My Baby’s Daddy chapter 35 by NovelsYou

Chapter 35 

Anastasia stopped laughing and looked at her son earnestly. “Jared, let’s not look for Daddy, okay? Mommy can raise you all by herself.”

“Grandpa said that it’s not right of my daddy to avoid taking responsibility, though. He has to be responsible toward you and me,” the little boy said with an adult-like expression.

Anastasia was speechless. Why did her father talk about such things with her son?

“Grandpa said that he will grow old and one day won’t be able to take care of us anymore.”

She could now feel the tears coming. Her father was worried that he would grow old and frail, hence unable to take care of her and her son. She tried to suppress the tears as she responded, “Be good, Jared. I’ll become strong and take care of both you and Grandpa.”

“Okay. I’ll also grow up quickly and be very tall, so I can take care of Mommy and Grandpa.” With that, the little guy returned to scarfing down his dinner.

Anastasia’s heart softened at his words. Her son was everything to her, so she absolutely must build a protective environment for him.

The next day was a Saturday.

It was early in the morning and she thought she wouldn’t have to go to work, but then she received a call from Felicia.

“Anastasia, why aren’t you here for overtime?”

“I have to?” Anastasia sat up and placed her hand to her forehead as she asked. Why was it necessary to work overtime when they were the local branch?

“Because we’re putting out the newest release soon. It’s customary to work overtime during these few weeks. Come on over now!”

“In that case… Can I bring my son to the office?” Anastasia hastily asked.

“All right, sure.” Felicia agreed, for she knew Anastasia was a single mother.

Anastasia immediately woke her son up with kisses and told him, “Jared, let’s go.

Come with me to the office for overtime.”

The little guy seemed to be still half-asleep, but he nodded anyway.

She led her son downstairs and hailed a cab to the office. She had bought some bread on the way for breakfast and it was already 9:50AM when she arrived at the company

Grace was bringing in coffee when she saw the cute boy on the couch, which immediately stunned her.

“Wow! Oh my goodness! He’s too cute!”

The little guy wore a black T-shirt paired with jeans. His black hair had covered his full little forehead and a pair of huge bright eyes shone like jewels as they peeked out from under his dense and curly eyelashes. His features were exquisite and pretty, like a beautiful doll.

“Hey, little guy, did you get your eyelashes curled when you were still in your mother’s stomach? They’re so long and curly!” Grace said in admiration.

Hearing that, Anastasia could only say that the host that night wasn’t too shabby himself either.

As Anastasia was perusing the documents with her head lowered, Grace took the opportunity to reach out with her hand.

The little guy looked at her in anger. “Miss, can you stop pinching my cheeks? It hurts.”

“Sorry, sorry. Your face is just so squishy that I couldn’t help it. I’ll stop now,” Grace hastily apologized.

At this moment, Anastasia answered a call from Felicia. “Come to my office for a bit.”

“Grace, I’m going to Director Evans’ office for a while. Look after Jared for me while I’m gone.”

“Of course! No problem.” Grace gestured with an ‘okay’ sign.

At the underground carpark of Bourgeois, a low key yet luxurious Bentley had just pulled up whereby Elliot alighted from the driver’s seat.

He had just received a call from Larry, informing him that there was an important

document he needed to sign. It was then that he realized that the entire Bourgeois staff was working overtime.

Larry offered to bring the document over to him, but since Elliot was coincidentally in the area, he came to the office on his own instead.

He pressed the elevator button and rode the elevator up to his office.

Grace played with the little kid for a while before remembering that there was a document she was supposed to get signed. She told the child, “Jared, promise me you’ll not wander anywhere. I’ll come back right after I deliver a document, okay?”

“Okay!” The little guy nodded obediently.

She hadn’t been gone for long when Jared needed to head to the bathroom. He opened the office door and ran out to the bathroom located on the same floor, only to find a sign saying ‘under maintenance’ hanging outside.

The little guy immediately ran to the elevator and pressed the button to head up.

Soon, the elevator doors opened with a ding.

He looked up to see a tall man in the elevator. As soon as he raised his head, he asked, “Sir, where is the bathroom? I need to pee.”

Upon the child’s sudden questioning, Elliot was surprised before his reserved dark gaze fell on the child whose height only reached his thighs. He was stunned for a few seconds as he saw the child’s lifted face.

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