Love You Enough to Leave You Chapter 226

Love You Enough to Leave You Chapter 226 Never Mess With The Clintons

The Clintons had a great time enjoying their meal at Tiffany’s place. After they finished their meal, Tiffany showed them the way to the living room.

Tony, who was in between Olivia’s arms, behaved himself instead of wailing for no apparent reason.

Tiffany held Amelia in her arms and whispered, “Take good care of yourself and get in touch with me if anyone tries to pick on you!”

Amelia responded with a nod and expressed her gratitude in a sincere manner, “Thank you so much for taking care of me all this while!”

Her friend patted her on her back and asserted, “You need to stop it! It’s just something trivial!”

Seconds after she wrapped up their conversation, Amelia joined Oscar in the car at the rear passenger seat since Owen was the one driving them home.

Once they made their way out of the neighborhood, Olivia received a call and picked it up almost instantly. She gasped out her reply when she heard the person on the other end, “Come again? What’s wrong with Stephanie? Where is she?”

Immediately after she figured out the things going on, she hung up the call and urged, “One of the bodyguards I sent to keep an eye on Stephanie told me she had offended some sort of thugs! They’re currently surrounded by about twenty men at Mark Avenue! I’m afraid they can’t defend themselves! Hurry up and make our way there!”

Owen immediately accelerated the car. Meanwhile, Amelia’s mind was all over the place when she heard it. She thought it was about time for Stephanie to learn her lesson the hard way. Stephanie had never stopped picking on her ever since she got married to Oscar five years ago. Amelia could easily dismiss those since Stephanie was Oscar’s sister. However, she couldn’t take it anymore when Stephanie tried to murder Tony.

Unfortunately, Amelia was just another replaceable member of the family as compared to Stephanie who was an intermediate member of the Clintons. Olivia would never leave her daughter alone when her life was at stake.

When Amelia felt Oscar grasping her hand, she felt a sense of relief and finally regained her composure when she noticed his assuring smile.

On the other hand, Olivia, who had finally returned to her senses, recalled the sort of grudges Amelia and Stephanie held against one another.

She turned around and looked at her daughter-in-law with a diffident look. After much hesitation, she muttered, “Amelia, I didn’t mean to hurt you, but I can’t possibly leave my only daughter alone when she needs me.”

Amelia did a great job keeping her emotions to herself. She answered with a smile, “It’s fine, Mom.”

Olivia continued staring at Amelia with her face scrunched up. “Amelia, I know it doesn’t feel great, but-”

Her daughter-in-law interrupted her and asserted with a smile, “Mom, I’m fine. I’m not trying to blame you. You need to stop bringing it up. Otherwise, I’m going to feel guilty as well.”

Olivia took another peek at Amelia before glancing at Tony in between her arms. She suggested, “Why don’t you go return home with Oscar and Tony ahead of us? We’ll head over and check on Stephanie’s condition.”

Shaking her head, Amelia reassured, “We can’t afford to leave you and Dad alone. Why don’t you guys return home ahead of us instead? Oscar and I will head over to check on Stephanie.”

When Oscar caught Olivia looking at him in the eyes, he responded with a nod, assuring her everything would be fine.

Out of the blue, Owen broke the silence and insisted, “Just to be safe, we’ll head over together. Oscar, get our bodyguards to rush over to the scene at once.”

Oscar made a call and delivered his instruction as soon as the call got through. “Kurt, bring your team and rush to Mark Avenue as soon as possible. We’re currently on our way there.”

The moment he finished delivering his instructions, he hung up the call and looked in Owen’s direction.

He offered, “Dad, let me drive. I’ll get John to pick you and Mom up once we reach Mark Avenue.”

After much consideration, Owen thought that was the best for the sake of all. Once he pulled over, they alighted from the car and exchanged seats with one another.

Amelia was seated next to Oscar in the front passenger seat. Tony, who had been sleeping soundly, might have been roused from his sleep due to the sudden uproar. He started wailing in Olivia’s arms.

Olivia tried her best to pacify the wailing infant, but Tony showed no signs of stopping at all. Instead, he continued wailing at the top of his lungs.

Amelia couldn’t stand it anymore. She stretched her arms in an attempt to hold her son, but Olivia turned her down and said, “Just leave everything to me, Amelia.”

In spite of Olivia’s attempt to pacify the wailing infant, her effort was to no avail. Amelia instructed Oscar, “Get Kurt over since he’s the only one who can pacify Tony. Otherwise, he’s going to carry on and cry until he damages his vocal cord.”

Oscar reached for his phone as instructed, but Amelia stopped him when he was about to make the call. She said, “You need to keep your eyes on the road to keep all of us safe. I’ll talk to him.”

As soon as she got her hands on his phone, she made the call and asked, “Kurt, where are you?”

“You’re just right behind us? Can you hurry up and reach us in a few minutes? I’ll get Oscar to pull over for a short while. Tony won’t stop crying. We need you to pacify him.”

A few seconds of silence later, Amelia added, “Alright, that sounds pretty reassuring!”

Immediately after she hung up the call, Amelia instructed, “Oscar, can you pull over at the next bus station? Kurt is right behind us.” She then turned around and assured Olivia, “Mom, you don’t have to worry because the rest of the bodyguards are on their way to Mark Avenue as we speak.”

Olivia responded with a nod as she couldn’t move her eyes away from the wailing Tony.

Oscar pulled over at a nearby bus station as instructed. He was glad they had yet to make it to the highway. Otherwise, they wouldn’t get to pull over as they pleased.

As soon as he pulled over, a car showed up and pulled over behind them. Kurt immediately alighted from the car and approached them.

As soon as she reached their car, Kurt opened the door and told Olivia, “Mrs. Clinton, allow me to take care of him.”

The moment Olivia handed Tony to Kurt, the wailing infant stopped crying. He seemed to have gotten used to Kurt’s exclusive scent.

Oscar, who was seated on the driver’s seat, had his eyes flickered when he caught a glimpse of the heartwarming scene.

He could barely suppress the strong murderous intent he felt since his son seemed to be having a great time with another man. Kurt was an exceptional bodyguard, but Oscar regretted his decision of assigning him to keep an eye on Amelia. He had a hunch Kurt would get in the way of his marriage in the near future.

I hope I’m merely overthinking things again! Otherwise, I won’t hesitate to take him out when the time comes!

Oscar, whose mind was all over the place, had his eyes narrowed to a slit. The observant Amelia, who was seated next to him, noticed something was wrong.

She grasped his hand and shook her head when she caught him looking at her. As a result, Oscar finally returned to his calm and collected self and no longer deemed Kurt a formidable love rival.

No man could keep himself level-headed when he was head over heels in love with another woman. The slightest interaction of the woman with another man would get on their nerves. They would feel a strong urge to take down the said man at all costs.

Kurt handed Tony back to Olivia as soon as the infant fell into another deep slumber. “Mrs. Clinton, in order to tuck him in, you need to pacify him at a regular pace and intervals.”

Olivia took note of Kurt’s advice and nodded in return. “I’ll definitely keep that in mind!”

Shortly after they had everything sorted out, they carried on with their journey to Mark Avenue.

Oscar might have wanted to teach his sister a lesson—he took his sweet time while making his way to Mark Avenue. He would merely speed up the car whenever he heard Olivia nagging him to hurry up.

When they reached the scene, the parties involved were in the middle of an intense fight. Stephanie had a relatively disheveled appearance and started shivering in fear at the corner.

Olivia, who was in the car, had never seen her daughter in such a pathetic state.

Oscar immediately unfastened his seatbelt and instructed, “I’ll head over and check on them with Kurt! I want the rest of you to stay here until I’m back!”

Owen knew that was their only option since he had to stay back and look after his defenseless wife, daughter-in-law, and two-month-old grandson.

He responded with a nod and urged, “Go ahead and leave them to me! I’ll take good care of them until you’re back!”

Amelia stopped Oscar when he was about to alight from the car. When he turned around, she looked at him in the eyes and said, “Oscar, take good care of yourself! You need to stop giving me the shock of my life!”

Her husband responded with a nod and alighted from the car after a few seconds.

As soon as Oscar and Kurt joined the fight, the thugs knew they had picked on the wrong targets. Oscar instructed, “Take one of them into custody and break the limbs of the rest of them!”

All of a sudden, the sounds of people shrieking in pain took the residents of the neighborhood by surprise. They dared not lodge a police report and stopped poking their nose into the conflicting parties’ businesses.

Oscar glared at the bunch, who had been rendered incapable of motion, and yelled, “Tell your leader to stay away from the heiress of the Clintons! Otherwise, I’ll pay him a visit in person and send him on an express trip to hell!”

The heavily injured bunch ignored the racking sensation they felt and fled the scene, leaving those incapable of motion behind without a second thought.

“Boss, what are we supposed to do with him?” Kurt dragged a buff-looking man over to Oscar’s side and asked.

“Break his arms and send him back to the headquarter of his party once you finish interrogating him! We have no intention to pick on others, but we won’t allow others to challenge our authority! Don’t they dare lay a finger on Stephanie just because she’s no longer staying with us!” Oscar deadpanned his instruction with a stern look.

“Yes!” Kurt hesitated no more as soon as he took note of Oscar’s instructions. He brought the buff-looking man away with him.

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