Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort, Chapter 1857

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort, Chapter 1857

Chapter 1857 Love Rival

It was the first time Francesca walked out of the castle after arriving there five days ago. It was then she recalled Xendale was a place set in perpetual winter.

There was pure white everywhere. When the sunlight hit the snow, it was as though the ground was coated with a layer of silvery light. It looked incredibly beautiful.

Francesca followed Norah for more than an hour, yet she still hadn’t seen the castle’s exit. She couldn’t help but ask, “Where’s the exit?”

“About three kilometers at the front from here.” Norah smiled. “The castle is quite big. Do you want me to arrange a car to drive you around?”

“No need…” Francesca glanced at the tight security.

Guards were basically littered everywhere. There was no way she was going to sneak out there.

After all, the entire place was so big that she literally couldn’t see the borders of it. Not to mention there were soldiers with guns everywhere. It would take a miracle for her to escape.

Besides, even if she did sneak out, she knew nothing about the land. There was no way she could escape the country.

Therefore, the best chance she got was to negotiate with Danrique.

Just as she was deep in thought, the sound of a car was suddenly heard in the distance. Norah exclaimed happily, “Mr. Lindberg has returned!”

When Francesca turned toward the sound, she saw a convoy slowly approaching the castle.

“Let’s head inside, Ms. Cece. We’re going to prepare the banquet to welcome the guests now.” Norah smiled. “We never had guests at the castle before. You’re technically the first guest here.”

“I guess that means Danrique doesn’t have good interpersonal relationships…” Francesca commented casually. “All right. I’ll go back on my own. You can leave now.”

“That won’t do, Ms. Cece. I need to send you back first.” Norah spoke politely.

“No, no need for that. I’ll just walk around and go back by myself,” Francesca said before she rapidly headed toward the backyard.

Norah was worried Francesca was going to get hurt, so she sent two bodyguards to follow Francesca.

Francesca strolled toward the backyard and continued on forward until she saw something that made her jaw drop.

There was a forest in front of her, and there were lots of dangerous animals inside.

There were tigers, lions, leopards, eagles, cobras, etc…

It would seem like Danrique had a habit of researching animals. However, what was the purpose behind the research?

Just as she was thinking about that, a gentle voice abruptly came from behind her. “Don’t be scared…”

Francesca was stunned before she turned her head back. Danrique was standing underneath a big tree in white attire. He looked even more handsome and cold as the white snow reflected on his face.

“They won’t hurt you.” He smiled at her gently.

Just as he was walking toward her, a soft voice entered their ears.

Soon, a woman showed up and hugged his arm.

Francesca was taken aback for a second; she sized the stranger up. The woman was slim and tall. Her skin was as white as snow. She was a typical Erihal beauty with a noble aura. When her eyes met with Francesca’s, a hostile look appeared.

“I was looking for you everywhere, Danrique, but I had a feeling you might be here.” The woman glanced at Francesca before speaking in a coquettish and gentle tone. “It’s so cold here…”

Before she could finish, he removed his hand coldly, walked straight toward Francesca, and left while holding her hand.

The woman was left disappointed at where she stood, yet she didn’t have the guts to say anything.

“Eva.” At that moment, a tall and burly middle-aged man with a sharp look approached her.

“Uncle Donald…” The woman stepped toward him and pointed at Francesca. “That woman…”

“I heard about her. She blocked a bullet for him, and so he brought her back here to treat her wound.” The man stared at Danrique and said in a low voice, “A skinny and short woman like her isn’t attractive. He won’t like her. Even if he does, you need to make him yours. Remember, don’t act arrogant and pampered in front of him. A high and mighty man like him doesn’t have the patience to coax a woman.”

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