Love You Enough to Leave You Chapter 270

Love You Enough to Leave You Chapter 270 Turn Love Into Hate

Cassie knew that even if she showed up to announce that she had s*x with Oscar, Olivia wouldn’t agree to let her enter the family. Oscar wasn’t in love with her anymore, so her action would only serve to humiliate herself. However, she refused to give up. She didn’t want Oscar to dump her after taking advantage of her, so she decided to kick up a fuss and annoy the Clintons. They shall suffer! I can’t be happy, so they can’t be happy, too!

She tried to persuade her parents to go to the Clinton residence, but her parents refused to humiliate themselves. Thus, she agreed to start over again with June if her parents would follow her to the Clinton residence. As her parents had taken a liking to June’s family background, she used that to force them to go against the Clinton family.

Her parents, who used to love her, ended up caving in for their own benefits.

Since no one wished her well, she’d be going up against the entire world herself. She was willing to sacrifice her body so men would go against the Clinton family for her sake.

Any man would do for her, as long as he agreed to take revenge on Oscar.

She had no idea what spell Oscar casted on her. After failing to get him, her love turned to hate, and she went all out to take revenge on him.

Love made her a madwoman. Hence, she went against her heart and became June’s woman. That way, she could see Oscar kneeling before her one day and apologizing to her, saying that he was wrong.

She brought her parents to the Clinton residence to demand an explanation. No one showed any signs of giving in.

Cassie shot Oscar a hopeful look. Even if he gave her a pitiful look, she’d immediately stop hating him and continue loving him deeply. Alas, Oscar didn’t even bother sparing her a glance.

Biting her lip, she couldn’t stop the hatred in her heart from escalating. If you don’t love me, then despise me. That way, I’ll still be in your heart.

Olivia took one look at the Yard family and pretended to be clueless. “Charlie, why are you here with Cassie? Are you going to kick up a fuss?”

Before Charlie could speak, Elizabeth stopped him. “Olivia, we parted on bad terms previously. I didn’t want to come and upset you, but your son seduced Cassie when she was on the verge of giving up. Cassie said they had s*x last night. Never mind if you refuse to admit it. We had already done a medical examination at the hospital. When the results are released, we’ll go to the police and sue Oscar. We don’t care about our reputation anymore. I want you to know that we are not pushovers,” she declared.

Olivia’s gaze darkened.

She knew the Yard family came with evil intent, but their actions were more despicable than she had imagined.

If a police report was made, it would be bad for both sides. It looks like the Yards are going to burn bridges. We’re ending up as enemies because of our children after being friends for decades.

“Charlie, I think this is nothing but a misunderstanding. We’re both prominent families, so taking it to the police will affect both Cassie’s and Oscar’s reputations. Cassie, especially, is just a woman. She’ll get married one day. Do you want her to be labeled that way for the rest of her life? I’m not defending Oscar. If it is his fault, we will make it up to Cassie. Isn’t that what you came for?” Olivia asked.

With a derisive snort, Elizabeth mocked, “Make it up? Olivia, do you think we’re three-year-old kids? You said you’d make it up, but you did nothing for the past few months. Cassie lost her child, tried to commit suicide, and was in the hospital when Oscar dumped her. You said nothing about that. How dare you promise to make it up to her? That’s the biggest joke I’ve ever heard.”

After a brief pause, she went all out. “I don’t want your compensation. Today, Charlie and I came to seek justice for Cassie. Either Oscar gets a divorce and marries Cassie, or we’ll sue him for taking advantage of Cassie. The report will be on our side, so he’ll get charged for sure. Think about it,” she warned.

Olivia stiffened visibly, not knowing how to respond.

Balling his fists up, Oscar responded, “Mrs. Yard, I respect you as an elder. I admit I had s*x with Cassie, but it was a set-up. I’ll definitely find out the culprit behind this and give you closure. However, there’s no way I’ll marry her. If you want to sue me, go ahead. My conscience is clear, and I’m not afraid.”

Elizabeth glared at him.

In fact, they weren’t going to sue Oscar for real. Even if they won the court case, Cassie’s reputation would go down the drain. It would be hard for her to marry into a respectable family. Their goal was to give the Clintons a warning. They wanted the Clintons to know they weren’t weaklings.

Cassie stared at an expressionless Oscar as her heart ached painfully.

She loved him deeply, and they used to be a loving couple. She couldn’t forget how he adored her and indulged in her every whim willingly. However, five years later, she returned to find him married to someone else. She compromised and agreed to be his mistress, and he promised to get a divorce before marrying her. The idea of wearing a wedding gown and marrying him in a solemn marriage ceremony was a dream come true for her. Alas, they ended up becoming strangers.

Though her feelings for him had never changed, he was now head over heels in love with another woman.

She loved him, but he was in love with someone else. That was a sad fact.

Back then, she assumed they would be the perfect couple that was envied by all. After marrying him, she’d be a housewife and prepare meals for him. She had envisioned a future together with him. They’d spend a few years together before planning to have a baby and form a happy family of three.

Nevertheless, reality gave her a huge slap. They had only gotten together for a few months when Oscar changed his mind and decided to return to his wife. She was dumped by the man without knowing whose fault it was.

“Oscar Clinton, stop giving excuses. I don’t care if it was a set-up. You had s*x with Cassie, and that’s the truth. What’s your plan? Don’t be a coward. I won’t buy that.” Elizabeth was pushy, and she had also made her stand very clear.

Oscar pursed his lips without saying anything.

Elizabeth added, “Didn’t you say you’ll make it up to Cassie? We’ve thought about it on the way here. Never mind if you won’t marry her. There are plenty of men who’d line up to be her husband. We demand five percent of Clinton Corporations’ shares. Otherwise, we’ll meet you in court.”

The look in Oscar’s eyes grew even colder while something glinted across Olivia’s eyes.

Clinton Corporations was a large corporation with over ten thousand employees. A mere five percent share would be an exorbitant sum for a small company, so Elizabeth was being outrageously greedy.

“Charlie, is that what you want? We’ve been friends for ages. Are you seriously going to end our relationship because of these material possessions?” Olivia turned to Charlie and tried to persuade him with logic and reason.

Elizabeth promptly stood before her husband and gave a dismissive wave. “Olivia, stop using your friendship to persuade us to change our minds. Cassie was bullied by your son, so why didn’t you do anything about it when we were friends? She lost her baby and nearly took her own life, and it’s no thanks to your son. Now he even dared to take advantage of her! It isn’t too much for us to ask for five percent of Clinton Corporations’ shares, right? We don’t need it, but Cassie deserves to get it. Either you agree to hand over the shares, or we’ll meet in court. We don’t mind the shame,” she declared.

Olivia glanced at Oscar.

The latter shot Cassie a look before saying, “All right. I agree with that on one condition—after getting the five percent shares, Cassie and I shall no longer be tied together in any way. We’re no longer lovers, not even strangers.”

Suddenly, Cassie gripped the sofa forcefully as tears streamed down her face.

“Oscar, do you hate me that much? Did you really forget how we used to be happy together?” she demanded in anguish.

Though she claimed to despise him and wanted to take revenge, she still loved him deeply. Everything she did was to make Oscar change his mind and return to her. However, all the man did was crush her again and again.

“Ms. Yard, that was your mother’s condition. Five percent of our company’s shares are a lot. I can give it to you on the condition that we end everything between us. I hope you’ll stay away from me,” Oscar stated cruelly.

He no longer loved her, so he could be as ruthless as he wished.

Oscar was a heartless and indifferent man. Once he fell out of love with someone, he’d deal with her viciously. On the other hand, when he fell in love with a woman, he’d put up with all her flaws.

When he loved someone dearly, he’d give him all his warmth. On the other hand, he would be an iceberg before someone he didn’t love.

“I don’t want the shares! You will never get rid of me. Since you wish to cut all ties with me, I’ll stick by your side forever!” Cassie got to her feet and hollered with all her might.

Giving Oscar a convoluted look, she wailed, “Oscar Clinton, I hate you! You’ll never get rid of me, ever!” Having said that, she dashed out of the Clinton residence.

“Cassie!” Elizabeth jumped to her feet and glowered at Oscar. She took her husband’s arm and demanded, “Why are you still seated? Cassie’s gone. We need to go after her! If she decides to end her life, we’ll be doomed!”

Elizabeth and Charlie then left hastily.

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