Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 1870

Chapter 1870 Just One

Sean had gathered all the bodyguards for a meeting. It was quite a sight to have over a hundred bulky men squeezed into a room.

Their expressions were somber, and the atmosphere was tense.

It was their first time to have a meeting after working for Danrique for so many years.

They assumed something serious must have happened for the need to gather everyone and speculated the enemy was strong and tough to handle.

However, all of them were bewildered when Sean gave them their mission.

“Why are you all just standing there? I just asked you a question.” Sean slammed his hand onto the desk and repeated, “Those who had been in a romantic relationship before, raise your hands.”

Everyone in the room was exchanging glances, thinking they must have heard it wrong.

So he gathered everyone just to ask about our dating history?

“Sean…” Sloan asked hesitantly, “Will we get fired if we had one?”

“I never had a girlfriend.” A few bodyguards clarified immediately, hearing Sloan’s question.

“Rest assured. There’s no punishment.” Sean hurriedly explained when he saw the dread on their faces. “But you’ll be heavily rewarded if you had one.”

He couldn’t tell them Danrique was asking for advice. It was too humiliating, so he had to find an excuse.

All the bodyguards finally released a relieved breath at Sean’s reassurance.

“It seems like none of you had a girlfriend before.” Sean observed none of the men had raised their hands and said disappointedly, “That’s it. Dismissed.”


Suddenly, Mylo reluctantly raised his hand. “I had a girlfriend before.”

“Come over here quickly!”

Hope reignited in Sean’s heart. There’s finally one.

Sean dismissed the others and led Mylo to Danrique.

Mylo was a bundle of nerves on the way there. “What do I need to do, Sean?”

“Just relay your experience to Mr. Lindberg. That’s it.” Sean gave a few slaps on his back and reassured him. “Don’t worry. Mr. Lindberg only wants advice.”

“A-Advice?” Mylo was dumbstruck.

Seeing no one was around, Sean whispered, “You saw it too, right? Mr. Lindberg had found his first love and planned to marry her, but their relationship was not progressing well. He didn’t have any experience in a romantic relationship, so he just wanted to ask what he should do next.”

“Got it.”

“Share your experience with Mr. Lindberg and teach him some tricks. That’s all. You don’t have to do anything else.”

Sean reminded, “If your advice is useful, Mr. Lindberg will put you in an important position.”

“Really?” Mylo was excited and felt a sense of responsibility at the same time. “I’ll make sure to tell him everything.”

“Oh right. How many relationships were you in?” Sean asked as he knocked on the door to Danrique’s study.

“Once. It was before my enlistment. She was my neighbor-”

“Before your enlistment?” Sean was stunned. “How old were you then?”

“I enlisted when I was sixteen.”

Sean was speechless. All his effort had gone down the drain. He thought he’d found someone experienced, but Mylo turned out to be inexperienced as well.

These young bodyguards of the Lindberg family were either recruited from the military or trained in Lindberg residence since they were young.

Mylo enlisted when he was sixteen, and the Lindberg family had recruited him at eighteen for his outstanding marksmanship. He had been with the Lindberg family for five years. That means he hadn’t dated anyone for the past five years.

Over a hundred of these bodyguards, yet none had any dating experience, just like their employer.

Pity rose within Sean at that thought.

Suddenly, Sean realized the severity of the issue. If the enemy uses a honey trap, all these men will fall for it.

“Come in!” Danrique called from the room.

Sean instantly led Mylo into the room.

“Mr. Lindberg,” Mylo greeted.

Danrique lifted his gaze at the newcomer and frowned. “Just one?”

“Yes.” Sean exhaled a disappointing sigh. “Out of a hundred bodyguards only Mylo have experience once. I’ve asked every one of them.”

Sean didn’t inform Danrique that Mylo’s relationship happened when Mylo was in his teens. Otherwise, he would receive a harsh admonishment.

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