something she didn’t do right.

Lisa also perceived the seriousness of the problem, but it was exactly because it was serious that she did not dare to bring it up in front of Miles. She was afraid to cause issues to Stella, but she also had been on edge about it. Yet, she hadn’t seen Stella for some time and only wanted to ask her about this in person.

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