Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 1864

Chapter 1864 Weirdo

Francesca knew there was no way Eva would help her escape. It seems like I’ll have to find a chance to escape.

“At this hour, the ski resort has closed, the snow leopards are asleep, and it’s too far to see the aurora. Should we just go to a bar?” Eva asked tentatively.

“That’s great!” Francesca smiled and nodded. “I love bars.”

“That’s good to hear. I was worried that you might not like it.”

A wicked gleam shone in Eva’s eyes when she shot the bodyguard a glance.

Seeing that, the bodyguard immediately whipped out his phone and sent a text.

“How far is the airport from the bar?” Francesca asked directly.

“It’s not that far. It should be half an hour of car ride away.” Eva was curious, so she asked, “Why did you ask?”

“Didn’t I say I don’t want to get married?” Francesca had no intention of hiding her plan. “I’m going to try to escape later, and you can just let me get away on purpose. That way, no one’s going to s****h Danrique away!”

“Huh?” Eva was bewildered. What’s with this weirdo? She’s so unpredictable! It’s as if her mind doesn’t work the same as a normal person’s. What on earth is she thinking about? She said Danrique was all over her just now, right? Why is she suddenly talking about escaping? Why is she asking me to let her slip away purposefully? What’s going on?

Eva’s mind was in a whirl as she tried to figure Francesca out.

“What’s the matter with you?” Francesca waved her hand before her and asked, “Are you having a headache or something?”

With a frustrated look on her face, Eva kept mum and placed a hand over her forehead.

At the same time, she was continuously trying to remind herself to keep her cool. I can’t panic now! I have to act according to the plan. Wait! Does Uncle Donald even know what kind of wicked girl she is?

“Are you not feeling well?” Francesca asked curiously.

“Why don’t you rest for a bit?” Eva was hoping that she’d shut up because she had no idea how to deal with her. “We still have half an hour before we arrive at the bar.”

“Oh!” With a disappointed look on her face, Francesca sighed and uttered, “I thought you were really in love with Danrique! You’re rather weak, it seems. How boring!”

The corners of Eva’s lips twitched, and she was rendered speechless. How I wish I can just send her away! In fact, the farther, the better! Only then, she’d stop showing up before us.

However, she dared not to do that because she felt as though Francesca was setting her up for something, and she didn’t want to get tricked by her.

“Do you have a charger?” Francesca ignored what Eva said and asked for a charger so she could charge her phone.

She needed to charge her phone so that she could find her way to the airport afterward.

Eva frowned and texted Donald to tell him everything that Francesca had told her. She was in need of guidance from him.

After a few minutes, Donald replied: It seems like we’ve underestimated her, and she’s not as dull as we thought. She was definitely sounding you out just now. She was hoping that you’d slip up. If you fall for her trick and send her away, Danrique’s men will be after you right away. By then, I’d get in trouble as well. For such a young girl like her, I doubt she’s that smart. There must be someone else telling her what to do. Perhaps someone has sent her to approach Danrique on purpose, so make sure you don’t fall for any of her tricks. Judging by the situation, we have to cancel our plan for tonight. In the meantime, try to find out more about her. Bring her around to have some fun before bringing her back. Remember to send her home in one piece, okay? Otherwise, we’d be doomed.

To which Eva replied: Yes, Uncle Donald!

After replying to Donald, Eva gazed at Francesca and looked at her with a complicated expression.

As for Francesca, she was already looking for a way to get to the airport on her phone. Luckily, it’s not that far away. When the time is right, I’ll just hail a taxi to go to the airport and buy myself a ticket to fly out of Xendale as soon as possible. Any country will do, at this point. Once I’m there, I’ll get a visa to return to Zarain. Yes! That’s what I’m going to do.

Eva grew anxious when she saw the excitement on Francesca’s face. If she can manage to get on Danrique’s good side, I’m pretty sure she’s a smart and capable woman. It seems like I’ll have to be extra wary of her and not fall for her tricks and games.

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