Love You Enough to Leave You Chapter 275

Love You Enough to Leave You Chapter 275 Court Her After The Divorce

Still feeling tense after leaving the hospital, Oscar booked a luxurious room at a karaoke bar, ordered dozens of bottles of whiskey, and called up some friends that he had known for over twenty years.

Julian Hayes arched an eyebrow when he opened the door and saw the empty bottles of whiskey lying on the table. As Oscar was about to continue chugging on another bottle, he stepped forward and snatched it out of his hand.

Julian then placed it on the table before sitting down with his legs crossed. “She must be a real charmer if the great Mr. Clinton is drinking his sorrows away in the middle of the day!” he said lazily.

Oscar simply shot him a glance and reached for the next bottle of whiskey, but Julian was quicker as he stopped him in time.

“Julian, you can either drink with me as a friend or get the f*ck out of here,” Oscar said coldly.

With a carefree smile on his face, Julian took the bottle from him with ease. “I don’t mind drinking with you, but can you at least tell me why you’re doing this? I don’t fancy getting crazy drunk with you for no reason.”

Oscar snatched the bottle of whiskey back from him and chugged it down.

Realizing that Oscar was really depressed, Julian stopped messing around with him and said in a more serious tone, “All right, out with it. What happened? I’ve never seen you like this before.”

Oscar wiped the traces of whiskey off the corner of his mouth as he said, “Amelia wants to divorce me.”

Shock and disbelief filled Julian’s eyes instantly.

“This isn’t April Fool’s, Oscar. It’s not funny to joke about something like this! Anyone who has known you as long as I do can tell that she truly loves you. Sure, you’ve been really cold to her and all, but you changed your ways ever since she got into that car accident. Why would she suddenly want to divorce you? Did you do something to upset her?”

Oscar simply shot him a glance through the corner of his eye before reaching for the whiskey again.

Julian stopped him and said, “You need to slow down on the drinking to enjoy the taste of the whiskey. Chugging it barbarically like this is just a waste of good booze.”

He then handed Oscar a glass of whiskey that he had just poured as he continued, “Come on, tell me what’s going on. Amelia seems to love you deeply, so there’s no way she’d ask for a divorce unless she has no other choice. Even if she didn’t love you, I doubt any woman would willingly give up on your family’s wealth!”

It’s easy going from poor to rich, but not the other way round. No sane person will trade a luxurious life for a poor one!

Julian was born into a prominent family. He possessed a devilishly handsome appearance. Despite having attracted countless women over the years, he was never committed to a single one of them.

Because of his cold and indifferent attitude toward relationships, he could analyze Oscar’s problem much more effectively.

Oscar raised the glass and downed his drink in one go with a wry smile on his face.

“I probably wouldn’t be drinking here right now if she was that kind of woman!” he said meaningfully. If Amelia were a gold digger, Oscar would only have desired her body without any emotional attachments. It was precisely because she was different from the others that he ended up falling head over heels for her.

Julian shot him a suspicious glance as he asked, “Oscar, have you actually fallen in love with her?”

Oscar kept quiet, but Julian knew that was his way of saying yes.

“Why would she insist on divorcing you, though? She must have a reason for it. I need to know what that reason is if I am to help you come up with a solution!”

Oscar told him everything that had happened between them.

“You may not like what I’m about to say, but I’m saying this for the sake of both of you. I think it’s actually pretty good for you two to get a divorce,” Julian said after giving it some thought.

Oscar’s expression darkened.

Julian quickly added, “Don’t get the wrong idea, Oscar! Hear me out! The first reason I agree with you two getting divorced is that your marriage was a mistake to begin with. What you two had was a marriage of convenience. You may genuinely love her now, but it doesn’t change the fact that you two got together without any feelings of love. The second reason is that you now have Cassie in the way, and don’t even try to tell me you don’t have any feelings for her. You loved Cassie for five years, and you claim that you’ve completely gotten over her in just a few months? I know I sure as hell won’t believe you, let alone Amelia! These two reasons alone are more than enough for me to agree with the divorce. Now, here’s the kicker. There’s nothing stopping you from courting Amelia after the divorce. You can try to woo her again and touch her heart with your love. That way, you’ll be able to have her marry you willingly and start your relationship with a clean slate. Isn’t a win-win situation like this a lot better?”

Oscar had a deep frown on his face as he listened on.

“I remember you once told me that a crisis might actually be an opportunity in disguise. This looks like a perfect opportunity for you two to resolve your conflict if you ask me. Still, your affair with Cassie seems really suspicious. You’re always super cautious and alert, and yet this happens to you right when you’re supposed to have a great night with Amelia. Have you never considered the possibility that Amelia might just be the one who—”

Oscar cut him off, “No, she won’t do such a thing.”

Julian shrugged and said with an ambiguous smile, “Given your level of intellect, you should be able to see the truth behind all this with a bit of thinking.”

“She will never,” Oscar said and shot Julian a warning glare.

Jeez… Oscar has hopelessly fallen in love with a woman whom he once couldn’t give two sh*ts about!

“Fine, I won’t go there, then.” Julian waved at him as he continued, “Despite her s**y appearance, she’s a very considerate and smart woman, so I’m not surprised that you fell in love with her. I am, however, surprised that it took you five years to do so. I thought it would’ve only taken you two years, but you ended up waiting five years for a woman whom you don’t even love. It’s no wonder Amelia isn’t really confident in your love for her!”

Oscar simply continued drinking in silence.

“Cheers, man! It’s boring to just drink by yourself like that!” Julian said while holding his glass up, prompting Oscar to clink glasses with him.

He then slowly took a sip of his whiskey to enjoy its flavor and said, “Oscar, I think you should really reevaluate your marriage with Amelia. Honestly, this whole incident could just be her pulling a prank on you. As generous as she might be, she wouldn’t just willingly hand her husband over to another woman. Regardless, given your affair with Cassie and your past feelings for her, Amelia does indeed have a justifiable reason for divorcing you. I suggest you agree to the divorce and then start courting her. This will ensure that your relationship is based on pure love instead of financial benefits.”

The two of them then continued drinking for a little while longer.

“Thank you, Julian,” Oscar said solemnly.

“I’m just glad you don’t think badly of my suggestions,” Julian replied, clinking glasses with him.

“No, you reminded me of something important. Everyone thinks I’m a genius because of my success in the corporate world, but I’m actually clueless when it comes to women. I’m neither romantic nor gentle. Cassie leaving me back then left a huge impact on me, which was why I decided to buy myself a marriage in such a hurry. You’re right. Amelia and I got together for the wrong reasons in the beginning. Even if I have finally realized how much she means to me, the damage I’ve done to her in the past is still there. Perhaps the end of this relationship is actually going to be the start of a new and better one!” Oscar said, waving his glass.

Julian’s advice had opened his eyes and inspired him to court Amelia properly so that she would remarry him willingly. He was determined to love, protect, and treasure her no matter how challenging it would be.

However, little did Oscar know that the next time he saw Amelia after their divorce would be two years later. Due to his overconfidence in himself, those two years felt exceptionally difficult for him. He was practically living like a zombie as he coped with it by keeping himself busy with work.

He was so absorbed in his fantasies of winning Amelia back that he never once considered the possibility that she would leave the city, let alone the fact that Tiffany and Kurt would help keep her whereabouts a secret. The pain of losing her would prove to be so agonizing that Oscar practically became a machine at work.

Julian raised his glass. “I wish you all the best in winning her back, Oscar! She’ll definitely come back to you if you show her your sincerity! I hereby congratulate you in advance for having another child so that Tony will have a sibling!”

Oscar broke into a smile and seemed to be in a much better mood.

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