Love You Enough to Leave You Chapter 260

Love You Enough to Leave You Chapter 260 Silly Girl

“Oscar, you don’t like Isabella?” Amelia inquired back in the bedroom.

Puzzled, he glanced at her. “Do you want me to like her?”

Amelia wrapped her arms around him from behind. “Of course, I don’t. But you’re too outstanding. Even when they knew that you’re married and that your wife is with you, they still flirt with you unscrupulously.”

Oscar placed his hand on the back of hers. “All that matters is that I only look at you,” he said.

Delighted by his words, she leaned on him contentedly. “I’m content with your words, Oscar. I’ll allow you to look at other women discreetly while I’m away.”

He smiled lovingly and replied, “Silly girl. You are always saying silly things.”

Despite returning his smile, her heart sank.

I know that when I leave in the future, there will be another woman taking over my place, Oscar. I just hope that when you’re with another, I’ll still have a place in a corner of your heart. I’ll be happy with that.

The two enjoyed a few hours of intimacy and only went downstairs when the maid came to call them.

“Dad, Mom,” Amelia greeted as they sat down at the dining table.

Olivia nodded with a smile. “Was everything alright during your night outside with Oscar?”

Amelia’s face burned as she recalled the wild night that she and Oscar shared.

“It was good,” came her vague reply.

“Amelia is so blessed. I’m so envious that Oscar dotes on her so much. I really hope that I can meet a man as lovesick as my brother someday,” Stephanie said with a hint of mockery in her tone.

Amelia merely glanced at her and said nothing.

“There’s no need to be envious of her, Stephanie. Noah seems like a good man. Not only is he polite and gentle, but he is also handsome and the sole heir to the Walker family. You’ll become a noble young mistress after you marry him, and you’ll definitely be happy there. So be more affectionate toward him, and don’t keep him waiting long,” Olivia remarked.

Stephanie stabbed her meat with her fork. “Mom, I don’t even like him. Yes, he is handsome and polite. But he can’t handle me at my worst, so stop trying to get us together. I don’t like it,” she replied, sounding annoyed.

Upon hearing that, Olivia dropped her cutlery. “What are you talking about? I think he is a great guy. He is well-mannered, filial, and very capable too. He’ll definitely treat you well if you marry him. What more can you ask for?”

Stephanie lowered her head to eat before rebuking, “Mom, you’ve only met him a few times. From that alone, you’re determined that he’s a good man? Looks can be deceiving. Have you not considered that this could all be an act? After I’ve married him, he may indulge in heavy-drinking, womanizing, gambling, and even have a lover. Who will feel sorry for me then?”

Seeing that her daughter was going overboard, Olivia could not help but feel a little angry.

“You speak such nonsense. I’m certain that he is a good man. I’m more worried that the Walker family will not be able to stand your temper should you marry him. You should look within since you’re not young anymore. It’s time to find love and get married.” she remarked with slight anger in her tone.

Stephanie set her fork and knife down and blurted out, “Mom, I don’t mind looking for love. As long as I can find a dignified man like Oscar, I’ll marry him right away. I don’t care if he is rich or poor. In any case, I admire someone like Oscar. Do as you see fit.”

Her words sounded odd to everyone present. To put it simply, she said that Oscar was her type. Hence, it could be interpreted as she liked her own brother.

If it was someone who did not know her, they would surely think that she was taking the opportunity to confess to him.

“Stephanie, what nonsense are you talking about?” exclaimed Olivia angrily.

The girl retorted, “I just admire Oscar, Mom. What’s wrong with that? He is excellent in everything since he was a child and is a man of honor. What’s wrong with using him as a benchmark for my Prince Charming?”

While Oscar merely listened calmly, Amelia had a rather complicated expression on her face.

Seeing that Olivia was so angry to the point that she was lost for words, Owen spoke up. “That’s enough, Stephanie. Cut the c**p.”

Stephanie pursed her lips and discreetly taunted Amelia. Since I can’t do anything to her openly, I’ll use my words to annoy her. I want her to feel disgusted by them.

True enough, Amelia was disgusted. Stephanie must’ve gone mad. She dares to say anything in front of me now and doesn’t think about how disrespectful her words can be.

Following Stephanie’s unpleasant words, the dinner ended on an unhappy note.

Just as Amelia was about to head upstairs, Olivia called out to her.

She turned and inquired, “Is there anything, Mom?”

“Amelia, Stephanie has admired Oscar since she was a child. Although they were at odds with each other recently, their sibling bond is still there. There’s no malicious intent in her words just now, so don’t take it to heart.”

Hearing that, Amelia replied with a smile, “I didn’t think much of it, Mom. Oscar is an outstanding person. Stephanie is his sister, so understandably, she’ll use him as a reference to find her ideal partner. I understand. They’re siblings, after all. Are you afraid that I’ve misunderstood that she likes Oscar?”

Olivia’s smile stiffened at her words. “It’s good that you didn’t think negatively about it. I’m just afraid that you’ll feel uncomfortable by her words. Looks like I’m just overthinking.”

Amelia smiled. “If there’s nothing else, Mom, I’ll go upstairs to check on Tony.”

“Go ahead. I’ll also check on him shortly.”

Amelia nodded and went upstairs.

She stopped by the nursery to check on Tony and give some instructions to Kurt before returning to her bedroom.

Facing Oscar, who had just come out of the bathroom wearing only a bathrobe, Amelia whistled as she said teasingly with a smile, “Who is this handsome guy? No wonder so many girls are in love with him.”

He strode over her and stroked the tip of her nose affectionately. “What did Mom say to you when she called out just now?”

“She said that Stephanie was purely joking about taking you as a reference to look for a husband, and told me not to overthink.”

Upon hearing that, Oscar’s face turned grim.

“Just ignore her.” He was obviously displeased with Stephanie’s words. “She meant it as a joke.”

Amelia rushed into his arms and stood on tiptoe. Their faces were tantalizingly close as her nose touched his.

After kissing him, she chuckled. “My husband is so outstanding that every woman who sees him will fall in love with him. Now even your sister has expressed that you’re her type. What should I do? You’re so desirable that it makes me worried. I’m afraid that if I’m no longer perfect one day, you’ll forget me in no time.”

Oscar nibbled her lip as an act of punishment in response.

“What does those women’s love have to do with me?” he exclaimed while having an arm around her waist.

His words made Amelia happy as she responded with sweet words that could rival his, “I love you so much, Darling. You’re outstanding, efficient at work, handsome, authoritative, have a sense of social responsibility, love to think critically, and good at sports. In short, you’re both good-looking and well polished. I must’ve done something good to be able to meet you and become your wife. Marrying you was the best achievement and happiest thing in my life,” She said those words sincerely while gazing into his eyes.

Oscar could not contain his smile upon hearing that.

“Your words are so sweet. Let me have a taste and see if you’ve eaten honey.” He leaned forward to kiss her, only to meet with her avoidance.

“Oscar, I’ve found two dramas. Watch them with me later.” Tugging on his arm, Amelia continued coquettishly, “There’s a scene in these dramas that I really like. Once you’ve seen it, we can reenact it if you like. Can you make my dream come true?”

“Okay,” he agreed readily.

“Oscar, aren’t you afraid that I’ll sell you off?”

“With my impressive net worth, who dares to buy me? However, I don’t mind it if you sell yourself to me. I’m willing to pay a lifetime’s worth of effort to make you mine. What do you think?” Oscar pulled her into his arms, locking her in a tight embrace.

Then, he lifted her chin and lowered his head to capture her lips in a passionate kiss.

When the kiss ended, they were so close that they could hear each other’s breathing.

“Honey, you still taste so good. I won’t get enough of it in this lifetime. You’re like an addiction, bewitching me with your charms.” It was a rare moment of him sweet-talking.

Amelia’s cheeks blushed as she chuckled softly. “Aren’t you afraid of dying from an overdose?”

“I’ll die a happy man under your spell.”

Amelia stroked her own cheek twice. “This is embarrassing! Let me see how shameless you can be. You don’t even blush when you say such sweet words.”

Oscar tightened his grip on her arm. “Don’t you enjoy it?”

Leaning against his chest, she listened to his strong heartbeat and felt warm and fuzzy.

They stayed like that for a while before Amelia went to get her laptop. She sat on her bed and patted the spot next to her. “Come, Oscar. Let’s watch the drama together.”

Oscar did as he was told.

Amelia instinctively snuggled against him as she tapped on the video that she had downloaded earlier.

She commented enthusiastically while they were watching. When they got to the part where the male and female lead were checking into a hotel, she suggested, “Let’s stay overnight at a love hotel next time. What do you think, Oscar?”

“Do you like that?”

Amelia leaned closer and whispered into his ear. She blushed when she finished. On the other hand, his eyes turned intense.

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