My Baby’s Daddy chapter 14 by NovelsYou

Chapter 14

While the jewelry fair was held in a private exhibition hall with tight security, the alleys and streets around the place were sealed with security guards carefully verifying every guest who was invited to the event. Meanwhile, Anastasia heaved a sigh of relief as soon as she went through the security check with her pearl-beaded purse. After that, she was ready to enjoy the privilege a VIP guest should have in the event, as she was ushered by a female concierge to the banquet hall. Soon, Anastasia found herself in a grand-looking hall where she could see rows of glass cabinets, but since the event hadn’t begun, the guests were invited to enjoy a buffet before they went on to take their seats. It turned out that Anastasia’s seat was in the sixth row, which was a place that everyone wished they had. However, little did they know Anastasia considered herself lucky because her seat was initially meant for Nigel. While the other guests slowly filled the empty seats, Anastasia found herself seated next to a man who seemed to be in his thirties. With his shiny hair and branded outfit, it would suggest that he was no ordinary man. At that moment, he fixed his eyes on Anastasia, finding her different from the others, even though there were many other pretty ladies around. “Nice to meet you, lady. My name is John Curtis. Here is my name card.” John gave Anastasia his name card that read, ‘president from Deluxe Incorporated’. “Hi, I’m Anastasia Tillman.” Anastasia introduced herself with a polite smile. Meanwhile, there were two guests who arrived late at the exhibition hall. Noticing two silhouettes of a man and a lady entering the place with their hands held together, Anastasia couldn’t help but wonder who came late, but when she looked up, she was instantly stunned to find out that they were Elliot and Hayley. Oh, boy! We’re living in such a small world. Anastasia stared at Hayley, who was dressed like an angel, tightening her grip around her waist as she could barely hide her hatred for the latter. On the other hand, Elliot was wearing an expensive black suit and a pair of delicate slacks, which accentuated his strong and intimidating aura. At the same time, every other lady, who had their eyes on the man, was all stunned to see the president from Presgrave Corporation, but when they noticed the lady who was accompanying him, they began to frown at her ordinary appearance and wondered whether she was his girlfriend. Nonetheless, they couldn’t help but feel jealous of Hayley, wishing they could be in her place instead. Anastasia pretended as if she wasn’t aware of their presence and raised her glass, sipping the red wine in it. Nonetheless, Hayley observantly noticed Anastasia’s presence, instantly feeling stunned because she didn’t expect that she would show up at such a high-class event. Who is she to attend this jewelry fair? Is she even qualified enough to be here? Not long after that, Elliot also noticed Anastasia’s presence and was coincidentally arranged to be seated opposite her. Thus, Anastasia had no choice but to reluctantly face him, no matter how much she didn’t want to. The moment she looked up, she met a pair of charming eyes in the illuminating candlelight just when the man’s chiseled face and good looks came into view. With his thick and natural eyebrows, his attractive gaze and high nose bridge became even more noticeable, making him look even hotter. Oh god! How can someone ever be so handsome like him? Anastasia blinked and stared at the man who was also looking back at her at the same time while they locked eyes with each other for a few seconds. Soon, she sensed a pair of hateful eyes looking at her shortly before she realized Hayley was glaring at her. “Let’s have a toast, Miss Tillman.” John tried to strike up a conversation with Anastasia. Anastasia raised her glass and toasted John, smiling at him as she would rather look at John than Elliot. Hmph! Since Hayley is my enemy, that makes her boyfriend my enemy as well. “Miss Tillman, you have to try this. Trust me. You’re going to love the taste.” John was able to sense Anastasia’s enthusiasm, having a good feeling that he could win the lady’s heart over. “Thank you.” Anastasia picked up the pastry the man gave her and took a bite of it while revealing a sweet smile. In the meantime, Hayley seized Elliot’s arm and coyly pointed at the desserts far away from her. “Elliot, I want that one.” The man then stretched out his long arm and brought the pastry to her, whereupon she proceeded to enjoy it. At the same time, she occasionally gawked at Anastasia with glee to gloat at the latter. Meanwhile, Anastasia rolled her eyes upward at Hayley, wondering how she managed to win Elliot’s heart while making sure he obeyed her every wish. What’s wrong with Elliot? I can’t believe he is treating that lady like the apple of his eye. “Excuse me. I’d like to use the washroom.” Anastasia felt an urge to answer nature’s call as she stood up and revealed her glimmering dress that accentuated her slim waist, which would take any man’s breath away. On the other hand, John had his eyes glued to Anastasia, who was walking away, just when Elliot raised his glass and happened to notice the lady’s presence. Oh my, it is indeed a surprise to see her here. “Elliot, I’ll be right back. I need to use the washroom.” Hayley rose from her seat as well and followed right behind Anastasia. While Anastasia was washing her hands alone in the magnificent-looking restroom, Hayley soon walked in and approached her. “Don’t tell me you got in here with the help of some man you’re dating.” Hayley looked at Anastasia in the mirror and taunted her. “That’s none of your concern!” Anastasia shot a cold gaze back at the hostile lady’s reflection in the mirror. “I heard they were strict with the selection of their guests tonight. After all, no ordinary person stood a chance to be here, and you’re one of them, so how come you’re here?” “What about you? You’re not much better than I am, after all.” Anastasia mocked Hayley. “I’m Elliot’s girlfriend, and that puts me ahead of you,” Hayley replied complacently. Anastasia grunted and said, “Would you believe if I said I could make myself his wife with just a word? What would that make you?” “What do you mean?” Hayley’s face changed. Does she remember what happened that night?

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