Love You Enough to Leave You Chapter 271

Love You Enough to Leave You Chapter 271 Do You Want To Divorce Me That Badly

D**n… Cassie sure is a lot more honest and bolder than I am; I’ll give her that. At least she has the courage to pursue the love that she wants. Heck, she shamelessly came all the way here even though Oscar no longer loves her! While it probably isn’t the right thing to do, her persistence is indeed admirable. Unfortunately for me, her level of shamelessness is something that I lack. Had I been a little more shameless and a little less egotistical, Oscar and I would still be happily together right now… Amelia thought to herself as she watched the drama from the balcony.

She returned to the nursery when nobody was looking and played with Tony absent-mindedly while Kurt watched from the side.

Noticing that he was about to voice his thoughts, Amelia looked up at him and said, “I know what you want to tell me, Kurt, but could you please not say a word? I want to be left alone right now.”

Kurt nodded and held his tongue obediently.

“Thank you, Kurt!” she added gratefully.

Kurt felt his heart ache but simply shook his head in response.

Amelia is completely different from all the other women from wealthy families. She dresses fashionably but not extravagantly; she looks s**y but isn’t promiscuous; she has a kind heart despite having all this money and power, and she’s friendly even though she gives off an air of superiority… It’s almost impossible for a guy to spend so much time around her without falling in love with her! Most would assume she’s an unfaithful woman at first glance, but those who know her personally will see that she’s both adorable and s**y. It is precisely because she has so many interesting sides to her that men find themselves attracted to her!

With that in mind, Kurt decided to ignore his feelings and said fairly, “Boss is a good and loving man. He spent tons of money just to help you find a suitable cornea donor. There is really no need for you to divorce him.”

Amelia let out a wry chuckle and asked softly, “You know about it?”

“Tiffany told me.”

Amelia shot him a glance as she asked, “You think what I’m doing is really stupid too, don’t you? Most people will never give up on the wealth and luxury provided by the Clinton family, and yet here I am doing the complete opposite like an idiot.”

Kurt shook his head and replied fairly, “You must have your reasons for doing this.”

Amelia had conflicted feelings in her heart as she continued playing with Tony on the bed. It hurts me the most to set Oscar up like that. Given his resources, it’s highly possible for him to eventually find out that I’m the one behind all this. I bet he’ll hate me to death then.

“Kurt, are you going to tell Oscar that I set him up?” she asked in a seemingly casual manner.

“I answer only to you. Don’t worry, I’ve already destroyed all evidence from last night. Tiffany and the two of us are the only ones who will know about this. Boss won’t be able to find anything even if he tries to. You can trust me on that!” Kurt replied, expressing his loyalty to her.

Amelia chuckled upon hearing that and said ambiguously, “Out of all the people I’ve met, you’re the most difficult one to read, Kurt. You’ve been working for Oscar for so many years, and yet you switched sides and swore absolute loyalty to me right after he tasked you with protecting me? What happens if I have you return to Oscar later on? Are you going to tell him about everything I’ve done?”

“No,” Kurt replied with a frown.

Amelia shrugged with a hint of sadness in her eyes. “I don’t understand the rules that you bodyguards go by, but I do trust you to keep our secret safe. You’re the kind of guy who makes people feel safe around you.”

A faint glint appeared in Kurt’s eyes when he heard that.

Amelia glanced at Tony, who was lying on the bed, as she continued, “Kurt, I have a selfish request to make. If I am unable to gain custody over Tony after divorcing Oscar, I want you to look after him for me.”

“Boss is a very righteous man. He loves you very much; I’m sure he won’t make things difficult for you,” Kurt said confidently.

Amelia, on the other hand, wasn’t all that confident about it.

Oh, I sure hope so… Tony is the first grandson of the Clinton family. Even if Oscar agreed to let me have custody over him, Olivia and Owen probably wouldn’t. Given their resources, there’s no way I could possibly win against them. If they really decide to fight for Tony’s custody, then I’m bound to lose that battle.

“Ma’am… I mean, Amelia, hear me out here. I think it’s best if you remain in the Clinton family. Should you actually go blind, it’d be a lot easier for them to find you a suitable cornea donor with their power and resources. It would also benefit you greatly during your recovery,” Kurt stated his opinion after a brief moment of hesitation.

Amelia let out a wry chuckle in response.

“Please, don’t get the wrong idea. I’m just voicing my analysis from a realistic point of view. I’ll stop if you don’t like to hear it.”

Amelia shook her head.

“Of course, I’ll help you out with anything you need.”

“All you have to do is take good care of Tony for me. I don’t want you getting involved in my personal affairs with the Clintons. I’ll try my best to gain custody over Tony, no matter how slim my chances are,” Amelia replied as she got up from the bed, only to have her vision go black all of a sudden.

She tried shaking her head profusely, but nothing happened.

Kurt instinctively tried to hold her steady but stopped himself before his hand reached her.

“What’s wrong?” he asked worriedly.

“Nothing, I just lost my vision all of a sudden. As you can see, I’m going to be blind soon. Do you really think a blind woman like me is worthy of being Oscar’s wife?”

Kurt fell silent as he knew just how strict wealthy families were.

They would definitely not approve of Oscar having a blind woman for a wife!

Amelia felt her way back toward the bed and sat down. “Kurt, I hope you won’t tell Oscar that I’m going blind. All I want right now is a peaceful divorce and custody over Tony; nothing more.”

Kurt was about to say something when a knock was heard on the door.

Amelia panicked a little and waved her hands frantically as she said, “Don’t open it!” She had yet to regain her vision, so she didn’t want anyone to come in and find out about her going blind.

Kurt wanted to reach out and hold her hands but stopped himself halfway through.

Olivia’s voice was heard from outside the door. “Amelia? Are you in there? I’m coming in now, okay?”

Kurt quickly stepped forward and locked the door from the inside so she couldn’t get in.

“Amelia? Why did you lock the door? I know Oscar has wronged you. You’re not mad at me too, are you?” Olivia called out to her from outside.

“I’m just a little tired, Mom. I’m going to sleep with Tony for a bit, okay?” Amelia replied.

“All right, you get some rest, then. I’ll come see you later.”

Amelia breathed a sigh of relief when she heard Olivia leave, but her vision was still pitch black.

“I think you should get your eyes checked at the hospital. Your condition looks pretty bad,” Kurt suggested when he saw her trying to act as though she was fine.

Amelia shook her head. “I’m fine. I’ll be okay after a while.”

Her vision loss lasted for a whole thirty minutes this time. “Kurt, could you look after Tony? I need to head out for a bit,” she said after fully regaining her sense of sight.

Kurt nodded and asked when she got to the door, “Are you really okay?”

Amelia simply nodded her head and walked out the door immediately after.

Oscar was already inside the bedroom by the time she got there. Neither of them knew what to say when their eyes met.

“Oh, you’re here?” Amelia was the first to break the silence.

After taking a moment to regain his composure, Oscar walked toward her and pinned her against the wall as he said, “Amelia, I will give you some time to calm down. However, I hope that things will be back to normal between us by the time I return. Cassie and I are never going to be together, okay? You are the only person I love.”

Amelia maintained a calm expression as she replied, “I’ve already called a lawyer, Oscar. We’ll be able to get the divorce papers signed in a few days. I’m tired of being stuck in this love triangle between you and Cassie. It’s exhausting to always be on guard in case she tries to come after me and Tony. You may be really powerful and excellent, but women can get really crazy when desperate. I used to think that your love was all that I needed, but after seeing that little scene Cassie caused earlier, I realized she’s a much more suitable woman for you. I don’t have that kind of resolve to act so boldly in the name of love.”

The look on Oscar’s face turned gloomy instantly.

“It’s clear that you haven’t calmed down yet, Amelia. How about we live separately for a few days before having this discussion?”

With tears in her eyes, Amelia shoved Oscar away and knelt down before him.

“Please just let me go, Oscar! I won’t ask for any of your money! All I want is to take Tony with me!”

I’m sorry, Oscar. Please forgive me for doing this… I’m going blind very soon, and I really don’t want you to see me in that state! Will you please grant me my wish when I can still see?

Oscar had a conflicted look in his eyes when he saw Amelia on her knees like that, and his heart felt as though it was being stabbed repeatedly with a knife.

In just two days, their relationship had gotten to the point of divorce.

Having dominated the corporate world for so many years, he could easily tell that Amelia was serious about divorcing him.

I know I’ve wronged her, but is my mistake really that serious? Is divorce truly the only option?

“Do you wish to divorce me that badly?” Oscar asked bitterly while trying his best to suppress the sadness in his eyes.

Amelia nodded and replied with tears flowing down her cheeks, “I can’t bring myself to forget how you and Cassie were all over each other in bed. I never want to experience a betrayal like that ever again. You’re an excellent man desired by tons of women out there. Let’s get this divorce over with so you can marry a rich woman just as how Dad wanted you to. We’re simply not meant to be together.”

“Give me a reason why you want a divorce. Is it because you’ve fallen in love with another man?” Oscar asked coldly, his fists clenched.

Amelia looked up at him in surprise but instinctively lowered her gaze when she saw the pained look in his eyes.

“No, I just got sick of how unstable our relationship is! All I want is a loving husband who will treat me well and take care of the family, but you’re far too excellent for me. Even without Cassie, there will always be others like Isabella or Rachel. I can’t stand having a husband who attracts women wherever he goes, so let’s just get a divorce. I don’t want to keep this exhausting marriage going any further,” she said while shaking her head profusely.

Her excuse was so hilarious that even Oscar burst out laughing after hearing it. He then jabbed a finger at her and asked, “You’re seriously asking for a divorce over such a ridiculous reason?”

Amelia’s lips twitched slightly in response.

“I’m tired, Oscar. Please just let me leave. It’s really stressful being your wife here in the Clinton family. In fact, I barely had a good night’s sleep throughout the past few years. You cheating on me with Cassie just happens to be the final straw for me, that’s all. I’m an ordinary woman, Oscar. I can’t get used to the lifestyle you wealthy people lead. I’m done having to deal with those admirers of yours.

“I don’t know if you’re aware of this, but at least one woman will approach me and tell me I’m unworthy of being with you. They’re all heirs of wealthy families, and all I have is a pretty face since my social status and academic background are nothing compared to yours. I’ve had enough of their ridicule and mockery, Oscar. Let’s just get a divorce and put an end to all this.”

Oscar broke into a smile and clenched his fists so tightly that his veins bulged like crazy in his arms.

“You really want to divorce me that badly, huh? Not even going to leave me any room for negotiation?”

Amelia kept her head low and said softly, “I’m sorry, Oscar.”

“Lift your head and look at me!” he yelled at the top of his lungs. Seconds later, he took a deep breath to suppress his pain and anger as he continued, “Sorry for scaring you.”

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