Love You Enough to Leave You Chapter 221

Love You Enough to Leave You Chapter 221 Busy

On the other side, Oscar was truly wronged even though he hadn’t shown up in three days. After he left the neighborhood that Tiffany was living in, he received a call while driving. As it turned out, someone had leaked vital information from one of the company’s projects. That particular project was worth millions, and Clinton Corporations would suffer greatly if their competitors took advantage of it. The company’s share price would surely fall drastically.

Upon learning that, Oscar hurried over to the company and asked for an emergency meeting. That conference lasted for five hours. He never got to eat before he had to lead his secretary, his assistant, and the rest of the group to Pillere.

Oscar could’ve called Amelia before he got on the plane, but he figured that she was still angry. She probably won’t pick up. That thought prevented him from calling.

After being stuck on the plane for a few hours, Oscar and his men got out of the airport and into a private car immediately. They made a beeline to the company that was collaborating with Clinton Corporations.

Oscar met with a bunch of executives as soon as he set foot inside the building. That meeting lasted for a few hours, and it was already one in the morning when Oscar finally had the chance to rest.

His secretary bought some food and heated it up before handing it to Oscar. She said, “Mr. Clinton, you haven’t eaten all day. Here, have some food.”

Oscar accepted the food and asked, “What time is it?”

“It’s almost one in the morning, Mr. Clinton.”

Oscar looked out the window and enjoyed the view in Pillere. He murmured, “The view in Pillere is beautiful at night. Can you see it, Amelia? If you’d like, we can come here on vacation someday. What do you say?”

Unfortunately, Amelia wasn’t beside him, so no one answered his question.

The secretary seemed worried when she stared at Oscar. “Mr. Clinton, is there something on your mind?”

Oscar held the box of food and stared out the window without saying a word. His secretary thought that he would not answer and was about to leave him to his thoughts when he voiced up.

“Linda, what do you think about Amelia?”

Linda was momentarily taken aback. It took her some time to realize that Oscar was talking about his wife. That was the first time Oscar ever mentioned Amelia, so Linda was surprised.

“Mr. Clinton, I don’t really know much about your wife, so I can’t really say anything. But since you’ve asked, I’ll just share my limited thoughts and opinion. From the outside, Mrs. Clinton is definitely a beautiful woman. She is s**y, exudes an exquisite aura, and is downright stunning. Naturally, that is just my first impression of Mrs. Clinton. We interacted a few times after that, and I can tell that Mrs. Clinton’s beauty wasn’t just superficial. She is very nice and smart. She also knows to never go overboard when dealing with matters. In conclusion, the two of you are good together.”

Oscar couldn’t help grinning a little. He then asked, “Who one is better—Amelia or Cassie?”

Linda felt like she was cornered. She had been working with Oscar for years and had witnessed with her own eyes everything that happened between Oscar and Cassie. She knew too much, and that was why she understood that there were some things that she couldn’t say aloud.

Linda hesitated.

It seemed that Oscar had seen through that, so he granted her the permission to be honest.

“Linda, let’s pretend we’re just old friends and are chatting. You have been working for me for years, and in a way, you are my close friend. You are an excellent partner at work and a friend whom I can talk to.”

Linda sighed a breath of relief.

She licked her lip a little before she answered, “Mr. Clinton, I’ll just give a quick and simple evaluation. Please don’t take it to heart if I said anything wrong. Ms. Yard is from a rich family, so her aura is something that most women couldn’t compete against. However, I don’t think that she is the right match for you. This is just how I feel, though. She is too artistic, and her ideas are too wild. Perhaps she is different when she is with you, but I feel like she is too proud when she interacts with anyone who is not of her social status. She definitely behaves poorly and mocks those who are from a lower social class. Her views and ideas are different from yours, so I actually predicted that the two of you would not end up together.”

After saying her piece, Linda became scared, so she added, “I am just bullsh*tting, though, so please don’t take my words to heart, Mr. Clinton.”

Oscar simply waved and instructed, “You may leave. Have them postpone the meeting by an hour.”


Linda nodded before she walked away in her high heels.

Oscar turned to the window again. It was almost dawn, so the entire city seemed especially quiet. Colorful neon lights illuminated Pillere and gave it a wonderful shade.

Unfortunately, the beautiful neon lights had always had a way of making one feel lonely.

Oscar got his phone out of his pocket and entered the passcode before he tapped into the photo album. He couldn’t help smiling as he stared at Amelia’s photo.

He chuckled and muttered, “You’ve won, woman. I am hopelessly and irrevocably in love with a woman named Amelia Winters. There was a time when you worried that I don’t love you, but now I have learned who my heart truly loved. When you got into that car accident and had to go for surgery, I swore that I will never let you go in this lifetime. I didn’t deal with Stephanie’s matter in the right way, and that broke your heart, so I’ll give you a few days to calm down. When I get back, I will go to you and take you home. I promise.”

Oscar only shoved a few mouthfuls of the food Linda gave him. It was exquisite and warm, so it didn’t taste bad, but Oscar didn’t have the appetite to eat it.

After his meal, Oscar took a quick nap on the sofa before he went for another meeting.

The graveness of the project information leak was worse than Oscar anticipated. They had endless meetings to discuss how to solve the matter with little time to sleep and eat. Whenever Oscar was free, he would call Olivia.

Oscar didn’t beat around the bush after the call got through. “Mom, have you gone to see how Amelia is doing?”

To his surprise, his dad was the one who picked up. Owen informed, “Oscar, your mom’s illness acted up again, and she is in the hospital now. She didn’t want to worry Amelia, so she didn’t tell Amelia about it. It’s been days since we visited Amelia as well. How are things on your end?”

Oscar frowned and shared everything honestly, “It’s not looking good, but I can handle it. What happened to mom? Isn’t she fine all this while?”

“Maybe Stephanie’s issue stressed her out too much. Olivia also felt guilty about how Amelia took the baby away, so she fell ill. You know how your mom is. She always seems so graceful and generous, but we all know that she tends to overthink things. The slightest mishap would get her to worry endlessly. Her heart has always been weak, so I have been spoiling her over the past few decades. Who would’ve thought that Stephanie would end up behaving so badly and stress Olivia out that much?”

“Is it serious?”

“She’s fine, but she needs a few days to recuperate.”

Oscar was still worried, so he offered, “James is in the country. How about I call him up and ask him to examine mom?”

“There’s no need for that. Robert treated your mom in person, and he said that her condition was caused by depression. All she needs is some rest and to stop overthinking. She will recover soon. Focus on your job. If it’s really that troublesome, I can send someone over to help you out.”

“I can handle everything here, dad. Don’t worry. All you need to do is look after mom,” promised Oscar before he nagged a little. He was about to hang up when Owen said, “I will take your mom over to visit Amelia and Tony once she feels better.”

“Thanks, dad.”

Oscar wanted to call Amelia after he hung up, but he thought of something, so he didn’t do so. Instead, he called Kurt.

“Boss,” greeted Kurt.

“Is Amelia okay?”

“Yes, she is fine, and so is the baby. I’m holding the little guy now, actually,” reported Kurt in a serious tone. It was as if he was the news anchor, reporting on the weather forecast.

Oscar frowned and asked, “Are you with Amelia now?”

“Yes, I am living in Tiffany’s place, and my primary job is to keep ma’am safe. Babysitting is my side job. In a way, I am a male nanny now.”

Oscar couldn’t help twitching his lips a little. He couldn’t even imagine what Kurt looked like as a nanny. A renowned bodyguard who is notorious for his kill count… That guy has turned into a nanny. D*mn, I can’t even imagine it.

“Where is Amelia?”

“She is doing some light exercise outdoor with Tiffany.”

Oscar hesitated for a moment before he asked, “Did she mention me over the past few days?”

Surprisingly, Kurt hesitated.

Oscar thought that the line might’ve been cut when he didn’t hear anything from Kurt.

“Kurt, are you still there?”

“Yes, boss,” answered Kurt. He carefully considered his words before he replied, “Ma’am had been playing with the baby and doing her recovery exercises these few days. Other than that, she had been sleeping and eating, so she didn’t really have the time to talk about you.”

Hearing that response got Oscar’s expression to turn gloomy instantly. He had been busy with work and went to countless meetings daily, so he was tempted to fall asleep as soon as his head hit the pillow. Unfortunately, all he could think about was Amelia. That heartless woman remains cruel. All she does is eat, sleep, and play with our son. She didn’t even miss me a little. Ugh!

“Is there something else you’d like to ask, boss?”

“No. Take care of Amelia and remember that she is mine. Don’t get any funny ideas. You know how it’s like to cross me.”


Oscar massaged his bloating head a little after he hung up. It had been three days since he last had a good night’s sleep. He had less than three hours to sleep every night, and his meetings lasted over ten hours during the day. That drained him physically and mentally, but his heart and mind remained alert. He kept thinking about a certain someone, even when he was lying on the bed.

Someone knocked on the door to the office from the other side, so Oscar adjusted his expression before ordering, “Come in.”

Linda entered with a bunch of documents and placed them in front of Oscar before she reported, “Mr. Clinton, these are the files you requested. After struggling for the past few days, our efforts finally bore fruit. The company’s share prices are rising slowly but surely. It shouldn’t be long before we make up for the loss incurred due to the information leakage.”

Oscar scanned the summary of the accounts before he instructed, “Book a flight ticket for me once everything is settled. You and the others are to stay and deal with the matter before returning.”


At first, Oscar estimated that he could solve everything in five days, but things were way trickier than he anticipated. Linda reported that the share price was slowly rising back, but on the very next day, they learned that some malicious people had taken advantage of the leakage. Those people spread countless rumors and got the share prices to fall once more. That forced Oscar and the other executives to conduct emergency meetings again. They became busy bees, and in the end, it took Oscar two weeks before he could leave Pillere with his team.

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