Love You Enough to Leave You Chapter 236

Love You Enough to Leave You Chapter 236 Resolving A Misunderstanding

“Oz, I didn’t think that you’d learn to lie just to please a woman who gave birth to your son. You weren’t like this before. I was happy when you spoke sweetly to me just now. But forget it, since you don’t want to hurt her for now, I’ll leave first. But the next time you call me to come here, can you not call her too?” Cassie said as she gave Oscar a disappointed look before leaving.

Yet, even after she left, Amelia still did not move from Oscar’s embrace.

Genuinely afraid that she would overthink, he quickly explained, “Don’t misunderstand. There’s really nothing between the two of us.”

However, she still remained silent for a long time.

Thus, he panicked. He was not afraid of getting into a fight with her but was afraid that she would be silent like she was then. Such a response was worse than if she showed her anger. After all, being angry showed that she still subconsciously wanted to be coaxed. However, silence meant she was giving him the cold shoulder.

Unable to stand the silence, he would rather she question him about what was going on.

He then wanted to reach out to lift her chin but did not expect that she would avoid his touch. Fortunately, she broke the silence then. “Let me lean on you for a while.”

However, her words made him feel heartbroken.

“It’s not what you think between Cassie and me. Really, I can explain,” he said gently.

“Carter and I are also not like what you saw in the photos. Your sister purposely did it. She stole my phone and sent flirtatious messages to him. He believed it and thought that you and I were only getting along on the surface. That’s why he rushed to the house and said he wanted me to divorce you, then inappropriately hugged me. Your sister took that photo then,” she explained muffledly.

Just then, Oscar’s gaze changed a little, which made him look oppressive as a result.

He took a deep breath and raised his hand to stroke her back, then whispered, “Didn’t I ask you to stay away from him? Why are you so disobedient and keep doing things that make me worried and angry?”

She looked at him, then slapped his hand away in anger. After breaking free from the embrace, she said, “You blame me, but you did it too, Mr. Clinton. You were acting all lovey-dovey with your former lover here. If I didn’t see that Ms. Yard was here when I was downstairs and hurried after her, what else would you two have done in the office?”

Since they had expressed their thoughts to each other, Amelia could finally say things that she wouldn’t have dared to before. Moreover, it was evident that they had grown closer to each other then.

Seeing her acting so threateningly, Oscar instead laughed as his mood improved all of a sudden.

As a result, her mood became even more complicated. She glanced at him uneasily and asked, “Are you that happy to have so many women by your side?”

In response, he reached out and domineeringly pulled her into his arms, then tenderly kissed her hair. “Oh my silly girl, you are so silly to the point that I just can’t let you go.”

However, she was still a little angry. She pushed against his chest and said, “Anyway, I’m not as kind, considerate, and cute as Cassie. You can go after her. She has even carried your child before and took her own life for you. Also, you were even willing to tell her about the thing between me and Carter, which shows how important she is to you. Otherwise, why would she kiss you? If you still love her, that’s fine; we’ll get a divorce. Anyway, even if that happens, Tony and I can still live a good life.”

She was so angry that she was about to lose her mind. Resultantly, she rambled on and did not know what she was saying anymore.

Oscar’s face completely fell as he looked at her wordlessly. Then, he suddenly gave off an imposing air.

As he continued to watch her, Amelia soon became a little timid. She subconsciously licked her lips as her previous agitation slowly cooled down.

“Are you planning to marry someone again after you divorce me?” he asked coldly.

She opened her mouth to respond but could not find the words for a while. Thus, she only shook her head in fright.

He then strode forward and grabbed her chin to force her to raise her head. Their eyes met before he said, “Woman, are you planning to marry another man after we get a divorce?”

While she looked into his eyes, her eyes instead slowly reddened.

It was as if her repressed grievances had suddenly found an exit and could finally gush out then.

As she cried, she pounded on his chest. “When did I say I wanted a divorce? You’re the one that doesn’t want Tony and me. I just got into a car accident and almost died with him. I almost died on the operation table! I haven’t even recovered yet, but you’re here doing dirty things with your lover in your office. Didn’t you say you were in a meeting? Why did I see you kissing someone else then? Who is the one who wants to marry someone else? If you want to do that, there’s no need to pull so many tricks and make your sister carefully plot out the mess between Carter and me. We are just friends, but I don’t even know how to face him in the future anymore. No one in the Clinton family is kind. You say you’d treat me well but look at the reality. You’re here questioning me, but why isn’t there anyone who cares about me?”

He merely watched her as she cried. When the tears and snot caused her makeup to be ruined, he smiled helplessly, then reached out to pull her into his arms. However, she avoided him again.

He shook his head helplessly, then forcefully embraced her again. Ignoring her struggles, he said in a helpless yet pampering tone, “Silly girl. What should I do with you? I’ve done so much, but do you still not understand my feelings? I only looked at your photos with Carter and deleted them soon after. I also thought that even if you cheated on me, I would forgive you. The thing with Cassie’s really a misunderstanding. I didn’t ask her to come.”

Amelia’s heart could not help but tremble a little when she heard that.

She looked up at him with a somewhat distrustful gaze and asked, “Are you lying to me?”

He looked at her, then tapped her nose and frowned a little. “Because of you, I’ve changed many of my principles again and again. What else do you want me to do?”

Her feelings finally calmed down a little then. However, she was then somewhat embarrassed by her outburst moments ago.

“You’re not angry anymore?” he asked in amusement as he pinched her cheek.

She wiped her tears and avoided the question. “Is my makeup smeared? It’s probably ugly. They’ll laugh at me when I go out later.”

He then cupped her face in his hands and said helplessly, “Let me see. Oh dear, what a messy girl but you look so cute.”

Amelia felt embarrassed. They were clearly in an argument just moments ago, but how did they become okay so abruptly?

“Let me go. I’ll go to the washroom and clean up,” she said while patting his hand.

However, he merely held her head in place. “Don’t move. I’ll wipe it for you.”

She then became motionless as he gently wiped away the black spots of eyeliner under her eyes. Unexpectedly, he did such a bad job until it looked as if she had dark circles, making her look like a panda.

Consequently, he could not help but break into a smile.

“What’s the matter?” she asked.

He embraced her and replied, “I’ll go with you to the washroom. Don’t worry, the people outside will only work and won’t dare to look at you.”

She then instantly understood what happened and shot him an angry look. “Is it ugly?”

Resultantly, he could not help but laugh. Yet, before she could attack him, he put his arms around her waist and said, “Let’s go. I’ll take you to clean it up.”

He then accompanied her to the washroom. Along the way, although the employees pretended to be working, they were all looking at her from the corner of their eyes.

After washing up and while on the way back, Jerry asked to speak to Amelia.

Amelia then said to Oscar, “Go and work first. I’ll talk to Jerry.”

He nodded then headed back to his office.

“What’s going on, Jerry?” she asked.

Jerry gave her a lollipop and replied, “This is for you. Eat it, and don’t be angry. There’s nothing between Boss and Ms. Yard. She came here uninvited. He still cares about you the most.”

Amelia then accepted the lollipop. She did not expect that Jerry, who always had the image of a strong career woman, would have such a cute side to her.

“Thanks. I’m fine. Don’t worry,” she replied with a smile.

Similarly, Jerry smiled and cheered her on before saying, “Compared to Ms. Yard, I want you to be with him. At least you won’t look down on others.”

“You’re a cute girl, Jerry. I believe it must be very pleasant for Oscar to work with you. I like smart girls. Work hard. With your talents, I believe you’ll only become more successful. If I have the chance, I’ll speak up for you in front of Oscar. He should have more knowledgeable and smart employees like you, instead of those who don’t have much ability but only care about getting higher positions.”

After that, they then smiled at each other.

“I like you as my lady boss too.”

Amelia raised the lollipop and said, “Thanks for this, Jerry. I’ll buy you dinner another time as thanks for your help when Tiffany got into an accident. I genuinely want to become your friend. I can’t help Oscar much with work, so please help him more. I also hope you can occasionally tell me about his whereabouts. I don’t doubt him. I just don’t want random girls to flock around and bother him.”

Jerry nodded. “It’d be my honor to help.”

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