Love You Enough to Leave You Chapter 255

Love You Enough to Leave You Chapter 255 Beautiful

Amelia and Tiffany finally came to an agreement, but both still had a grim expression on.

“I’d like to talk to Cassie in person,” said Amelia after she sipped some tea.

Tiffany just stared at her for she could barely keep up with Amelia’s way of thoughts at that moment. So she’s not just going to push her husband into another woman’s arm? She’s also going to talk to her love rival?

“Well, you have gone nuts, Babe,” concluded Tiffany.

“Our plan won’t work without Cassie,” replied Amelia calmly.

Tiffany bulged her eyes in disbelief. She asked, “You’re going to let her in on your plan?”

“We can’t implement our plan without her.”

“Amelia, you have gone crazy. You know she doesn’t like you, but you’re still going to tell her your plan? I am certain that she will tell Oscar the truth once the dust settles. If that happens, Oscar will really hate you and there’ll be no turning back,” reminded Tiffany angrily.

Amelia remained calm and unmoved. “That is exactly what I want. On top of that, I want her to tell Oscar that I have fallen for someone else.”

Tiffany was so angry that she kicked the floor. She kept glaring at Amelia. If possible, the former wanted to crack the latter’s head open and see what was wrong with her brain.

“Amelia, are you kidding me?”

Amelia shook her head while hanging her head down.

“Why? If you do all that, you won’t just hurt yourself. In fact, you’ll hurt Oscar too. That will make it virtually impossible for the two of you to be together again.”

“I want him to hate me and see me as a vile woman. That way, he won’t hurt as much from the divorce. Most importantly, he can move on and fall in love with another woman.”

Tiffany shook her head in exasperation. She couldn’t understand Amelia at all. Her plan was totally absurd. As far as Tiffany was concerned, a married couple should go through thick and thin together. Yet, the stupid woman sitting in front of me is going to face all the hardship by herself. I honestly don’t understand what kind of love this is.

Tiffany crouched down in front of Amelia, held her hand and said, “Calm down, Babe. You don’t need to be so harsh. If you cut all ties with Oscar and make things that bad, I guarantee that everything will be messed up. Oscar can be cruel, and I bet you will have to leave penniless besides losing Tony’s custody, so we have to plan things well. We don’t need to include Cassie in this. Seriously, your plan is too extreme. If we do as you planned, things between you and Oscar will truly be over. No one can accept their wife conning them like that, so I think we should plan it carefully. My suggestion is that you leave Cassie out of this. There’s no need to go to the extreme. You need to think about Tony. The kid needs his father, so don’t act rashly.”

Amelia turned to Tiffany. The former thought about it and eventually nodded in agreement.

Tiffany sighed a breath of relief after that. She was truly worried that Amelia would do something stupid in the heat of the moment. Thank the heavens she asked me out to discuss the matter before doing anything. Who knows what will happen if she hadn’t done that?

“Let’s go. We’ll work on the issue you talked about earlier after we have a better plan. However, if you don’t want to leave Oscar, I suggest you change your mind on the matter. The Clintons have dozens of maids, and they can take care of you, even if you go blind,” said Tiffany with a heavy heart.

Amelia stood up and informed, “Tiff, if you don’t want to help me, I can manage it on my own.”

Tiffany sighed. She knew that Amelia too well and was aware of how there was no changing Amelia’s mind once something had been decided. Hence, Tiffany knew that Amelia had thought things through before deciding to get a divorce.

Amelia loved Oscar. No one knew that better than Tiffany, and she knew that Amelia would never ask for a divorce if it weren’t for the fact that she was going blind.

“I’ll help you, Babe. Back then, I was the one who told you to get a divorce because I knew that you weren’t happy. Now, I will be the one to stand by your side as you struggle through this divorce. Our friendship will never die,” said Tiffany.

Amelia couldn’t help but feel comforted and smiled.

“I’m so sorry, Tiff, and thank you for everything.”

“It’s fine. Stop being so polite. Come stay with me after you get a divorce from Oscar.”

Amelia shook her head.

“I want to leave the city with Tony. Oscar and I have too many memories here. Maybe I’ll be back in the future after I’ve truly let everything go,” replied Amelia. Her eyes shone with sorrow as she spoke.

Tiffany was taken aback, but she eventually said, “That’s fine, too. I am basically a freelance writer, so all I need is to complete my assignments on time and e-mail it to Shannon. She won’t complain, and I can leave with you.”

Amelia’s lips parted, but Tiffany was faster. The latter said, “Babe, you are not allowed to say that it’s fine for you and Tony to leave on your own. If you still regard me as your BFF, then stop talking like that, or I will never forgive you.”

Amelia swallowed the words she was about to say. She had so much to say but turn them into a single phrase. “Thank you, Tiff.”

Tiffany stoked Amelia’s shoulders to offer some comfort.

“Come on, I’ll treat you to a great meal. We have to fill our stomachs if we are to plan for the divorce. That annoying Oscar is a smart one, and we’ll surely fail if we go against him on an empty stomach,” said Tiffany. She deliberately made it sound light, but she actually felt extremely uncomfortable. However, Tiffany knew that Amelia must feel worse, so she put on a cheery smile.

“Maybe some other day, Tiff. I have to go back to Tony,” replied Amelia.

Tiffany turned to Amelia and said, “Okay, then let me walk you home. I’ll go home after that and will take a week to come up with a perfect plan. Don’t do anything impulsive before I clue you in on the plan, okay?”

Amelia just smiled at that.

“You go on home, Tiff. I want to go for a walk and be on my own for a while. I’ll grab a cab home if I get tired,” said Amelia.

Tiffany scanned Amelia once. Then, she sighed internally before asking, “Are you sure you’ll be okay on your own?”

“Don’t worry, Tiff. I’m not a fragile porcelain doll.”

Tiffany couldn’t convince Amelia, so she had to compromise and leave.

Amelia left the teahouse after that and walked along the street aimlessly. Before she knew it, she had gone to the place where she and Oscar went on their first valentine together as a married couple. She remembered she was all chirpy that day and insisted that Oscar accompany her. To her surprise, Oscar agreed to do so, and they went to the park, where sakura blossomed.

At the time, Oscar saw Amelia as a money-minded woman, so he had a grouchy expression the entire time. Still, he was patient and did all sorts of childish activities with her. She held his hand, and they watched fireworks while standing under the trees. She also hopped onto Oscar’s back and pulled a prank on him by painting a dot on his forehead with her lipstick. They were doing what most couples did.

They rarely went out to hang out on their own, so that year’s Valentine’s Day became one of the most memorable moments for Amelia.

She walked to the tree where she and Oscar hung out together all those years ago. There, she saw the words “Oz loves Am”. Those were the words she carved onto the trunk back then. Even though it had been five years, those words were still clear.

At the time, she was playing a prank on Oscar when she carved those words. She never imagined that there would come a day when she would fall that madly in love with Oscar.

When she caressed those words, tears welled up in her eyes.

The accident almost took her life, and she survived after putting up a tough fight against fate. That was what prompted her and Oscar to confess their love for each other. Amelia thought that they would be together forever after going through all the obstacles, but destiny had a twisted sense of humor.

Just as she was happy and in love, she was pushed to a corner again with her condition. Consequently, she wanted to put an end to her marriage.

There was a time when Amelia was worried that Oscar would abandon her. Nevertheless, things had taken a turn, and she was now the person who would be leaving him. In some way, this was funny, but Amelia couldn’t laugh at all.

She crouched down and wrapped her arms around her knees. She looked as though she was a helpless kid who had lost her way and couldn’t find her home.

No one knew how long she had been crying, but her ringing phone was what ultimately got her to stop. She got her phone out and saw that it was Oscar who called.

She stared at the screen without picking it up.

The phone kept ringing for quite some time before it died down. The second and third calls came soon after. Amelia didn’t pick up until the third call.

She deliberately pretended to be carefree when she said, “Oscar, I was shopping earlier, so I didn’t hear my phone ringing. Why did you call me during working hours? Do you miss me?”

“What’s wrong? Why do you sound like that?” asked Oscar. He had good hearing and could tell that there was something off with Amelia’s voice.

“My voice? Oh, it’s nothing. It probably sounds a little coarse because I had some fried food earlier.”

“It’s not healthy to eat that, so you should avoid that, okay?”

“Got it, Mr. Naggy, I shall request permission the next time I have cravings. By the way, why are you calling me? Do you actually miss me?”

Oscar murmured a soft, affirmative reply before saying, “I’ll take you somewhere tonight, so dress up, okay?”

“Will there be a crowd?”

“No, it’ll just be the two of us. It’s been a while since we’ve gone on a date or stayed out, so tonight, I will give you a memorable night,” answered Oscar in a suggestive tone.

Amelia’s heart couldn’t help thumping hard, and her cheeks flushed red.

“Wear something nice tonight, Honey,” reminded Oscar from the other side of the line. His voice was ever so seductive.


“I have to work now. I’ll come and pick you up later. Someone will babysit Tony for us,” informed Oscar.

Amelia kept staring at the dark screen even after she had already hung up. She couldn’t stop grinning. Even after we get a divorce, I’d still have all the memories we share to keep me strong. It’ll be enough for me to get through my darkest times.

Amelia couldn’t be bothered to keep dwelling on her sadness. She left the park and hailed a cab to head to the Clinton residence.

Olivia and Owen weren’t there. Stephanie was the only one home, and she was munching on an apple.

Amelia ignored Stephanie and walked up the stairs right away. Stephanie was so angry that she bit hard into the apple before mumbling, “Just you wait, Amelia Winters. Some day, I will personally make sure that you get kicked out of the house in the most humiliating way.”

Naturally, Amelia didn’t hear what Stephanie said. She walked up the stairs and entered the nursery to check on Tony. She also talked to Kurt before returning to her room and picking a dress.

In the end, she settled on a red dress with unique embroidery stitched onto it. She took her clothes off and put that dress on. A few moments later, a stunning woman with s**y curves stood in front of the mirror.

Amelia stared at her own reflection. Even she couldn’t deny that she had an amazing figure with the right curves in the right places. As a matter of fact, the dress further highlighted her beauty.

That night, Oscar was stunned in place for a moment when he saw Amelia in that stunning dress. He blatantly checked out the ridiculously beautiful Amelia and instinctively licked his tongue a little.

Amelia blushed when she saw him doing that. Her reddened cheeks fit well with her flawless complexion, and that made her even more stunning.

She turned around to avoid his gaze. In a shy tone, she asked, “Oscar, do I look okay in this?”

Oscar kept staring. He was direct when he replied, “Yes, you are incredibly beautiful, and I am tempted to hide you away. That way, I’ll be the only one who can admire your beauty.”

Amelia’s cheeks turned red, and she was practically melting under Oscar’s burning gaze.

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