Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 1865

Chapter 1865 The Scheme

Soon, the car arrived at the liveliest bar in Xendale.

The owner of the bar, along with a few of his men, were welcoming them at the entrance respectfully.

When Eva got out of the car, she was acting arrogantly. It was as if her presence was a blessing bestowed upon the place they went to.

Behind Eva, seven bodyguards appeared from the car. Besides, there were another two bodyguards coming out of the car that Eva and Francesca were in. In total, there were nine bodyguards escorting the ladies into the bar.

The bar was bustling and noisy. Besides, the lights there were so dazzling and bright that people there could hardly keep their eyes open. Not only that, the bar had deafening heavy metal music playing.

In the middle of the dancefloor and on the stage, there were s**y girls dancing wildly to the music. Youngsters could also be seen having the time of their lives.

Since most of the people there were from Epea and Adrune, Francesca, with a petite figure, looked like a fish out of water being there.

“Hey, little one!” one of the drunk men called out and whistled at Francesca.

Francesca threw him a glance and ignored him. She then followed Eva toward a table in the center of the bar to enjoy the lively scene.

In order to please Eva, the bar owner served them various types of exquisite alcoholic drinks.

Eva conversed with the bar owner in Erihalean and sent him away shortly after. She then gave a glass of cocktail to Francesca and said, “Have a taste! This is Flaming S*x.”

“Is it nice?” Francesca took the glass and had a sip. When she realized she liked it, she immediately downed the whole glass. “Yes. Not too shabby!”

“It seems like you have a high alcohol tolerance.” Eva smiled and handed her another glass of blue-colored cocktail and said, “This is called—”

Francesca interrupted, “I don’t care what it’s called. I’ll just drink it!” Francesca took the glass and cheered with her. “Cheers!”

“Cheers!” Eva was overjoyed when she saw Francesca downing the cocktail. She then followed suit and finished hers in one go.

“This one is a bit bitter.” Francesca had some fruits and took another two glasses of the first cocktail they had. She gave one to Eva and said, “This is nicer.”

At that moment, Eva was stunned. Her plan was to get Francesca drunk so that she could look into her background. Why is she acting like she’s the host instead? I’m supposed to get her drunk!

“What’s the matter?” Francesca flashed a smile. “Aren’t we surrounded by your men? Why are you scared when I’m not?”

“What’s there to be afraid about?” Eva took the drink and gulped it down.

Seeing that, Francesca followed suit.

After a few glasses, Eva was starting to feel tipsy. However, she hadn’t forgotten to investigate Francesca. “Hey! Who sent you?”

“You’re sent by Donald, right?” Francesca threw the question back at her. “Did he send you to investigate me before chasing me away so that you can approach Danrique and make him yours?”

“What…” Eva was puzzled. “I asked you first! I was asking—”

Before Eva could finish her sentence, Francesca uttered, “Since you don’t look like a bad person, why don’t you just continue your career as a model?” Francesca poured her half a glass of wine and continued, “Danrique is cold-hearted, and he’s also a pervert. Who knows? Maybe he has some weird kinks as well. I doubt he’s easy to deal with—”

“Shut up! You’re not allowed to talk bad about Danrique!” Eva was pissed off. “Danrique is the best man on earth. He’s the best…”

In response, Francesca rolled her eyes and ignored her. She then glanced at all nine of the bodyguards as she tried to plan her escape.

“Tell me honestly. Who sent you here to seduce Danrique?” Eva was inebriated at that point when she leaned in and asked, “Which of the three big families sent you? Is it the Nacht family?”

“Yes. I was sent by the Nacht family.” Francesca was fooling around with Eva as she didn’t believe Donald had the b***s to mess with the Nacht family.

Shock was written all over Eva’s face. “M-Mr. Nacht set you?”

“That’s right. That’s him.” Francesca continued clinking her glass with Eva and said, “Come! Let’s continue drinking!”

Eva took a sip and immediately puked all over Francesca.

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