Love at the Next Stop Chapter 150

Chapter 150 The Sea Itself Parts Our Love

Stella said it was fine and asked Lisa not to tell Miles about her falling down the stairs last time. Lisa didn’t understand why, but since Stella had asked her to keep things confidential, she definitely would not betray her. As they hadn’t finished talking, they walked while continuing to chat and eventually came to an arch at the entrance of the garden.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, Stella collided with someone next to her by accident, and her jade bracelet hit that person’s watch and fell to the ground with a clang. Looking at the bracelet on the ground, Stella then raised her head to stare at the culprit, only to see Miles’ gaze fixed on her jade bracelet.

Seeing Stella’s bracelet shattered into pieces, he looked up again to look at her. At first, Stella was a little angry and sad, as this was after all the last thing her mother gave her. But when she saw Miles, the thought of arguing about it disappeared because it was Lisa’s wedding after all. Besides, he was the person she made up her mind to stay away from.

“I will compensate for it!” Miles looked at the bracelet that had broken into three pieces on the ground.

“No need.” It seemed that no matter what Stella did, she could not make a clean break with him. Stella did not bump into him on purpose, and Miles was surrounded by a group of people, so it was obvious that he also did not mean to break her bracelet.

“I—will—compensate!” Miles reiterated with a determined tone. Stella did not continue to dwell on this issue and left with Audrey, leaving behind Miles and a group of male guests. Then, the man picked up the broken bracelet that had broken into three pieces.

After Miles returned to the company, he ordered his secretary to check the relationship between Stella and Audrey because it seemed that the two women really had a good relationship and did not seem like enemies. Soon, the secretary replied that Stella and Audrey indeed had a good relationship. It wasn’t clear how they met, but she heard that one night Audrey went to the factory to accompany Stella for the night, and they appeared to be best friends. Besides, Audrey had always been very supportive of Stella and Matthew being together.

Lighting a cigarette, Miles realized that Audrey sent him the nude photo in order to break Stella and himself up so that Matthew could be with Stella. Therefore, Stella should be in the loop about this matter. Upon putting the pieces together, Miles couldn’t help but snort.

The next time Miles took the initiative to ask Stella out was at Stella’s store in Murdough. This time she came to cancel the rent for the house in Murdough and also check on the store. It so happened that Miles was also at the Murdough branch.

Previously, Stella had the idea of making foreign trade because Miles might keep on bugging her when she was present in her own factory. She never had a place to hide from the man, which was why she wished to fly to different places and travel around the globe. Perhaps once she had seen much of the world, that person would gradually fade away from her mind. So, this time she came to Murdough to discuss with Audrey the address of the foreign trade company in Murdough, while the other location would be in San Jover City.

Miles sent her a WhatsApp, saying that he was in Wilson Bay and had something to talk to her about. However, Stella’s first reaction was to refuse.

‘Are you so afraid of me? You still don’t know what’s going on, so why don’t you come?’ The word ‘afraid’ made Stella feel guilty at once; she admitted that she was afraid to see him. But she finally agreed since they were not meeting in his house, so what was she afraid of? What happened the last time when he touched her would probably not happen again.

Thus, she took a cab to Wilson Bay, and after walking for a while, did she see Miles with his arms against the railing, bending over and smoking while looking out at the Gelb River. At this moment, the sound of the ship’s horn sounded, and although Stella was staring at Miles in a daze, she was not startled by the sound.

When she was still a child watching TV, her impression of Murdough was all about the sound of the ship’s horn. At that time, to her, Murdough was a distant land that she could not reach, and she would not hear this sound in her life. She never thought that one day, she would be so close to the sound of the ship.

In fact, she was entangled with him in Murdough, especially about the shop of his branch company. Even the memories of the ramen they had eaten together in Murdough came flooding back. Today, Murdough was very gloomy; there was no sun, but the sky was very blue. Under the blue sky, he stood there smoking in a gray shirt with his back turned. He had not yet seen Stella, and all the things in the background behind him were hidden with him only left in the world. For some reason, Stella felt that this back looked particularly desolate, and she thought that he should have his own children in this life.

After that, Stella slightly hung her head, and before she could speak, the man, as if connected to her telepathically, turned back and saw her already standing there.

“You’re here?” he asked leisurely. His tone was not hurried, and although the tone of his voice was raised, it was not casual.

Nodding, Stella walked to his side.

“I thought you wouldn’t come!” he said with a smile, while Stella did not say anything.

“I didn’t break your bracelet on purpose.”

“I know.” Stella understood what he meant. If he had deliberately broken her bracelet, he would have a few more excuses for contacting her.

“Did you have Audrey send that photo of you and Matthew together to me?” Miles asked. Startled, Stella did not know what Miles saw, but when she thought about it, she realized that he must have noticed her relationship with Audrey. Therefore, she explained, “I’m afraid that you won’t break up with me. So, I let Audrey make the killer move. The relationship between Matthew and I is the slow kind that prioritizes an emotional connection, unlike you and me. We don’t just go under the sheets all the time; instead, he’s the kind who tries to earn my trust by slowly reaching out to my heart. Either way, I’m sorry about that!”

When saying the word ‘sorry’, Stella lowered her head.

Heh! She makes him out to be such a great guy! Miles thought to himself.

“Am I the kind of person who doesn’t know how to let go?” Miles asked. Stella did not answer because she did not know, but from his recent actions, it seemed to be so. But then again, it seemed that he did let go, for he already had a girlfriend, and every time he provoked Stella in a casual way, it made her feel as if he had another purpose, such as revenge.

“This is for you!” He took something out and gave it to Stella.

“What?” Stella was surprised to see the exquisite box in Miles’ hand. After Miles handed it to her, she opened it, and the content turned out to be a stunning and delicate jade bracelet. Although Stella did not know much about jade, she could see that this piece of jade was clear and transparent by looking at it alone. Moreover, the green core inside was very beautiful and seemed to be way better than Stella’s previous bracelet.

“No need!” Stella knew he was compensating for her own bracelet since he had said so that day.

“If you don’t want it, then just throw it into the Gelb River!” With these words, Miles left immediately. Looking at this bracelet, Stella did not know the exact price, but it was certainly expensive with a worth of around 100,000.

Later, Stella went to San Jover City. The sky in San Jover City was much bluer, and after Stella checked out the company site, she had some free time and so went to ‘Paradise’ in San Jover City, which was by the sea. Stella had a special feeling for the word ‘Paradise’, as if time and love had come a long way and everything had reached a final state.

The relationship she had had come a long way, and it had reached a final state.

It was spring now, but it was not the holidays and so not quite the peak season for tourism yet. Therefore, there were not many people around. Lying on the beach, Stella took a picture of the sea and then took a picture of the sign ‘Paradise’. She seldom posted on her social media and was usually always on ‘stealth mode’. But today, she had the impulse to post this to her social media.

San Jover City and Hollowcrest City, as well as San Jover City and Murdough, were separated by a distant sea. Stella was not a very scholarly person. However, there had been a line floating in her head: ‘the sea itself parts our love’. Only she understood well that not only the sea itself parted the love between her and Miles, but also ignorance and all kinds of pits that they could never overcome in this lifetime.

Thinking of this, Stella sobbed.

She took out the jade bracelet that Miles gave her and buried it under a tree on the beach in San Jover City. Burying it deep, she hoped that no one would see her feelings for this tragic relationship and that they would never be known. She had buried this relationship with her own hands!

It so happened that Miles just finished a meeting when he saw this post by Stella. Then, he silently recited the words ‘the sea itself parts our love’.

The sea itself parts our love!

A dull pain spread throughout his heart, and it hurt so much for a long time that it could not seem to be erased! But after the feelings in Stella’s heart subsided, she suddenly felt that her post was quite childish, so she proceeded to delete it.

When Stella went back to Hollowcrest City, it was already ten days later, and Matthew had something serious to discuss with her. In Matthew’s hometown, there was an unmarried girl who came to the city to work, but then she got pregnant and caused quite an uproar in her family. The girl gave birth to a daughter, so the child was sent to the orphanage. When this matter came to be known by Matthew’s mother, she asked Matthew to adopt this little girl because she knew that he had always wanted to adopt a little girl.

Today, Stella sat on the sofa at home in a serious discussion with Matthew. “Then just adopt her. Why discuss it with me?” Stella felt that this matter had nothing to do with her in the first place.

“Stella, you may not know this, but our country has laws and requirements on the adopter. The adopter needs to be legally married, and if the adopter is an unmarried man, he needs to be a number of years older than the female adoptee. I am not old enough, and we both do not have a marriage certificate now! So, I simply do not have the right conditions for adopting the child. Well, I’m not asking you to get legally married to me, but I’m just thinking that you can adopt this child in your own name.”

Matthew had studied the adoption law for a long time and finally came to a conclusion—he, as a divorced man, was not eligible to adopt this child.

Stella did not answer Matthew’s question for the time being because she needed to think about it.

Having always determined that there would be no children in her life, she never thought that one day a child would appear out of thin air. Unlike others, she now held an envious thought about motherhood—that she could only look from afar and never experience it.

A little girl. Should I?

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