My Baby’s Daddy chapter 26 by NovelsYou

Chapter 26 

“Hey! How can you boss me around like that?!” Although Anastasia kept shouting behind Elliot, he refused to let go, and she was pushed into the car just like that.

Fine! Drop me off, then! At least I can save up from the cab fare.

Once Anastasia got into the car, she told Rey her address and proceeded to act as if she had fallen asleep since she didn’t want to talk to Elliot.

Fortunately, Elliot wasn’t planning to start a conversation as well, so the two of them sat by the opposite sides of the car in silence while staring at the night view outside of the window

About an hour later, they finally reached Anastasia’s place, and she quickly thanked Rey, saying, “Thanks, Mr. Osborne.”

Before getting out of the car, Anastasia took a deep breath before she turned toward the man in the car, thanking him as well. “Thank you for tonight.”

Right then, Elliot’s gaze met hers before he nodded slightly, indicating that he had heard her.

Then, Anastasia closed the car door and left while the car slowly drove away after making sure that Anastasia had entered her apartment complex.

When she got home, Jared was already asleep, while Francis stayed by the side of his bed to accompany him. When Francis saw Anastasia coming home so late at night, he took a card out of his wallet and gave it to her. “Anastasia, there’s 2 million in this card, and I think that you should have it. You shouldn’t overwork yourself. If you’re tired, just resign and take care of Jared with this money!”

Upon hearing that, Anastasia was taken aback as she could feel Francis worrying for her. Nevertheless, she pursed her lips and commented, “Naomi would surely get mad if she finds out about this.”

“Well, I’m the one who earned this money, and no one can stop me from giving it to you.” Francis placed the card in Anastasia’s hand. “Take it.”

Fathers often expressed their love in a silent manner. After doing so, Francis didnt say anything and left with his briefcase while Anastasia sighed. She knew that Naomi was the one who climbed into Francis’s bed back then and forced him to marry her once she got pregnant. That was the only reason why Francis married Naomi after

her biological mother’s death. Although she hated Francis for doing so back then, she had already let go of the past.

After showering, Anastasia lay down by Jared’s side before she leaned forward to plant a kiss on Jared’s pale forehead. Then, she got tired and fell asleep as well.

The next morning, Anastasia vaguely heard Jared’s voice calling out for her. “Wake up, Mommy. I’m going to be late.”

When she woke up, she quickly jumped out of bed as it was already 8.20AM, and Jared’s class was going to start in ten minutes. The sedatives from yesterday had shut down her biological clock.

“I’ll send you to school right now.”

Anastasia quickly brought Jared to his kindergarten and sighed in relief. Then, she hurried to stop a cab to rush to work when she glanced at her watch and realized that

it was already 8.50AM.

When Anastasia reached the company, it was already 9.40AM as she entered her office with a sour look on her face. Looks like my attendance bonus for the month will be gone now. Besides, the deal with John is definitely off now. I can’t believe I wasted so much effort on getting tricked by that man instead. Looks like I’ll have to be smarter about things like this next time.

At this moment, Felicia knocked on the door and came in. Before Anastasia could say anything, Felicia grinned and said, “Anastasia, good job for successfully negotiating the contract yesterday!”

“What? Is the deal on? Did John pay yet?”

“He transferred a hundred thousand over this morning as a deposit since the jewelry set that he customized is around 2 million, and everything will be ready for him by the end of the month.”

Anastasia narrowed her eyes. What is John trying to do? Is he trying to compensate me because he couldn’t get what he wanted last night?

She felt disgusted at the thought of John’s face before she told Felicia, “You should get someone else to follow up on his case. I’m not interested in dealing with him anymore.”

“Since you’ve already finished your draft, I’ve already gotten someone to do the follow-up. By the way, you don’t look well. Did you not sleep well last night?” Felicia

asked in a worried manner.

“Let’s not talk about it. Something upsetting happened yesterday.” In addition to what John did to her last night, she really regretted taking the initiative to kiss Elliot since he was Hayley’s boyfriend, and Hayley was the person she hated the most in her entire life.

Around 11.00AM, Anastasia went into the washroom, and she heard footsteps entering the washroom once she went into one of the toilets before the loud voice of a girl rang out. “Guess what I saw just now?”


“I was lucky enough to take the same elevator as President Presgrave just now, and I saw a love bite on his neck! Oh my God! I can’t help but wonder which woman would be so fortunate enough to give him such a huge hickey!”

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