My Baby’s Daddy chapter 24 by NovelsYou

Chapter 24 

John chuckled coldly. To him, Anastasia was like a bird trapped in his cage, completely under his control. At the same time, Anastasia was starting to feel a wave of dizziness overcome her. Right when John was about to grab her, a cold voice rang out. “Let go of Miss Tillman.”

Then, someone jumped over the wall and landed in front of Anastasia, blocking John’s way. Staring at the man, who got in his way, John snapped, “How dare you trespass into my private housing area? Get out of my way.”

“Please leave, Miss Tillman,” Rey turned around and said to Anastasia.

“Mr. Osborne?” Anastasia gasped in shock. However, she could only continue making her way toward the door while her body continued heating up uncomfortably. Right after she opened the door, she ran into a warm embrace before a strong pair of arms reached out to steady her, causing her to groan before her head snapped up abruptly. When she saw the man, who was one head taller than her, her eyes widened. Why is it him? Why is Elliot here?

“You’re as stubborn as a mule.” Elliot had no intention of sounding nice, telling her off as soon as she came into view.

Upon hearing that, Anastasia was rendered speechless, and she couldn’t deny that Elliot was way more reliable than John. Then, she reached out to grab Elliot’s shoulder to steady herself. “Help me… Take me out of this place.”

Upon hearing that, Elliot instructed Rey, “Teach him a lesson.”

After that, he carried Anastasia, who curled up immediately, and headed to his car.

On the other hand, Rey, who was initially blocking John’s way, mercilessly landed a jab on John’s face, following a roundhouse on his body. Instantly, the tycoon fell to the ground in pain. “Who are you? Who is the man outside? I won’t let you guys off the h**k for this!”

“Who gave you the audacity to hit on President Presgrave’s woman?”

“What?! Is the man outside… Elliot Presgrave?” John exclaimed in shock before he pleaded, “I’m sorry… I made a mistake. Please let Young Master Elliot know that I’m sorry…”

After Rey left, John hunched down to the ground. He was in so much pain that he

couldn’t say anything as cold sweat started forming.

Anastasia actually became Elliot’s woman? Although John had already noticed that Elliot seemed to have his eyes on Anastasia as well, he didn’t expect the plan to fall through.

On the other hand, Anastasia felt her body burning up even more in the backseat of the car, and she felt even more uncomfortable in her half-lying posture. Suddenly, she clung to Elliot’s neck as if grinding against him would make her feel better.

“Please save me… Bring me to the hospital…” Anastasia stared at Elliot with teary eyes as if she was a pitiful rabbit.

At this moment, Rey entered the car before he turned to the man in the backseat of the car and asked, “Where are we heading, Young Master Elliot?”

“To the hospital,” Elliot replied.

Then, Rey started the car engine and drove away.

Nevertheless, Anastasia felt extremely uncomfortable. Under the streetlight’s illumination, Elliot’s handsome face wasn’t as despicable anymore. Suddenly, she pulled herself up to his lap and wrapped her hands around his neck before planting a kiss on his seductive, thin lips.

Immediately, Elliot stiffened up. How dare she kiss me forcefully?

While he was shocked by Anastasia’s amateur kissing skills, he still responded to Anastasia’s soft body pressing against him. Suddenly, he pulled on the partition dividing the front area and the rear area of the car before he grabbed onto Anastasia’s head and regained the dominance of the kiss.

“Mm…” Anastasia felt an electrifying sensation coursing through her body comfortably before her arms ventured around the man’s back while enjoying his electrifying kiss.

At the same time, Anastasia’s hands moving around Elliot’s back caused him to tense up before his breathing became heavy, and he narrowed his eyes.

Does this woman even know what she’s doing?

Nevertheless, the woman in his arms was surprisingly submissive. She had lost her stubbornness during the day, allowing Elliot to explore her lips, while he had lost his self-control and rationale as he kept kissing her instinctively.

“Mm…” Suddenly, Anastasia came back to her senses and pushed Elliot away. “Elliot Presgrave, you a*shole! Get away…”

Immediately, Elliot’s face darkened. Why is she flirting with me and making me leave in one hand? How contradicting can she be?

Despite that, the fiery sensation that Anastasia was feeling rushed up again when Elliot let go of her. At the same time, the car suddenly jerked, causing her to plant her face into Elliot’s neck. Right when Anastasia came into contact with his skin, she latched her mouth onto it and started nibbling as if she was a leech and refused to let go.

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