Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 1871

Chapter 1871 Experience

No matter what, Mylo had a girlfriend before. Maybe it wasn’t a bad relationship, and he had some good experience.

“How should I make a woman fall in love with me?”

Danrique was eager to know the answer to that question.

“This…” Mylo mulled over it briefly and answered honestly, “You have to be good-looking. Women like handsome men.”

Danrique scanned his features in the mirror and nodded his head with satisfaction. Okay, I have that.

“Secondly, you need to be romantic.” Mylo continued, “Women love receiving presents, such as flowers and jewelry. You need to create a romantic atmosphere too, like bringing her to dinner at a beautiful setting.”

Danrique’s eyes brightened at the suggestion and ordered Sean, “Note it down.”

“Yes, Sir.” Sean immediately wrote it down in his notebook.

“Thirdly, all women love heroes. They want men to save them when they’re in a dangerous situation.

“I saved my girlfriend from a group of hooligans. She was so touched by my rescue that she willingly ran into my embrace.”

Mylo ruffled his head shyly.

Danrique gestured at Sean to take note on it.

Sean recorded Mylo’s advice word for word in his notebook.

“Is there anything else?” Danrique questioned.

“There’s one more, and this is the most important one.” Mylo was hesitant to say it. “I’m not sure if I should say it.”

“Say it,” Danrique demanded.

“Um…” Mylo’s face blushed red as he felt more nervous.

“There are only men here. There isn’t anything that you can’t say here.” Sean urged, “Spit it out.”

“You need to have a strong s*x ability.” Mylo continued warily, “Men have to take the lead in s*x. If they’re skilled, they’ll get women falling for them easily.

“Women will only have s*x for love at the start, but they’ll love you for the s*x in the end. A sexual relationship is like a rope. The tighter you twist it, the harder it is to unwind it. So you need to always be close to her and provide her with perfect sexual experiences.”

Feeling embarrassed, Sean coughed dryly into his fist at Mylo’s advice. “I thought you said you had your relationship when you were a teen. How do you know all these?”

“I was young then, so naturally, I didn’t know anything about relationships. However, I’m an adult now, and I frequently watch movies on the internet. That’s how I know all these. On some occasions, I would head to the bar with Sloan during the holidays to gain some experience.”

Mylo noticed he was straying from the topic, so he swiftly explained, “Mr. Lindberg, we’re only there for a beer and some chit-chat with the ladies. We had never revealed anything related to the Lindberg family.”

“How do you gain experience at the bar?”

Danrique knew they wouldn’t betray him, so he wasn’t worried about them revealing any secrets. He cared more about how to gain experience quickly.

“You can see how the men flirt with the women at the bar. Talking to some pretty women can give you an insight as to what women like and dislike.”

Mylo got more excited as he spoke. “Anyhow, having only the theory isn’t going to help you in a romantic relationship. You need to have experience.”

Danrique listened to him attentively and agreed with his viewpoint.

“All right.” Sean had noted down everything. “Is there anything else?”

“I don’t think so.” Mylo pondered briefly and replied hesitantly, “I only know that much.”

“Think about it after you get back. If you have more advice, report it to me,” Danrique instructed.

“Yes, Sir.”

Mylo felt like he had just received an important mission.

“You’re dismissed,” Sean said.

Mylo saluted Danrique and left.

“Prepare according to Mylo’s advice,” Danrique ordered Sean.

“Yes, Sir.” Sean complied and asked, “But what kind of flowers does Ms. Cece like?”

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