Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort, Chapter 1859

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort, Chapter 1859

Chapter 1859 Fiancee

“Mr. Lindberg!” Eva carefully called Danrique that.

It was then she realized her enthusiastic and coquettish facade was ineffective. In fact, it would only make him dislike her more.

Danrique nodded politely and asked Donald a question. “Why are you here, Uncle Donald?”

Donald laughed. “Eva just returned from F Nation, and I wanted to introduce her to you. Right now, she’s an international model and she knows how to speak three languages fluently. Since you two are young, I thought you two might become friends—”

“That’s nice.” Danrique cut him off and said plainly, “If the company’s marketing department needs a model, I’ll consider collaborating with you.”

Eva’s expression froze with awkwardness.

“That’s a good joke, Danrique.” Donald went along with the flow. “Eva’s father is a famous jeweler, and he just signed a collaboration contract with Victoria’s Secret. Her family isn’t lacking any money. She’s nineteen years old this year, and she never had a boyfriend before. She’s pure and innocent. Since you’re single right now, I thought I could introduce her to you so you two can know each other—”

“Okay, we’ve known each other now.” Danrique nodded and spoke with a straight face. “If you need anything else in the future, you can find Sean.”

He then stood up and said, “Dinner’s ready. Let’s eat.”

Eva had no idea how to respond to that. She could only look at Donald restlessly.

Donald promptly stood up and smiled. “Thank you for treating us.”

“Let’s go.”

They all exited the study room and arrived at the dining room. The maids had already prepared a lavish feast.

Danrique asked, “Where’s Cece?”

“Mdm. Norah had gone upstairs to bring her down,” the maid replied politely.

Francesca was yawning and rubbing her eyes inside the room. “I’m not going to join them. I don’t know the guests. It’s just going to be awkward.”

“Mr. Lindberg had ordered that you must join them for dinner downstairs.” Norah pleaded anxiously, “Please, Ms. Cece. Don’t make things difficult for us.”

Francesca didn’t have the heart to say no after seeing how anxious Norah was. So, she changed into another outfit before going downstairs.

The sound of piano could be heard playing inside the dining room. There were dozens of delicious dishes on the table.

Danrique sat in the main seat talking about business matters with Donald in Erihalean.

Eva listened to the conversation obediently at the side as she stared at Danrique with admiration.

There was an irresistible charm about Danrique that deeply attracted her.

Sadly, he never once looked at her. However, when Francesca arrived, he immediately stood up and pulled out a chair for her. He even thoughtfully laid out a napkin for her.

Eva was dumbfounded when she saw that.

Donald stared at Francesca deeply before asking with a smile, “And this is?”

“She’s Cece,” Danrique introduced plainly. “My fiancée.”


Francesca almost spat out the water she drank. Thankfully, she managed to cover her mouth in time. However, that caused her to cough relentlessly as she choked on the water. What’s going on? Why am I suddenly his fiancée? No one told me about this.

Donald was befuddled. He never expected Danrique to have a fiancée already, and that Danrique would tell him about her that straightforwardly.

Eva was shocked and stunned as well.

Donald was able to recover quickly from that shocking revelation and greeted Francesca with a smile. “Nice to meet you!”

Francesca smiled awkwardly before leaning toward Danrique and asking in Chanaean, “When did I become your fiancée? Why didn’t I know about this?”

“It’s only a matter of time,” Danrique replied matter-of-factly.

She was speechless. This hole of misunderstanding is going deeper and deeper. Looks like I have to escape this place soon or else I really will be forced to marry him. I don’t want to get married. Giving birth to a child is scary…

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