Love You Enough to Leave You Chapter 269

Love You Enough to Leave You Chapter 269 She Will Forgive You

Oscar drove Amelia back to the Clinton residence in total silence. Olivia was playing with Tony when they returned. She got to her feet with Tony in her arms and gave them a warm grin. “Tony, look who’s back!”

Tony was around five months old. He was growing at a faster pace compared to other children. Now, he no longer cried at the sight of Oscar, but he wasn’t that close to his father, either. The person he was closest to was Kurt.

“Daddy, Mommy.” Olivia held his little hand and tried to teach him how to talk.

Tony waved his hands around excitedly. At the sight of his chubby cheeks, Amelia felt her heart dropping to her stomach. She didn’t know if she had made the correct decision by ending their marriage selfishly. Tony was deprived of the right to have a father in his life.

Guilt overwhelmed Amelia’s heart, for a child who grew up without his father or mother would have an incomplete childhood.

Tony, when you grow up and find out why I left your father in the first place, will you blame me for having my way?

Olivia was sharp enough to sense something was wrong between Amelia and Oscar. “What’s going on?” she urged.

Snapping back to reality, Amelia gave Oscar an awkward glance before parting her lips to explain. Alas, words failed her.

Oscar wrapped an arm around her waist nonchalantly and grinned. “Mom, we’re fine. Amelia’s sticking to me like a child.”

Olivia relaxed visibly as her lips curved into a smile. “I’m glad to see you two being such a lovely couple.”

Amelia reached out to take Tony from her arms. “Mom, you must be tired from taking care of Tony. I’ll take over now.”

A smiling Olivia was about to say something when Stephanie ran down the stairs hastily. “Mom! Cassie just called and said she had s*x with Oscar last night. Amelia caught them in the act. She wants Oscar to take responsibility for her, saying that the Yard family won’t let it slip easily!” she hollered.

Amelia’s arms tightened around her son while Oscar’s expression fell. Olivia glanced at them in disbelief.

It took her some time to regain her composure. She immediately glowered at Stephanie and chided, “Stephanie, stop talking nonsense. Oscar had been with Amelia the whole night. Are you trying to cause trouble again, huh?”

Stephanie pouted. “Mom, I wasn’t spouting nonsense. It was Cassie who called and told me about it. Apparently, Mr. and Mrs. Yard are going to come later to demand an explanation. If you don’t believe me, ask Oscar about it.”

Olivia turned her gaze to Amelia and Oscar.

“Oscar, is she telling the truth?” she demanded.

Oscar pressed his lips together and said nothing.

His silence meant acknowledgment.

Olivia cast a look of disbelief in Amelia’s direction and spotted the glimmer of misery in the latter’s eyes. At once, her heart sank.

She took a deep breath to calm herself down.

“Didn’t you spend the night with Amelia? Why did you get in touch with Cassie? Amelia gave birth to Tony for you, and you make a happy family together. Why aren’t you satisfied and got back together with Cassie?” Olivia exclaimed vehemently with her palm on her chest.

The Clinton family had just regained peace in their household, but troubles were coming one after another. Their family was like a swamp. It was easy for someone to create a mess that would catch them off guard.

Oscar tensed up and answered, “Mom, I’ll get to the bottom of this.”

Stephanie chimed in, “Oscar, what else is there to investigate? Amelia caught you and Cassie in the act at the hotel. I believe you still love Cassie. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have slept with her. Since you still have feelings for each other, and she was once pregnant with your child, you should provide an explanation, right? It isn’t right to dump her after taking advantage of her.”

Oscar shot her an icy look.

Though Stephanie was terrified of Oscar, she loved to cause trouble for Amelia. It delighted her to see how miserable Amelia was.

She once said she’d watch as Amelia leave the Clintons in a disheveled state. That day was about to come.

Olivia glanced at her before reprimanding, “Stephanie, stop it! Oscar and Amelia are a loving couple, so stop trying to add fuel to fire. It must be a misunderstanding. So stop your gloating and make people mad.”

Pleased, Stephanie paid no heed to her mom and continued, “Mom, Oscar was the one who cheated on his wife. You should be punishing him instead of me! But it’s obvious he still loves Cassie. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have slept with her last night. As a man, he should give an explanation instead of leaving without a word. Mom, didn’t you teach us to be responsible beings?”

Olivia had displeasure written all over her face.

Amelia’s face was devoid of emotions as she patted Tony and said, “Mom, I’ll bring Tony upstairs.” She then went up the stairs without waiting for a reply.

Stephanie yelled behind her, “Amelia, don’t be upset. Though Oscar doesn’t love you, you’re pretty enough to get married to a plain-looking but rich man after getting a divorce. If that isn’t enough, Carter is still waiting for you patiently. Don’t disappoint him. I remember how intimate you were in that photo.”

Amelia stopped in her tracks.

Oscar stepped forward and gave Stephanie two tight slaps.

The slaps were so strong and sudden that Stephanie fell into a momentary daze.

Olivia blurted out, “Oscar, what are you doing? Can’t you talk nicely?”

His expression frigid, Oscar answered, “I’m just teaching your daughter a lesson on your behalf, Mom. Since she refuses to be obedient, I’ll let her know what respect means.”

Covering her swollen cheek, Stephanie sneered, “Oscar, can’t I say what you did wrong? Was it me who f*cked Cassie? Was it me who got caught in the act? You’re bold enough to cheat on her, and I’m just stating the facts. Did I do something wrong? Can you slap me just because you got upset? Mom kept saying you’re a responsible man, but I don’t think so. Just like all men, you’re fickle-hearted and cheated on your wife. Why are you afraid of my insults, huh?”

Oscar’s fists clenched up in anger.

Afraid the situation would get worse under Stephanie’s constant foolish provocation, Olivia cut in, “Stephanie, stop it!”

Shrugging her shoulders nonchalantly, Stephanie replied, “Mom, I didn’t want to poke my nose into their business, but you saw how Oscar cheated on Amelia. He needs to give Cassie an explanation. Otherwise, the Yard family won’t give up easily.”

Olivia wore a grim expression.

“Oscar, what do you think?”

“Mom, there’s nothing between Cassie and me. It was just a misunderstanding. I’ll investigate the matter personally,” Oscar announced sternly.

“Oscar, you’ve already slept with her. How could it be a misunderstanding? I can’t believe you refuse to admit to it. You were the one who took advantage of her! Cassie is the victim here. Are you seriously dumping her after a one-night stand? Do you want our family to end up being rivals?” Stephanie interjected mockingly.

Oscar shot her an icy look.

Olivia fell silent, seemingly deep in thought.

After a brief silence, she asked, “Oscar, have you remained in contact with Cassie?”

Shaking his head, Oscar repeated, “It’s a misunderstanding. I promise I’ll investigate it thoroughly. I shall return to my room now.”

“Sit down. Amelia must still be fuming over what happened. If you go to her now, she’ll be reminded of the event. You should spend a few days apart and talk when you’re both calm. Amelia is a cultured and educated lady. No matter how mad she is, there’s no changing the fact that she loves you. Now that you have Tony, she won’t give up on your marriage easily. Just be nice to her and apologize profusely. I’m sure she’ll forgive you,” Olivia suggested.

A bitter smile hung on Oscar’s lips. Mom doesn’t know the woman who she claims to love me and will give in for our son’s sake had asked for divorce this morning.

Oscar sank into the sofa as told and covered his forehead with his palms in dejection. He was no longer his past arrogant self and exuded a crestfallen air. Amelia’s determination this morning had given him a huge blow.

He had never felt that powerless and terrified before.

At that very moment, his heart sank into a deep abyss at the thought of losing Amelia.

Oscar cared a lot for Amelia, more than anyone else could imagine. She was important to him. Amelia herself had no idea how much she meant to him.

Seeing his reaction, Olivia felt bad for him. She had been working hard to keep the peace in the family, but problems kept coming one after the other, rendering her utterly helpless.

“Oscar, pull yourself together. Give Amelia some time,” she advised.

After a while, Oscar spoke up. “Mom, will Amelia divorce me?” His voice was gruff.

Jolting in shock, Olivia blinked fervently as a myriad of emotions flashed across her eyes. In the end, she sighed and said from experience, “No, she has you and Tony. Women can endure everything for the sake of their children. Besides, Amelia loves you dearly. She won’t bear to leave you and Tony behind. Don’t worry.”

So Tony is more important to her.

Oscar felt upset to learn that.

He was childish enough to be jealous of his own son.

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