Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 1872

Chapter 1872 Study Material

“Find me some of everything, jewelry, necklaces, you know, and the like. Find out what girls like, buy everything.”

She’s going to see how much she means to me when she wakes up tomorrow morning!

The study fell silent as Sean left at once to make the necessary arrangements.

Without wasting a second, Danrique began entering a series of search queries with his tablet.

What’s a girl’s favorite gift?

How to capture a girl’s heart.

How to fall in love?

The Art of Love.

To Danrique’s astonishment, there were so many sources of information on the Internet that the input of those stupid bodyguards was completely unnecessary.

Taking great care to organize his findings, Danrique jotted them down in a notebook for later use.

His curiosity not satiated, he began searching again. How to kiss.

Conscious that he was about to tread into unknown territory, Danrique waited nervously for the page to load with the resemblance of a child facing an exam.

The search engine returned a fascinating array of techniques supplemented by video tutorials.

Danrique opened a link and found that it was a couple about to demonstrate and explain the art of kissing.

With the ardor of a curious student, he studied the video earnestly and carefully.

Before he could prepare for it, Francesca’s figure appeared in his mind and caused an involuntary blush that preceded the quickening of his pulse. Undeterred, he persevered and moved on to the all-important question with increased boldness.

After displaying a series of harrowing pop-up advertisements, his tablet promptly displayed an unresponsive blue screen as its final act of defiance and horror at the depravity of its master.

Danrique stared at his device in amazement. After several more tries, he still could not resurrect it.

It was only then that Danrique recalled that he had had especially strong firewalls installed to bolster the cybersecurity of his home in order to prevent the invasion of hackers. Once an unsafe webpage was opened, the system would automatically shut down.

Turns out that this system has been put in place to exert control over me.

Embarrassed yet stony-faced, Danrique summoned Sean and gave him two tasks. The first was to deal with the firewall problem in such a way that nobody would ever find out about it. The second was to find him some adult films for his self-proclaimed academic purposes.

Sean gazed at Danrique incredulously upon hearing the second mission.

Is he serious?

“As soon as possible,” Danrique repeated urgently. “Also, keep that a secret as well. Nobody is to know.”

“Yes, Sir.” Sean strode away quickly to hide his scandalized expression. Why did I have to be a trusted confidant of his? Now I’m handling all of these embarrassing errands and not a soul to complain to!

As he had never had a girlfriend, Sean, too, was clueless as to where to begin executing his employer’s request. He did not even know what adult film meant.

Danrique retired to his chambers while Sean searched with increasing desperation for those on his mobile phone. Due to not even knowing what to search for, he found himself frustratedly empty-handed after hours of aimless browsing.

Near tears in despair, Sean enlisted the help of Mylo and Sloan again.

“What can we do for you, Sean?” Mylo asked with hushed excitement as if he had become Sean’s secret informant.

“I’ve never actually been in a relationship, Sean,” said Sloan cautiously, worried about his secrets coming to light. “I’m not sure if I would be of much help.”

“I have an urgent task for you boys, but you need to keep it a secret.”

Sean lowered his voice as if he was setting up a very rigorous and dangerous mission.

“Go ahead, Sean.” Mylo and Sloan waited solemnly.

“Er…” Sean hesitated before gritting his teeth resignedly and blurting, “Find me some adult films.”

Sloan and Mylo exchanged a flabbergasted glance. “What’s an adult film?” Sloan asked loudly.

“Idiot! Don’t you remember?” Mylo lowered his voice, “That thing I showed you.”

Sloan blushed suddenly, which was all the confirmation Sean needed.

“Since you’ve seen it, I’m sure you have a collection, don’t you?” he said at once. “Hurry up and send it to me.”

“You got us, Sean.” Mylo scratched his head embarrassedly, “I have several gigabytes of material, though. What kind would you like, Sean?”

“We’ll start with a few simple ones for virgins first.”

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