Love You Enough to Leave You Chapter 256

Love You Enough to Leave You Chapter 256 A Romantic Dinner

Oscar bowed like the perfect gentleman and said, “This way, my beautiful lady.”

Amelia put her hand on his, and Oscar kissed the back of her hand. After that, he pulled her into his arms and teased her by biting her ear a little before seductively saying, “You are too beautiful. I am so tempted to lock you up so that no other man can witness your beauty. Really, you are so stunning that I am feeling a little threatened.”

Amelia giggled and rested in his arms.

Perhaps it was because she knew that they would soon be separated, but Amelia was less passive that day. She would not let any opportunity to stay close to Oscar slip through her fingers. She kept enjoying his masculine scent and lost herself in it.

Amelia played with Oscar’s chest a little as she said, “I miss you too, Darling.”

When Oscar heard that, his entire body trembled as though he had felt an electric shock. His gaze instantly filled with l**t, and it looked as if he was a hungry monster that had finally found its prey.

Oscar carried Amelia like she were a princess and freed up one hand to open the door to his car. He carefully placed her down before entering the car himself. As he entered, he closed the door behind him.

Oscar’s tall figure hovered over Amelia, and his gaze was stuck on her. He bent down and kissed Amelia at the very next second.

Just as Amelia was losing her mind in the l**t that Oscar had ignited, he suddenly stopped kissing her and slowly put some distance between them. He kept his eyes on Amelia, who was lost in love at the time.

When Oscar got up, Amelia instantly felt empty. Her mind slowly came back around, and she stared at Oscar in confusion.

Oscar tapped her nose lovingly and said, “Let’s have dinner for now. I don’t want you to go hungry.”

Amelia blushed a little upon hearing that.

The more the two of them got to know each other, the more Amelia realize that Oscar was not actually a strict person. He was only putting on a show for the public. When he was with her, he could flirt and get her to blush hard as her heart thumped fast. Thank the heavens he doesn’t have the habit of flirting with other women. If he does, there will be countless admirers, and who knows how much mess he’ll have to clean up?

Amelia reached out and continued caressing his chest. She was seducing him deliberately and asked, “Darling, are you sure you can hold it in for so long?”

Oscar was quick to grab Amelia’s hand. He reminded, “Don’t play with fire. The doctor said that it’s best if you don’t go hungry. I don’t want you to get sick, so behave.”

Amelia’s heart stirred for a moment there. She would never have guessed that Oscar had suppressed his l**t just because he was worried about her physical wellbeing.

If a man’s focus was on a woman’s health, that would mean that he truly loved her.

Amelia was so touched that she felt like crying. It wouldn’t last long. Soon, she would have to sever her relationship with a man who loved her dearly.

How cruel can destiny be? Why am I being dealt with cards like these just when I am blessed with a good life?.

Oscar’s warm hand gently wiped the tears off her face. He asked, “What’s wrong? Why are you suddenly crying? Was I too aggressive earlier when I kiss you?”

Amelia regained her composure. She touched her face and realized that she was indeed crying.

She looked into Oscar’s eyes and came up with an excuse. After that, she complained, “This is all your fault for being too nice to me. It feels surreal, and I start overthinking. You know how women love to analyze everything. I am just worried that you won’t treat me as nicely in the future.”

Oscar grinned exasperatedly. In a loving tone, he replied, “Oh my, you think too much. I have a master plan, you know? I’m being nice to you to spoil you to the point where you behave so ridiculously that no other man can stand you. That way, you’ll be mine forever. Come now, sit tight. We’ll go have dinner now.”

Oscar got out of the car and circled around to get to the driver’s seat. Amelia, on the other hand, went to the passenger’s seat.

She would never have guessed it, but their dinner was taking place on an enormous private yacht. The yacht had pearl beaded curtains, a miniature kitchen, a variety of food, and a sofa with rose petals spread on it. Everything looked magical, and it was beyond any woman’s romantic fantasy.

When Amelia saw that, her jaw dropped a little. The surprise in her eyes was obvious.

With sentimental music playing in the background, everything was exquisite, Amelia was mesmerized and completely lost herself in the ambiance.

That evening was destined to be a memorable one.

Unfortunately, the happier she was, the more sorrowful she would be when she got a divorce.

Oscar pulled up a chair. Like a gentleman, he offered, “Please take a seat, my lady.”

Amelia sat down. A server showed up soon after with a cart. He handed Oscar a bouquet of eleven red roses and bowed down before asking, “Mr. Clinton, shall I serve the dishes now?”

“Yes, please.”

The server nodded and pushed the cart away. It didn’t take long before a few more servers showed up to serve the dishes.

They placed eight exquisite dishes for sampling, two bowls of soup, and a bottle of premium red wine. They also set two wine glasses down.

Oscar waved his hand and instructed, “Everyone can leave now.”

The servers were all well-trained, so they left politely and quickly.

Oscar got off his chair and got down on one knee in front of Amelia. He seemed a little nervous and excited when he said, “Honey, the florist told me that a bouquet of eleven red roses signifies a lifetime of love, and I promise that you will be my one and only love for the rest of my life.”

Amelia put one hand over her lips. She didn’t expect Oscar to be that romantic.

A lifetime of love. That was what she had longed for all that time. Who would’ve thought that she’d hear him making that promise at a time and place like that?

The mood and ambiance were great, and it was perfect for making bold promises, but Amelia felt like crying.

She couldn’t help feeling sad when she thought about how she would have to leave Oscar soon. With that, tears started swirling in her eyes once more.

When Oscar saw her like that, he got a little nervous. He had always been able to stay calm, but at that moment, he was so worried that he stuttered, “W-What’s wrong? Do you not like roses? Or do you think that eleven roses aren’t good enough? How about I have my men get a bouquet of ninety-nine roses? O-Or nine hundred and ninety-nine roses? I can get you anything you want.”

He sounded so funny that Amelia giggled when she heard what Oscar said. She thought, Yeah, it is a little difficult for a man like Oscar to do something so romantic. He must be panicking because he put a lot of thought into this. It makes all this even more precious, though.

Amelia reached out to accept the roses. She was smiling and crying at the same time when she lied, “I love them. I’m just crying tears of joy.”

Oscar sighed a breath of relief. He wiped her tears off for her and said, “You really know how to get a man worried. You cry, regardless of whether you’re happy or sad. Gosh, how have I never noticed that you are so sensitive? Looks like I will have a hard time ahead of me. There’s nothing I can do about it, though. My wife is just too sensitive.”

Amelia couldn’t help chuckling. She pointed out, “You’ve already promised me a lifetime of love, so you can’t take back your words now.”

Oscar pretended to be exasperated, but his eyes shone with love.

“Yeah, I will honor my word. Hence, you can be as reckless and as ridiculous as you want to be because you are my wife.”

Amelia loved the way Oscar’s eyes oozed with tenderness when he looked at her. It made her feel like she was even more precious than most women and princesses in the world. To top it off, she was with her prince charming, and they were going to live happily ever after. The only sad part was that she would have to wake up soon and go back to her lonely life.

Contradicting motions ran wildly in Amelia’s heart. In the end, she flung herself into Oscar’s arms and said, “Thank you, Oscar.” Thank you for giving me such a memorable and romantic night.

Oscar held her tightly and pointed out, “When did you become so easily touched? I celebrated your birthdays in the past too. Why didn’t you throw yourself on me then?”

Amelia replied, “You were there for my previous birthdays, but you had someone else prepare everything in your place. This year, you put in the effort to do everything, so it is more precious to me. I’m so touched by all that you have done for me.”

Oscar tapped her nose lovingly and grinned before he said, “You can be really mischievous sometimes. Take a seat and let’s eat. The food is getting cold.”

Amelia sat down, and Oscar got some food for her. After that, he picked up his wineglass and said, “Cheers.”

Amelia picked her wineglass up as well and clinked it against his glass. She smiled and said, “I’ll let you get me drunk tonight.”

Oscar’s eyes burned with l**t for a moment there. His tone was seductive when he said, “Don’t worry. Your hand is healed, and you’re recovering well. I’m not letting you off the easily tonight.”

That night was destined to be a passionate and sleepless night.

The lovers had a romantic dinner. The servers took the dishes away in a timely manner and got them their dessert.

Amelia took a bite of the dessert placed in front of her. It was fragrant and not overly sweet, so it was delicious.

Oscar watched her eat and suddenly said, “Honey, you have to finish this.”

Amelia stared over strangely and asked, “Why?”

“I hired a famous chef to make this dessert for you. Don’t let my effort go to waste,” said Oscar in a sincere tone.

When Amelia heard that, she felt like the dessert in her mouth suddenly became a hundred times tastier.

At the bottom of the dessert was a cover where a necklace was placed inside. Amelia’s eyes widened as she tilted her head up and stared at Oscar in disbelief.

Oscar calmly removed the cover and took the custom-made crystal necklace which had two doves forming a love shape together. On top of one of the doves was the engraving of “Oz loves Am” on it. The necklace was especially striking and shining brightly under the light.

“I had this necklace custom-made for you. Do you like it?” asked Oscar.

Amelia took a closer look at the necklace and saw the words engraved on it.

“Oscar, these words…”

“When we celebrated our first Valentine’s Day as a married couple, you dragged me to a park and carved the same words onto a tree. You said that was the most common thing a couple did and claimed that our marriage will last forever as long as the tree lived,” reminded Oscar. He got up and helped Amelia put on the necklace. After that, he looked at her and complimented, “You look stunning in this.”

Amelia caressed the necklace around her neck. There were too many surprises that day that she was lost for words.

The prank from five years ago… She thought that she was the only one who would remember it, but as it turned out, Oscar remembered it as well. That was indeed a huge surprise.

That evening, Oscar had sprung her with too many surprises.

“Oscar, you remember all that?” blurted Amelia. She felt like she was dreaming because everything was simply too unbelievable.

“What a silly girl! Of course, I remember. I remember every word you say and everything you do,” replied Oscar sweetly.

“But back then…”

“Shh! We should only focus on the present and our future. All you need to know is that right now, you are the woman I love. You are also the person I want to spend the rest of my life with. We have wasted so much time in the past, and I don’t want to waste another second from now on,” said Oscar.

Amelia nodded. She caressed the necklace around her neck and truly loved the crystal doves.

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