My Baby’s Daddy chapter 37 by NovelsYou

Chapter 37 

Anastasia hurriedly took the elevator to the 8th floor. She stood in front of the president’s office and knocked on the door before she opened it without even waiting for a response.

When she spotted her son seated on Elliot’s couch, she immediately sighed in relief before shouting in anger, “Jared, are you trying to give me the fright of my life?! Why did you run off like that?!”

Jared didn’t expect his actions to have frightened his mother so much that she went pale. He hastily ran over and wrapped his arms around her leg. “Mommy, I’m sorry. It’s all my fault.”

Anastasia also realized that she had overreacted, so she hugged him and sighed again. “Don’t do that again.”

“Go back to work and leave him to me. I’ll babysit him for you.” A man’s voice rang out from behind them.

She was stunned. This man must be trying to repay some kindness, but she didn’t want to accept any help from him apart from work. Moreover, she didn’t feel the need to bother him with a task like babysitting.

“It’s fine. Thanks for the offer,” a reluctant Anastasia replied.

“Mommy, I like being with Mr. Handsome. Can you let me stay here until you get off work? Please?” The little guy asked happily with obvious anticipation on his face.

Anastasia was speechless at her son’s behavior. He could have chosen anyone to stick to, but of all the people, he chose Elliot.

“No. Come back to my office. I still have a meeting to attend, but I’ll treat you to something lovely for lunch.”

“I don’t want to! I want to play here in Mr. Handsome’s office.” The little guy began to sulk, which was actually rare for him.

Knowing that the meeting was still ongoing with the launch event for their new release on the agenda, Anastasia gritted her teeth. She looked up at the impressive man in front of her before saying, “Then, please help me look after him for a while.

“Sure!” Elliot nodded.

“Jared, don’t cause any trouble, okay? Mommy is going back to the meeting.”

“I’ll be good,” the little guy promised.

Anastasia turned and left for the meeting. The little guy happily sat on the couch again, then fished out a Rubik’s cube from his backpack and began playing with it.

Elliot sat right opposite him and watched the little guy skillfully rotate the cube. Jared completed the puzzle within 2 minutes, a clear indication of his marvelous IQ.

“Who taught you that?”

“I learnt it myself. Mr. Handsome, how long would you take to complete it?” The little guy laughed as he asked.

Elliot took the cube and scrambled it, then he completed the puzzle within 10 seconds. He threw the item back to the little guy, who gaped as he looked at Elliot in admiration. “You’re awesome, Sir!”

It was just a little kid’s praise, but Elliot felt extremely good about it. He grinned and commented, “You’re quite good yourself too.” ||

If one were to chance upon this scene, one would be amazed to discover that the two looked exactly the same when they smiled.

Anastasia returned to the meeting room. Fortunately, Felicia didn’t say much about the interlude and it was time for lunch by the time the meeting was done.

Anastasia was wondering where she should bring her son for lunch when the landline rang. She reached over and answered, “Hello.”

“Jared is coming with me for lunch. Come and join us. We’re at the restaurant opposite the company.” The man’s low voice sounded, apparently not taking ‘no’ for an answer.

Her mind began to buzz. Elliot has taken my son to lunch? Without my permission?D**n, this man just took my son away without any notice. How disrespectful!

Anastasia grabbed her phone and bag before she hastily went out. The restaurant opposite the company was of a higher status, and when she walked into the hall, she immediately spotted her son and Elliot seated by the window.

Anastasia took a deep breath and walked over to sit next to her son. “This lunch is my treat, as my thanks to President Presgrave for taking care of my son.”

With that, she finally felt better about the situation.

Elliot gazed at her with a meaningful gaze, his thoughts complicated. This woman had refused even a little bit of kindness from him.

“Mommy, Mr. Handsome only needs 10 seconds to solve the Rubik’s cube,” the little guy commented as he wanted his mommy to know how excellent Mr. Handsome was as a person.

She smiled carelessly. “Oh, really?”

After having their orders taken, they were served some ice cream before the meal. The little guy happily took some right away and began to eat. As Anastasia knew that Jared had stomach problems since he was young, he couldn’t eat too much alkaline food. Hence, she suggested, “Let me try some too.”

“Here, Mommy.” The little guy scooped some ice cream up for her, which she hastily ate. Moments after that, he scooped up some more and looked toward the man sitting opposite them. “Sir, do you want some too?”

Anastasia immediately panicked as she hastily stopped him. “Jared, I ate from this spoon earlier, so you mustn’t offer it to someone else. It’s not polite.”

However, the man sitting opposite them narrowed his eyes, thinking, We’ve already kissed before, so why do you care?

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