My Baby’s Daddy chapter 34 by NovelsYou

Chapter 34 

Could it be that they had done something unspeakable in the office? Was Anastasia lying when she said that she didn’t like Elliot? Was she already entangled with Elliot a long time ago?

So, Anastasia had intentionally planted the hickey on Elliot’s neck for Hayley to see. Hatred and jealousy burned brightly in Hayley’s eyes as she thought, Anastasia is really wretched.

Anastasia said she didn’t like him, but she was secretly seducing him. How did she become so cunning in 5 years?

Hayley decided she could not underestimate Anastasia after all.

“How shameless,” Hayley growled through gritted teeth.

Erica immediately agreed. “I know, right? She has no shame! She grabbed a bunch of my hair today and caused my face to be swollen. I won’t let her off the h**k so easily.”

Hayley’s words weren’t only said on Erica’s behalf, but it was also expressed for her own sake.

“How old is Anastasia’s son?” Hayley asked curiously.

Erica immediately took out her phone and flipped through her album before she stopped at a few photos. “Here. I secretly took a few photos at home. I wonder who this mutt’s dad is.”

When Hayley took the phone and saw the boy’s face in the photo, her pupils immediately wavered. She was so shocked that her mind went completely blank in an instant.

How can this be? How can Anastasia’s son resemble Elliot so much? She continued to look through the photos, and the more she did so, the more terrified she became. Her suspicions were even turning into confirmation.

Anastasia’s son wasn’t any mutt from a random man. He was conceived from a seed planted by Elliot himself 5 years ago and she had quietly delivered the child abroad.

“How old is he?”

“That wretched Anastasia claimed that he’s 3, but I don’t believe it. No 3-year-old would be this tall,” Erica answered, thinking that Anastasia was full of lies.

As Hayley looked at the child on the phone screen, she could only feel a hand close around her heart and was close to gasping.

Anastasia didn’t know that Elliot was the man from 5 years ago, so she naturally didn’t know that her son was Elliot’s child.

Now, Anastasia’s relationship with Elliot had turned far more complicated than her mother’s sacrifice in exchange for Elliot’s safety. Now, the most important thing was that her son had the blood of the Presgrave Family running in his veins.

Hayley was on the verge of despair. How was Anastasia so lucky? Just one night 5 years ago and she already has Elliot’s child?

She decided that she had to be together with Elliot as soon as possible. It was only through having Elliot’s child that she would gain the necessary power to fight Anastasia.

Then, Anastasia’s son would mean nothing whereas it would be her own son being the heir of the Presgrave Family’s empire.

With that in mind, Hayley seemed to have revived herself.

“Hayley, why are you zoning out? Is everything okay these days?” Erica noticed that Hayley had a dark expression.

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“It’s nothing. I was just too busy, so I couldn’t think straight,” Hayley lied while wearing an exhausted front.

Erica didn’t doubt her. If she had known that Hayley was living the luxurious life and consuming only the finest goods possible, she would probably be mad with jealousy.

It was because in Erica’s eyes, Hayley was always following her.

Hence, this was Hayley’s deepest hatred. She had lived like a dog before, where no one acknowledged her. She swore that she would someday become the Young Mistress of the Presgrave Family, so that she could finally be proud and respected by everyone else.

After getting off from work that day, Anastasia went to pick up her son. When they arrived at their little home at night, she cooked some dishes, one of which was her son’s favorite chicken casserole. The boy could wolf down the entire thing.

“Mommy, Grandpa said that you’re not young anymore and he wants you to find a life partner,” the little guy suddenly piped up.

She couldn’t help bursting into laughter. “I have you with me and we’re best partners, aren’t we?”

“Mommy, Grandpa also asked me who my daddy is. Can you ask him to come back?” the little boy asked.

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