Love You Enough to Leave You Chapter 257

Love You Enough to Leave You Chapter 257 Crying

“Do you like it?” asked Oscar.

“I love it,” replied Amelia in a sweet tone. That necklace was priceless as far as she was concerned, and she would never sell it, no matter how much money she was offered. It signified Oscar’s love for her, after all.

Oscar was not a romantic guy, but when he did something romantic, he would go all out, and he could make someone feel like the happiest person on Earth.

Just then, Amelia suddenly heard fireworks going off. She stared curiously at Oscar. He responded by calmly holding her hand and leading her outdoors.

Amelia seemed stunned when she stared at the colorful and dazzling sparks in the night sky. She gasped and blurted, “It’s beautiful.”

Oscar smiled. Carefully and gently, he held Amelia in his arms and cherished the precious moment with her.

The fireworks lasted for a while. When it was nearing its end, a message lit up in the sky. It said, “I love you, Honey. I will love you forever.”

Amelia was so happy that she was tearing up. That night was beautiful and magical. It was as if everything was a dream.

“Oscar, when did you get everything ready?” asked Amelia in a surprised tone.

“I got everything prepared a few days ago. Do you like it? I personally arranged for everything,” answered Oscar in a tone that suggested he was bragging a little.

Amelia nodded to let him have his moment. She then said, “I love it.”

Oscar was glad that he got his beautiful wife to smile. They were both happy, and as soon as they went inside the yacht, their passion was lit instantly in that luxurious room. Their bodies became one and there was nothing between them now…

They made love the entire night, and Amelia became so tired that she couldn’t even lift a finger. Oscar, on the other hand, seemed as energetic as a majestic dragon. He was a little heartbroken when he saw Amelia panting on the bed in exhaustion, so he asked, “Are you spent?”

Amelia turned to him and nodded slightly.

She was tired, but she was also happier than she had ever been. That was her first time together with Oscar after they confessed their love for each other. Perhaps it was because of the love between them that Amelia felt especially content that night.

“I’ll carry you to the bathroom so you can take a bath.”

Amelia rested in Oscar’s arms and let him carry her into the bathroom. He helped her clean up, but he couldn’t resist, so he took advantage of the situation and drew her against his aching hardness.

When everything was done, Oscar carried Amelia out of the washroom and placed her on the bed. He pulled up the blanket for her and smirked like a mischievous kid that had just gotten away with stealing some candy.

“Sleep well.”

Amelia nodded and rested in his arms. It didn’t take long before her even breathing could be heard.

Oscar caressed her hair and stared lovingly at her. After that, he murmured, “You silly woman. I won’t have to worry about you if you just listen and rely on me all the time.”

Amelia had never been someone who listened, so Oscar couldn’t help but get worried sometimes. After spending a few years together, her presence had found its way to etch into his mind without him realizing it.

It was like how his friend once described things to him. That friend had claimed that Amelia was like an addiction, and she was fatally attractive to men around her. Men would fall head over heel for her over time.

Oscar didn’t think much of it then and assumed that he would only love Cassie. To his surprise, Amelia broke his inhibition, which he had always prided himself on. In the end, he had submitted himself willingly at her feet.

Alas, he was at her command for the rest of his life.

He held her tightly and slowly fell asleep as well.

At around eleven o’clock the next morning, Amelia woke up, but her eyes couldn’t see anything. She reached out to pat the spot beside her, but it was empty.

That got her to panic, so she shouted, “Oscar, Oscar.”

It just so happened that Oscar was pushing a cart with breakfast over. When he saw how helpless she seemed, he abandoned the breakfast and hurried over to say, “I’m right here. Are you up, my love?”

Amelia sighed a breath of relief and blurted, “Oscar, it’s still dark out there, so why are you up so early?”

Oscar’s expression instantly stiffened. He turned to the window and saw the sunlight streaming in. He held his hand up and waved in front of Amelia, but she didn’t respond to it.

That got Oscar to turn pale.

“Oscar, what time is it? It’s so dark out. Did we sleep for long?” asked Amelia. The night before was simply too perfect, and that was probably why Amelia didn’t think about how her eyes might be having some trouble. That, in turn, got her to let down her guard.

Oscar was quick to come around. He got onto the bed and answered, “It’s not even six o’clock. I was mesmerized staring at you, so I couldn’t sleep. Come now, be good, and sleep a little longer. We’ll have brunch after we wake up.”

Amelia nodded.

She obediently rested in Oscar’s arms. Just before she closed her eyes, she regained her sight.

Her heart jumped. She tilted her head up and saw Oscar staring with worry burning in his eyes. That got her heart to grip. Oh no, he looks so sad.

She panicked and couldn’t come up with a good excuse. What excuse or explanation can I offer to get out of this?

Oscar stared at her. He put on a forced smile as he asked, “What is it? Why aren’t you sleeping? It’s not even six o’clock yet, so I’ll sleep a little longer with you.”

Hearing that further broke Amelia’s heart. He knows that I might go blind, but he’s putting on an act for me.

“Surprise, Darling! How was my acting earlier? I bet it was good. You totally bought it,” replied Amelia. She suddenly got out of his embrace and sat up as she winked mischievously.

Oscar was a little taken aback when he saw how Amelia was acting like an entirely different person. He was a quick thinker but he still couldn’t react to it.

Amelia hopped out of the bed and pretended that everything was fine. She walked to the cart and opened the lid. A delicious aroma swept over, and she acted surprised when she turned around to say, “Oscar, you got me my favorite breakfast. This is perfect. I am famished, and it’s so great that I can eat as soon as I wake up. Ah, I love you so much!”

Oscar sat on the bed quietly. His eyes scanned Amelia carefully.

The smile on Amelia’s face faded a little. She walked to him and sounded apologetic when she lied. “I was just messing with you and pulling a small prank. Are you mad?”

Oscar just kept quiet and stared at her.

Amelia suddenly felt vulnerable. Oscar was a genius, and it seemed like it would be a tough job to hide her condition from him.

“Amelia, are your eyes…?”

“They’re fine. My eyes are perfect, and I won’t go blind. Don’t worry,” blurted Amelia as she panicked and interrupted Oscar.

Her hasty reaction worked more like a confession than a lie. To Oscar, that was a sign that she was feeling guilty.

Amelia didn’t realize that she spoke too soon until she had blurted those words. She suddenly felt lost. Her lips moved, but she couldn’t find the right words.

Oscar’s expression became even grimmer. He got off the bed and stood in front of Amelia. His tall figure became a form of pressure for Amelia.

He tilted her chin up and demanded, “Honey, are you going blind?”

Amelia instinctively backed away. She put on a straight face and lied, “No, not at all.”

After that, she caressed her tummy pitifully and requested, “Oscar, I’m so hungry. Can we eat for now? You went insane last night, and my back is aching so much. Will you give me a massage after our meal?”

Oscar’s expression remained the same.

Amelia sighed. She married a genius, and it was difficult to con him.

“Oscar, my eyes are fine. I was just messing with you earlier. Will I be able to stand here if my eyes are going blind? I recalled a scene from a tv drama earlier, so I pulled a prank as the actress did to the actor. I didn’t think I’d actually get you worried. That’s the truth,” said Amelia in a sincere tone.

She paused and sounded convincing when she further pointed out. “Tiff already told me about the blood clot in my brain, and I know that it’d affect my sight. I promise you this, though. If that actually comes to it, I will surely tell you. I want to spend the rest of my life with you, so I will take care of myself You can trust me on that, right?”

Oscar’s tensed expression finally eased up.

“So, you’re not mad anymore?” asked Amelia to test the waters.

Oscar hugged her and instructed, “Let’s go and eat now. I’ll go shopping with you later.”

Amelia nodded and rested in his arms for a while. After that, she walked to the cart again. Unfortunately, her eyes acted up once again after she had taken a few steps forward.

Oscar was observant and detected her strange behavior. He quickly asked, “What is it? Do your eyes feel uncomfortable?”

Amelia pretended to be calm and tilted her head up. She sounded as though she was just being coquettish when she requested, “Darling, will you carry me to the bed? I want to have breakfast in bed with you. I saw it on the tv, and that is how the actor spoils the actress. Will you play along with me?”

Oscar tapped her nose in exasperation, but he still spoiled her by carrying her and placing her onto the bed.

After that, he went to push the cart over and placed a small table on the bed. Then, he put everything in place. “Alright, eat up.”

Amelia still couldn’t see anything, so she was rather panicked.

She took a deep breath and closed her eyes. In a mischievous tone, she requested, “Darling, I want you to feed me. I will keep my eyes closed and leave the rest to you.”

Oscar loved it when Amelia acted like a helpless woman, so he didn’t think much about how strange Amelia’s behavior was.

He got the bowl up and started feeding Amelia like a kid, and she was eating away happily.

After their meal, Amelia opened her eyes, but she still couldn’t see. She pretended to be calm and said, “Darling, you should eat up too. I’m a little tired, so please nap with me later.”


Oscar ended up finishing the romantic lunch quickly on his own.

He had the server take the dishes away before he got back to bed and hugged Amelia. He asked, “Do you want to take a nap?”

Amelia nodded.

Oscar stroked her back and promised, “Sleep well. I’ll be right here.”

Amelia pretended to be asleep.

Oscar seemed to be tired as well, and he fell asleep soon after.

Amelia listened to his even breathing and opened her eyes when she was certain that he was asleep. The darkness she saw got her to cry silently.

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