Love You Enough to Leave You Chapter 240

Love You Enough to Leave You Chapter 240 A Brutal Lesson

Oscar replied. “When you harmed my wife, did it even cross your mind that I am your brother?”

Stephanie was in so much pain that her whole body was shaking. After a few deep breaths, she spoke. “Oscar, all that I have done was for your own good and for our family. Amelia is not good enough for you. Why can’t you see the truth?”

With a sarcastic laugh, Oscar gave her a tight slap across her face which became swollen immediately.

Blood spurted from Stephanie’s lips and she looked a disgraceful sight.

This time Oscar’s punishment for her was worse than the last time. His punishment was not hitting her face. On the surface, her injuries did not look serious but she was the only one who knew that her whole body was aching. The dense pain was as if tens of thousands of ants had eaten through it.

“She is my woman. Who are you to evaluate her?” Oscar spoke coldly.

“Stephanie, be smart. Go and play the part of an uptown girl. If you know your place, I promise you will lead a good life. If I find you bullying Amelia again, you won’t even have the chance to be a beggar! Oscar glared at her with an icy gaze totally devoid of emotion.

Stephanie shuddered instinctively.

“Guys, brand the word ‘sl*t’ on her body so that she will always remember how annoying her nosy behavior is,” Oscar ordered.

Stephanie’s face turned pale with fear. Branding was such a cruel form of punishment that was used only during medieval times. Never in her worst nightmares would she imagine Oscar using that on her.

Stephanie struggled violently and pleaded desperately. “Oscar, I was wrong! I was really wrong! Please don’t do this to me. I promise I won’t do this in the future. Please! I am your sister, you can’t be so cruel to me.”

Oscar squatted down and gripped her chin, saying coldly. “Are you scared now? When you asked someone to hit Amelia with the car and then took a photo of her with some other man, did you even consider that she would feel scared? As her husband, how am I supposed to feel?”

Stephanie managed to free her hands and grabbed him tightly. Crying, she said, “Oscar, I really know how wrong I am. I’ll never do it again. I’ll stay away from Amelia and never go near her again.”

Oscar got up to his feet and ordered. “Brand her!”

Stephanie’s face turned a deathly grey.

One of the bodyguards went out and came back carrying something that looked like a stoker which was red hot and smoking.

Stephanie crawled backward in shock, waving both hands and yelling in shock, “Don’t come near me! Go away! I don’t want it.”

One bodyguard stepped forward and held her down despite her struggling. Another bodyguard stepped forward. Then the bodyguard holding Stephanie glanced at Oscar who nodded. The bodyguard understood and immediately ripped Stephanie’s blouse.

Before the long iron in the bodyguard’s hand had contacted her skin, Stephanie’s shrill voice rang, “Don’t… Dad, Mom, help, I’m going to die.”

Despite Stephanie’s screaming, the long branding iron came down ruthlessly on her smooth flawless skin.

“Ahh…” The pain was so great that Stephanie fainted immediately.

The bodyguard dropped his iron and spoke to Oscar. “Boss, Ms. Stephanie has fainted.’

Oscar looked at Stephanie who was motionless and said, “Revive her.”

“Yes, sir.” The bodyguard did as he was told. He slapped her till she opened her eyes.

The moment Stephanie regained consciousness, the pain in her body instantly reached her whole being and her face twisted in agony. Cold sweat drenched her brow.

Oscar came over and looked down on Stephanie who was lying on the floor looking disheveled.

Stephanie moved her fingers, grabbing Oscar’s trousers with difficulty and whispered, “Oscar, you are so cruel. I hate you and I hate Amelia, too. Kill me if you dare; otherwise, I will definitely come back with revenge. With the same extent of your cruelty to me, I will be cruel to Amelia in the future.”

Oscar’s eyes flashed with anger.

He squatted down and brought his eyes to Stephanie’s level. “Stephanie, are you threatening me?”

If Stephanie were wise, it was time to acknowledge defeat, and not challenge Oscar, adding fuel to fire and making things worse for herself.

When Stephanie’s eyes met Oscar’s, she was immediately threatened. So, she curled up and retreated as far as possible.

Oscar pressed forward, grabbed her hair and said in a calm tone, “Stephanie, very few people dare to test my patience. I used to tolerate your arrogance towards Amelia because I hadn’t realized how much I love her but she is my woman now; so if you dare to harm her again, I will do worse things than just branding you.”

Stephanie could not help but tremble. She felt that she had never understood her brother. He was a demon and his usual indifference was just a façade. The bloodthirsty factor in his bones was really terrifying.

“No! No!” Stephanie flailed both her arms and legs wildly. Her voice became shrill and ear-piercing.

Oscar frowned and shouted, “Quiet!”

Stephanie quietened down instantly and looked at Oscar in fear and terror.

“For the time being, you cannot go home. I shall arrange a place for you to recuperate. The day you learn to comply, you will be allowed to return home. I shall c**k up a story to tell Mom and Dad,” Oscar said as he stood up.

Stephanie shook her head vigorously and said in fear, “Oscar, I really don’t dare to go against you again. I want to go home but I won’t say a word to Dad and Mom, I swear. Please let me go back. Mom will be worried and her heart is weak. You don’t want her to have a relapse, do you?”

From his upright position, Oscar looked down on her as she lay on the floor, begging for mercy.

Pale-faced, Stephanie struggled and crawled to Oscar’s feet. “Oscar, I really won’t dare to do it ever again. Please believe me.”

Oscar was unmoved.

“Oscar, when I go home, I’ll apologize to Amelia. Really, I’ll do whatever you want, even kneel down at her feet. Please do not send me away. Mom is ill and you don’t want her to have another relapse. For mom’s sake, give me a chance.”

Oscar pushed her away with his foot and was about to speak when the phone in his trousers pocket rang. Coincidentally, it turned out to be his mother, Olivia.

He collected himself and picked up the phone. “Mom.”

On the phone, Olivia said. “Oscar, I heard from the servants that you asked Stephanie to go out at noon. Where is she? Your dad and I got together with friends today, and the eldest son of Mr. Walker’s family wishes to know Stephanie better. I think he is also a promising person and a good match for her. If she is with you, please bring her back soon. Mr. Walker’s family will come to our house for dinner tonight, I want them to meet.”

Oscar glanced at Stephanie and replied. “She is with me. After my meeting with a client is over, I’ll see her and I’ll bring her home soon.”

“That’s great. Don’t quarrel again each time you meet. She is a spoilt woman but as an elder sibling you must tolerate her.” Olivia spoke in a worried tone.

“Alright, Mom.”

“That’s all, then. I’m going upstairs to see Tony. I miss the child after not seeing him the whole morning.” Mrs. Clinton put down the phone after speaking.

Oscar kept his phone and motioned the bodyguard who was covering Stephanie’s mouth to leave. Then, he said, “Stephanie, for mom’s sake, I’ll not send you away this time. However, if you do not change your attitude and behavior, don’t expect any mercy from me. Understand?”

Stephanie nodded her head vigorously.

“Later, when you go home, if Mom questions you, do you know what to say?”

Stephanie nodded again.

“I’ll do my best to conceal everything from Mom. Later, I’ll apply makeup so my swollen face will seem normal. Don’t worry, Oscar.” Stephanie quickly learned to cooperate and not to antagonize her brother.

Oscar clapped his hands. “That’s great, then.”

Oscar ordered two bodyguards to hold Stephanie up. “Take her to the restroom. Make sure that her whole body looks normal before you let her out.”

“Yes, Boss!”

The two bodyguards dragged Stephanie away without any sympathy and spent nearly half an hour in the bathroom before the three of them came out again. When they came out, Stephanie had on a new skirt. As for her body, it was self-evident how much she was seen by the two bodyguards. Oscar had deliberately allowed her to be humiliated as part of her punishment so he let the two bodyguards look at her.

The two bodyguards were smart enough to know their boundaries and they did not take advantage of her physically lest the siblings’ relationship was reconciled and they would pay for their misdeeds.

Oscar examined the all dressed-up Stephanie whose countenance had improved. “Can you walk?”

Stephanie nodded her head rather sadly.

“Buck up and look good. If Mom finds out that you’re different, you know my ways of dealing with you.”

Stephanie stood up straight but the next instant her body ached so badly that her face was contorted.

Her chest ached especially, being branded at her side. The two bodyguards simply bandaged her up. The wound might get infected if not treated on time.

“Oscar, my chest hurts. Please take me to the hospital to be bandaged properly. Otherwise, Mom might notice something and be saddened. I’m sure you don’t want that. I beg you. It’s really painful.” Stephanie spoke humbly.

Oscar thought over it and said. “You guys take her to the hospital for an examination but remember those branded words must not be removed. Understand?”

“Yes, Boss.”

“After it’s done, bring her back to the company.”

The two bodyguards nodded and said to Stephanie quite politely, “This way, Ms. Stephanie.”

Stephanie did not dare to be arrogant anymore but said softly, “Can you both support me? It’s painful for me to walk.”

The two bodyguards hesitated but did as instructed, each one supporting her on either side, helping her to walk.

Oscar left, too, but in the opposite direction.

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