Love You Enough to Leave You Chapter 263

Love You Enough to Leave You Chapter 263 Caught Cheating 1

Amelia had woken up really early the next morning. She followed Oscar into the bathroom and serviced him like he was a king of some sort.

After rinsing his mouth, Oscar grabbed her by the hand and said, “Honey, I would very much prefer if you show me this passion when I give you the best service in bed instead. I can brush my teeth and get dressed on my own, so you can just sit by and watch from the side.”

Amelia flashed him a faint smile in response. “I just thought I’d make it up to you for my mistake last night. Don’t you like it when I service you like this?”

Oscar didn’t know whether to laugh or cry when he heard that. “The best way you can make it up to me is by staying away from other men. You have no idea how attractive you are, Honey. You may not be interested in them, but that doesn’t mean they won’t take interest in you. Given how beautiful and kind you are, it only makes sense that every man on earth would fall for you.”

Amelia had never thought of herself as an exceptionally charming woman. With the exception of her naturally pretty face, she believed everything else about her was completely ordinary. As such, she never understood why those men would fling themselves at her when she didn’t even try to seduce them. At some point, Tiffany even commented that she was a natural-born vixen due to her innate ability to attract men.

Being called a vixen was probably the highest form of compliment a woman could ever receive.

After all, not every woman possessed the insane beauty and wits to easily have men wrapped around their fingertips.

“If I were that charming, it wouldn’t have taken five years for you to start loving me,” Amelia replied in a half-joking manner.

“True, but my love for you is eternal,” Oscar promised sweetly.

Amelia felt her heart skip a beat upon hearing that, but maintained a straight face as she said, “Look at you, being all smooth and flirty.”

Oscar simply gave her a kiss on the forehead without saying anything.

As men often saw women as mere sexual objects, it was believed that a man truly loved and treasured a woman if he kissed her on the forehead.

After fixing Oscar’s tie, the two of them had their arms around each other as they went downstairs for breakfast. “Don’t forget about tonight, Oscar! I’ll be waiting for you!” Amelia said with a smile after walking him to his car.

Oscar gently caressed her cheek as he replied, “Don’t worry. I’ll give you a huge surprise tonight.”

“I’ll be looking forward to it, then.”

“All right, head back inside now. I’ll come home to have lunch with you later.”

“I want to see you off first.”

With no other choice, Oscar could only get in his car and drive off.

Amelia’s smile slowly faded as Oscar’s BMW disappeared into the distance.

I’m sure I’ll never forget the surprise you have in store for me tonight, but it’s about time our marriage came to an end. I’m sorry, Oscar. I’m sorry I couldn’t keep my promise and stay with you forever. If there is a next life, I would want to have a healthy body so I can be your wife again. We’ll have kids and remain a happy family till the end.

With that in mind, Amelia stood rooted to the spot like she had lost her soul and had become an empty shell of her former self.

After what seemed like an eternity, Amelia pulled out her phone and sent Tiffany a text: Tiff, come with me to the Hotel Van Hutton tonight.

Tiffany’s reply came almost instantly: Okay.

Five minutes later, Amelia received another text from her: As long as you don’t regret it, I will stay with you as we carry out that plan of ours. Just keep in mind that your relationship with Oscar will go downhill after this night is over.

A wry smile formed on her face after reading it.

I’ve thought this through. I don’t want Oscar to see me in such a miserable state, so I’m choosing to leave him even if it’s a very selfish thing to do.

With that in mind, she sent Tiffany a text: I’ve made up my mind, Tiff. I won’t regret this.

Tiffany sent her a final message before going offline: All right, then. We’ll go there tonight.

Amelia felt a little awkward when she saw Kurt upon returning to the nursery. She then pretended to clear her throat and asked, “Oscar didn’t give you a hard time last night, did he?”

Kurt shook his head in response.

Amelia’s lips twitched a little in surprise as she suddenly found herself at a loss for words.

Kurt flashed her a conflicted look before saying, “Ame… I mean, ma’am, could you keep Tony company while I head out for a bit?”

Amelia glanced at him briefly and simply nodded in approval. She didn’t even bother to have him change her form of address this time.

Just like that, she spent the next few hours by Tony’s side before sending Oscar a picture of Tony sleeping along with a text message: Meet me in Room 2016 of Hotel Van Hutton tonight, Darling! I’ll put on that nurse outfit you’ve been looking forward to. I’ve prepared a huge surprise for you, so don’t come home for lunch today. I don’t want you spoiling the surprise. Hugs and kisses from your loving wife!

Oscar, who was having a serious meeting at the time, burst out laughing when he saw her message.

His sudden outburst was so unexpected that he shocked all the higher-ups present at the meeting.

Everyone was staring at him, curious as to whose message it was that could get the usually stern Oscar to break character.

Oscar then casually put his phone aside and cleared his throat before saying, “All right. Let’s get started with the meeting.”

Despite their intense curiosity, nobody dared pry into his personal affairs.

Oscar being in a good mood would result in a pleasant and smooth meeting, so everyone knew better than to change that.

Just like that, Oscar practically spent the rest of his day in that meeting.

He dismissed the meeting at six and hurried off after putting on his suit jacket. “Looks like Mr. Clinton is finally becoming a family man!” said one of the higher-ups.

Everyone else laughed upon hearing that. Little did they know, their so-called family man would become a heartless devil and have them spend their lives working endlessly in future days.

Amelia had left the Clinton residence by the time Oscar got home. Olivia was looking after Tony, and Kurt was nowhere to be found.

“Where’s Amelia, Mom?” Oscar asked while playing with Tony.

“She said she would be going on a date with you. Where are you two headed? Why is she being so mysterious about it?” Olivia replied with a confused look on her face.

Oscar broke into a mischievous grin. “This is our little secret, Mom.”

Olivia burst out laughing as she realized her usually uptight son had become a lot more playful.

“If you’re looking after Tony, then where’s Kurt?”

“He said he had to go out for a bit. This is a perfect chance for me to bond with my grandson, so I’m not complaining. You should go get changed and have dinner. It’s getting late.”

“No, I’m heading out to see Amelia. You and Dad can go ahead and have dinner without me.”

“But it’s almost eight now! Shouldn’t you at least eat something before leaving?”

“It’s fine. I’ll just have dinner with Amelia later.”

Oscar then rushed back into his car and gave Amelia a call. “Where are you right now, Amelia?”

“I’m getting the uniform ready. Have you arrived at the hotel yet?”

“I should be able to make it around nine.”

“All right, hurry up! I’m waiting for you!”


Oscar then hung up the phone and sped off with a huge smile on his face.

He arrived outside Hotel Van Hutton at nine sharp. A hotel staff had been waiting for him and handed him three bright red roses as she said, “Mrs. Clinton says she loves you!”

Oscar happily took the roses over and nodded at the hotel staff before entering the hotel. The hotel staff could be heard repeating that same phrase over and over until he entered the elevator.

Right after he exited the elevator, a male hotel staff greeted him with a smile and handed him a bouquet of ninety-nine roses. “Mrs. Clinton says she loves you very much and would like to spend the rest of her life with you.”

Oscar’s smile widened as he received the roses.

Usually, it’s me who prepares these surprises for Amelia. Who would’ve thought she would do the same for me someday, eh? It feels so refreshing and amazing that my heart is melting on the inside! This woman sure is loveable, especially when she’s being romantic!

Oscar was greeted by a sea of red when he opened the room door with the key card provided by the hotel staff. The room was decorated like a bridal chamber with the blanket and pillows on the bed all being red in color.

Upon making his way inside, he saw two glasses of milk and a note on the dressing table that read: I’ve prepared this glass of milk for you with love, Darling. Make sure you finish it in one go!

He noticed a strange taste in the milk when he drank it, but he didn’t suspect a thing, as he believed Amelia had prepared it for him.

After downing the two glasses of milk, he seemed to be in a great mood and began admiring the romantic decoration in the room.

About ten minutes later, Oscar felt his body burning up and his consciousness slowly fading away.

He shook his head violently to remain conscious, but his body felt like it had countless ants crawling over it.

Intense feelings of l**t surged through him as he lay on the bed, and he was reduced to a h***y mess in just two minutes.

Amelia felt herself tearing up as she watched Oscar writhing on the bed through a hidden camera.

Tiffany held her by the hand and said, “Amelia, you can still go in there right now if you regret this. That drug he took is a really strong one, and things could get really bad if he doesn’t do it.”

Amelia closed her eyes in pain as she ordered, “Kurt, you can bring Cassie in there now.”

Kurt shot her a hesitant glance but did as told anyway.

Amelia watched on as Oscar pounced on Cassie the moment Kurt laid her down beside him.

Tiffany shifted her gaze between the e****c scene on the screen and Amelia who looked like she had become numb to it all.

I never knew Amelia was capable of being so vicious toward herself and Oscar… She came up with such an elaborate scheme, all for the sake of divorcing him? Even so, I can see a mix of pain and sadness amid that viciousness in her eyes. She has eliminated all possibilities of turning back now…

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