Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort, Chapter 1858

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort, Chapter 1858

Chapter 1858 Good Side

“Yes, Uncle Donald.” Eva nodded.

“Let’s go in.” The man brought her into the hall.

Francesca glanced back. She could tell the man was up to no good, and it was obvious that the woman was gunning for Danrique. That’s actually good. If someone’s bothering him, then he won’t have time to bother me. This way, he’ll probably let me leave soon.

As she was still mulling it over, Norah greeted Danrique. “Mr. Lindberg!”

“Let’s rest upstairs first,” Danrique informed softly. “We’ll come back down when it’s time for dinner.”

“You have guests to attend to. I won’t disturb you any further.” Francesca had no intention of getting involved in his messy business.

“You’ll need to meet them sooner or later,” he uttered with a serious expression. “No need to be afraid. I’m here.”

She was dumbfounded. What does he mean by that?

“I’ll help you upstairs, Ms. Cece.” Norah approached and held onto her.

That caused Francesca to snap out of her thoughts and stop thinking about what he said.

When she returned to her room, Francesca lay down on the couch lazily again.

Norah served her a cup of hot beverage. Francesca took a sip before going to sleep.

After Norah covered her with a blanket, she informed the maids to take care of her before leaving quietly.

Sean guided Donald and Eva to the study room downstairs. “Mr. Lindberg is currently changing. He’ll join you two soon. For now, please wait in the study room.”

“All right.” Donald looked around the building and sighed. “It really is completely different from how it looked eleven years ago. Everything’s changed.”

“The castle underwent a renovation. Naturally, it’ll look different,” Sean explained. “After all, the current owner of the castle is Mr. Lindberg!”

“That’s true.” Donald nodded with a smile. “Danrique is an accomplished young man. He’ll surpass the older generation.”

“Please head inside, Mr. Donald.” Sean led the two guests into the study room.

Norah entered the room with maids to serve coffee and red wine.

“Can I take a look around here?” Eva asked politely.

“Of course.” Sean made a gesture before a maid immediately showed Eva around the room.

Even though it was called a study room, it was actually more like a library. The round high-rise design exuded a mysterious and quaint Epean aura.

Eva was looking around while Sean and Donald chatted with each other. Their conversation touched on their loyalty toward Danrique and their denial of the rumors from the outside world.

Sean smiled along, though he knew what was going on in his heart.

Ever since Danrique poisoned the Lindberg family in a single night and took control of Lindberg Corporation eleven years ago, he had only one relative left, Donald.

Of course, there were other more distant relatives, but they were in no position to affect Danrique.

Donald had a lot of power in the company and the family. It wasn’t a well-guarded secret that he had been persuading the branch families to join him in secret.

Additionally, Lindberg Corporation wasn’t inherited by a single family. The majority of the stocks were split between three major families, which made it difficult to manage the company.

That was why Danrique wanted to expand into the Epea and Adrune market. If he could add more of his own chips to the table, he would be able to compete with other factions vying for the company’s control.

Lindberg Corporation might seem peaceful on the surface, but it was quite the opposite beneath the facade.

Since Danrique had successfully expanded into the Epea and Adrune market, Donald immediately decided to visit with his niece to get on Danrique’s good side.

If Donald couldn’t get rid of Danrique, then all he needed to do was to make Danrique his ally.

That was the principle he lived by to survive.

He hoped he could show his good faith to Danrique through that method.


At that moment, the door to the study room opened.

Danrique walked into the room in a comfortable and relaxing white suit.

“Mr. Lindberg!” Sean greeted his employer.

Eva hastily let down the book in her hand and gracefully approached him. “Danrique!”

“I don’t like you calling me that,” Danrique said coldly.

Eva was shocked by his cold attitude. She stayed silent fearfully and looked at Donald meekly.

“Danrique is right.” Donald went along with what Danrique wanted. “I think you should call him Mr. Lindberg like the others.”

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