Love You Enough to Leave You Chapter 262

Love You Enough to Leave You Chapter 262 A Futile Crush

The first thing Oscar saw upon opening the door was Amelia and Kurt with their heads nearly touching each other. Given the fact that they were in the same room so late at night, it was only natural for any guy to get the wrong idea.

Oscar’s expression looked as if he was about to kill someone, but he was quick to hide it and called out to her, “Amelia.”

Amelia accidentally tugged hard on the bandages from the shock, causing Kurt to groan in pain.

Having been snapped out of her state of shock, Amelia quickly apologized, “Sorry! I’m sorry!” She then hurried to her feet, but her legs were numb from kneeling for too long. Fortunately, Oscar quickly reached out to hold her steady when she lost her balance and fell forward. The next thing she knew, she had fallen face-first into his broad chest.

“Be careful not to fall,” Oscar said gently while holding her in his embrace.

Amelia instinctively grabbed on to his arm and tried to explain, “Listen to me, Oscar. This isn’t what it looks like.”

Oscar cut her off by holding a finger to her lips as he said, “Hush! I know. It’s late, so you should head back and get some sleep. We’ll talk in the morning.”

Amelia shot Kurt a glance before nodding in response.

Oscar then wrapped an arm around her waist and brought her back to the bedroom.

Noticing that Amelia had been cautiously staring at his face the whole time, Oscar asked with a chuckle, “What? Did I get something on my face?”

Amelia shook her head. “Aren’t you mad about me being in the nursery late at night?”

“Do you want me to be?”

Amelia shook her head again. “Oscar, I was there because—”

“I know you were there to see Tony. I trust you, Amelia. I know you’re not the type who would flirt with other men when you’ve got a husband and child,” Oscar said confidently.

Amelia’s heart raced when she heard that.

Oscar really is unconditionally trusting and forgiving toward me… If I weren’t losing my vision, I’d be able to fully enjoy all of his love and affection. Alas, fate loves to toy with people… The more beautiful a relationship is, the more vulnerable it becomes. Despite my best efforts to keep this marriage going in hopes of finally reaching the light at the end of the tunnel, fate decided to make it all a joke…

“Oscar, why aren’t you jealous even when you see me mingle with another man? Do you even love me?” Amelia began nitpicking as she wanted to find some fault with him. That way, she would at least feel less horrible about leaving him later on.

Oscar laid her down on the bed and pulled the blanket over her as he replied, “It’s too late at night to be thinking about all this, you silly girl. Hurry up and get some sleep. If you’re not tired, we can engage in some physical activities to help you sleep better.”

Amelia knew better than to argue any further and quickly closed her eyes. As she was really tired, she fell asleep shortly after.

Oscar’s expression turned incredibly nasty as he watched her sleeping face from the side.

He then got out of bed and entered the nursery.

“Boss!” Kurt bowed respectfully when he saw Oscar return.

The next thing he knew, Oscar sent him crashing to the floor with a swift kick to the gut. Kurt quickly got back on his feet and wiped the blood that he had coughed up off the corner of his mouth.

“Do you know what you did wrong?” Oscar asked coldly.

“Boss, Amelia and I are strictly employer and employee. I am well aware of my status and would never dare cross that line!” Kurt explained as he stood up straight.

Oscar stared deeply at him. “You’d better make sure of that. I won’t tolerate anyone fantasizing about my woman, and you know what happens to those that do. You’re a very talented bodyguard that I have personally trained, so don’t force me to cripple you myself. I assigned you to protect Amelia, not to have an affair with her.”

A hint of sadness flashed past in Kurt’s eyes when he heard that, but he maintained a straight face as he replied, “Understood.”

Oscar glanced at Tony who was fast asleep before asking, “How did you injure your hand?”

“I scraped it when I fell.”

“Tell me the truth.”

Kurt kept quiet.

“What? You won’t tell me?”

Kurt hesitated for a bit before replying, “Boss, you said I am to swear my loyalty to Amelia alone. Please forgive me for not being able to answer your question.”

Oscar narrowed his eyes upon hearing that.

“Kurt, are you not afraid of me killing you right here and now?”

“My life belongs to you, Boss. I will not complain if you wish to take it, but there are many things I cannot tell you now that I am sworn to protect Amelia and Mr. Anthony,” Kurt replied seriously.

Oscar broke into a cold grin. “Very well, Kurt…”

“I’m sorry, Boss.”

Oscar stepped forward until they were merely inches apart from each other and stared him down domineeringly as he asked, “You’ve got some guts disobeying me like this, Kurt. Are you not afraid that I would have you leave Amelia for good?”

“I’m just carrying out your orders, Boss. I will remain loyal to Amelia alone unless she fires me,” Kurt replied solemnly.

Oscar glared coldly at him for a moment before turning around and leaving the nursery.

Kurt had a conflicted look on his face as he watched Oscar shut the door behind him.

He recalled the affectionate sentences and promises from Oscar that he saw in Cassie’s phone earlier. In her phone gallery were thousands of pictures of Oscar that she had taken while he was asleep. Some of them were taken from the side, some from the front, and some with his upper body bare. To make matters worse, those pictures were taken fairly recently.

Kurt wasn’t sure if he had developed feelings for Amelia, but he felt angry when he saw those text messages and pictures.

Unsure of the reason why he felt those emotions, Kurt had deleted everything in his state of panic and left Yard Manor in a hurry. He was panicking so much that he got into a scuffle with the Yard family’s bodyguards on his way out. Although he suffered some slight injuries from the fight, he was an incredibly skilled fighter and managed to dispatch them quickly with ease.

He got into the car after leaving Yard Manor, but he simply sat there staring blankly into space instead of driving off immediately. He got so lost in thought that he wasn’t even bothered by the wound on his arm. Over ten minutes had passed by the time he came back to his senses, which was the reason why his return to the Clinton residence was delayed.

As such, he ignored his wound and climbed in through the window upon arrival.

He found himself captivated by Amelia’s feminine fragrance when she was bandaging his wound and felt a strong urge to pull her into his arms on the spot. He wanted to protect her and keep her safe from all harm.

Had Oscar not shown up at that critical moment, he probably would’ve acted upon impulse and embraced the woman who made his heart race.

It was a feeling he had never experienced before, as he had always found women to be troublesome to deal with. Any colleague who talked to him about women would hear him end the topic by calling women “boring creatures.”

Naturally, his colleagues thought he was dense and dragged him along whenever they went partying. They tried introducing him to the women in the pubs, and he tried hooking up with a girl who had heavy makeup on out of curiosity. However, he found himself nearly puking the moment the girl took her clothes off. Eventually, the incident ended with the woman storming off angrily while calling him crazy.

It was then that he decided he would never have feelings for women his entire life, only to find himself falling for a woman he could never lay his hands on.

D*mn… The first time I develop feelings for someone and she turns out to be a woman who can never be mine…

Kurt thought to himself as he stood by the window and stared at the night sky. It was his first time falling for someone, and the feelings were so intense that he didn’t know how to calm himself down.

Because he never dated anyone before, he didn’t know what it was like to be with a woman. He had no idea how to deal with his feelings, nor did he have anyone he could talk to about his situation. All he could do was rely on his instincts to get closer to Amelia even though he knew it was fatal to do so.

Just as his mind was occupied by the woman, he felt an immense pain in his chest and pressed his hands against his chest as he began coughing. It wasn’t until the pain slowly faded later on that he breathed a sigh of relief.

Oscar’s kick was so powerful that it nearly broke my ribs… Because he trained me, I am inferior to him when it comes to fighting skills and would definitely die if he really wanted me dead. There simply is no doubting that fact.

Kurt’s mind was in a mess as the cold night breeze blew upon him.

He was almost in his thirties when he finally had feelings for someone like a young adolescent male, and yet it turned out to be a futile crush filled with bitterness instead.

Not knowing how he could rid himself of those feelings, Kurt could only sigh as he resigned himself to the suffering that came with it.

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