My Baby’s Daddy chapter 21 by NovelsYou

Chapter 21 

“What’s wrong? Are you wary of me? Don’t worry. Miss Tillman, I’m not an evil person. It’s just that I’m usually really busy during the day, and I can only make time at night.”

Upon hearing that, Anastasia had no choice but to agree. “Alright. I’ll send the draft to your place at 8.00PM tonight.”

“By the way, I don’t like strangers coming into my house, so it’s better if you come over on your own, Miss Tillman,” John added on while Anastasia tensed up. Is he trying to get me to go over to his place alone?

Nevertheless, she could only nod and go along with John’s requests because he was her customer. “Sure. I’ll be there at 8.00PM sharp.”

“I’ll send you the address now.” Then, John hung up.

After the call, Anastasia headed to Felicia’s office and told her about the call before Felicia pondered for a moment. “From what I know, John Curtis is a well-known CEO without any bad rumors, so he probably won’t do anything that would cross the line.”

Anastasia could only hope that things go smoothly tonight.

During the afternoon meeting, Elliot, who hadn’t shown up for three days, finally came. He looked even younger with his hair styled and his dark gray suit, while his facial features were cold as usual.

Anastasia had her head lowered as she read the document while Alice, seated facing Anastasia, kept fidgeting around and hoping that it would attract Elliot’s attraction.

“Anastasia Tillman, focus on the meeting and stop doodling,” Felicia suddenly called out.

As Anastasia was indeed doodling in her notebook without paying attention to the meeting, she quickly straightened her posture and nodded with a flushed face. “Alright.”

After placing her pencil down obediently, her gaze met an upset pair of eyes, as if they were trying to tell her how disappointed they were by her actions.

To Elliot, Anastasia was behaving like a stubborn kid who wouldn’t listen in class right now.

“Anastasia, I hope that you’ll be able to learn how to respect other people in my company,” he suddenly demanded out of nowhere.

Immediately, a few snickers could be heard in the meeting room, as some of them were pleased that Anastasia got lectured by the boss.

However, Anastasia blinked before she propped her chin on her hand and smiled at Elliot. “Thanks for teaching me the right way to act, but I just want to be myself. President Presgrave, you can always fire me if you don’t like me.”

Right then, only the sound of people gasping could be heard in the meeting room. Isn’t Anastasia being a bit too courageous? How dare she speak to President Presgrave in that manner?

Elliot wasn’t just the president of QR Jewelry Group. In fact, he was also supported by Presgrave Corporation, making him a rich and powerful man. Hence, it would be dumb for anyone to try to cross Elliot.

Has Anastasia gone mad?!

Felicia got anxious as well. Then, she turned to Anastasia and exclaimed, “Anastasia, how could you speak to President Presgrave like that?!”

Nevertheless, a playful glint flashed past Anastasia’s gaze as she stared at Elliot intently. “President Presgrave, would you like me to hand in my letter of resignation?”

“Anastasia, you can’t just resign when you still have to meet President Curtis tonight!” Immediately, Felicia tried to stop Anastasia from angering Elliot any further.

Still, Elliot’s face darkened as he frowned before he turned to Felicia. “Why is she meeting clients at night?”

Yet, the fact that Elliot asked her that question instead of getting angry made her confused before she quickly cleared her throat and replied, “One of our clients customized a set of jewelry, but he’s very busy and can only meet up at night, so Anastasia will have to go over to the client’s place on her own tonight.”

“Tell that client that none of our employees work overtime. There won’t be any business dealings outside of working hours,” Elliot instructed coldly. From what he heard, President Curtis was definitely a man, and an ill-intentioned one at that.

“Umm… Well, we have already set the timing to meet up with the client,” Felicia tried to explain again.

On the other hand, although Anastasia could tell that Elliot was trying to help her out, she was still feeling rebellious and refused to listen to him.

“Don’t worry, Felicia. I’ll surely meet up with President Curtis tonight without any delay.” She assured Felicia about her outlook on this matter.

“I forbid you to go, Anastasia,” Elliot suddenly instructed sternly.

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