Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 1863

Chapter 1863 I Have No Choice

Dumbfounded, Gordon yelled out, “How’s that possible?”

Sean warned him, “Shh! Lower your voice.”

Perplexed, Gordon asked in bafflement, “To me, that’s impossible! How could Dr. Felch and Ms. Cece turn out to be the same person?”

“Initially, I never thought of linking them together. Ms. Cece looked alluring whenever we bumped into her a few times previously. However, she did not look like her usual self when she was shot this round. Don’t you feel that she has a resemblance to Dr. Felch with her short hair and unisex outfit? They are about the same height, and their voice sounds similar. Ah! Did you notice the similarity when they talk? Both are very blunt…”

“Enough of that!” Gordon cut him off and refuted impatiently, “Her height is common among Chanean women generally. As for her hairstyle, she’s obviously wearing a wig in the nightclub previously. Who knows, she might be having short hair all this while? After all, she could have cut her long hair short anytime before this. Thus, I don’t sense anything amiss from that. Anyway, I haven’t really observed how she talks and her voice. I’ll take note to have an observation later. Anyway, I’ve to get going now. If anything happens to her, I’ll be in deep water!”

“Okay, you go ahead!” Sean was more laid-back than Gordon. He even felt that there would not be an issue if Cece turned out to be Francesca. To him, Francesco’s reputation and social status were intimidating enough. I don’t think anyone dares to take the risk of laying a finger on her. Anyway, as long as Mr. Lindberg is happy, other things are unimportant! I don’t think she’s able to play any tricks when we’re keeping an eye on her too!

On the other hand, Francesca looked out of the car window along the way, observing the surroundings. “My goodness! I’d never expected that this place could be so spacious! It takes at least half an hour for the car to be out of the castle!”

There was an abrupt change in Eva’s countenance. Wearing a look of utter disdain, she scoffed, “The Lindberg family is deemed the most prominent family in Erihal. Cece, how about you? Which family are you from? Is your family involved in the business or political sector?”

“I’m from an ordinary, humble family. To be honest, I never intend to cross paths with anyone from the Lindberg family. But what can I do since Danrique insists on marrying me?” Francesca lamented resignedly.

“You…” Eva turned crimson with fury and could not utter any words to retort.

“How about you help to talk him into letting me go? I really hope he’ll stop being stubborn and have a new target.” Francesca looked at her solemnly.

Unable to tamp down her simmering fury, Eva fumed, “You’re a typical hypocrite! If you didn’t seduce him, do you think he’ll marry you? He has been single throughout these years and is never closely acquainted with any woman. But now he’s thinking of marrying you out of the blue! How’s that possible?”

Francesca wailed exaggeratively, “Well, I’m not willing to marry him. How about you find a way to help me?”

Huh? Eva was utterly speechless. Initially, she thought Francesca was putting on a show. But she looks as if she means it! No way! I mustn’t believe her words. How’s it possible that there’s any woman not willing to marry Danrique! I bet there isn’t any woman who could resist the charm of such a perfect man! Hmph! I’m sure she’s trying to sound me out! I mustn’t fall into her trap!

All of a sudden, Eva felt a shiver down her spine. She had been putting on a show in the face of Francesca all the while, thinking of fooling her. Unexpectedly, she got all fired up by the latter’s words and unknowingly revealed her true thoughts! Good gracious! She’s seemingly no ordinary woman and not someone easy to deal with. I mustn’t let my guard down!

At the thought of it, Eva took a deep breath to regain her composure. Seconds later, she forced a smile and joked, “Cece, you must be pulling my legs. It’s every woman’s dream to marry Danrique. How’s it possible that you’re not yearning to do so? Since I’m the one bringing you out, I’m responsible for sending you back safely. If not, I’ll surely face his wrath!”

Francesca rolled her eyes and snorted in Chanaean, “Pfft! What a cowardly woman!”

“Huh? What did you say?” Eva was puzzled.

Francesca smiled ambiguously. “Nothing. Where are you planning to bring me to?”

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